My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Seulgi, Suho and Moonbyul sit at the cafeteria since now they are free. They talk about random topics until Seulgi sees Irene walk out of the VIP room at the cafeteria followed by Jisoo, Solar and 3 other people that Seulgi assumes as Irene’s guest. They walk the guest to the entrance before go back to the office

“Omo, Joohyun is so pretty. What had I done in my past life until I deserved her?” Seulgi thought

Seulgi's grip on his left chest and his breathing suddenly unstable. Moonbyul and Suho turn their attention to Seulgi

“Seul, are you okay?” Moonbyul quickly checking Seulgi condition

“Hyung…it’s hurt…hurt” Seulgi breathing heavily

“Which one is hurt? Tell us” Suho also panic seeing Seulgi state

“Here…my heart…oh my God”

“Seul, have you had a heart-attack? Why so sudden?” Moonbyul quickly give Seulgi a glass of water

After finish drinking water, Seulgi look a bit better “Thanks hyung”

“Seul, is your heart still hurt? We should go to doctor to check you but we must inform Irene beforehand” say Suho

“No hyung, don’t tell her”

“Why? She will scold us if we not inform her”

Seulgi shake his head “She make my heart hurt”

“What?” Suho and Moonbyul looking at each other

Seulgi suddenly cackle “My heart thumping so fast when I saw her pass by just now”

His friends groan in annoyance then they give Seulgi smack on his head “Hyung~” Seulgi rubbing his poor head

“Serve your right for making us panic”

“Sorry hyung but seriously, my heart can’t control itself whenever I see Irene. My heart is always beating crazily. I must do health screening to make sure my heart is in good condition. I don’t want to die early” Seulgi say without guilty while the older guys looking at him lazily

“Whipped” say Suho

“Mirror yourself first, hyung” Seulgi poking Suho arm teasingly

Moonbyul's question turned their attention to him “Hey, where is Seungwan? I heard he not coming today”

“Seungwan said he accompanied Eunji noona to visit her relative at Busan. He not coming today and tomorrow” say Seulgi

“What about his match with Uncle Sijin?” Suho ask

“Mr. Jung will come back this week. Seungwan said he want to do it as soon as possible”

Suho nods his head “I hope Uncle Sijin will not play dirty. He is in the army but sometimes he tends to play dirty. I used to witness it. Aside from want to make sure his daughter date the right man, he actually want his daughter to marry a rich man but he can’t do anything because he fear of his wife”

Moonbyul and Seulgi shock after they hear the fact that Suho just reveal about Mr. Jung “No worry hyung, if he can play dirty, we also can play dirtier than him and maybe our dirty game will make him disgusted” Seulgi smirk

“True, we will see who plays the dirtiest game. He don’t know Three Musketeer” Moonbyul said then high five with Seulgi

“Alright, I hope the game will be clean. I want a fair end for both sides. Seungwan had worked hard for the match. I know he can win. Dirty game will only create grudge between them” say Suho

“We hope the same too, hyung. We will make sure to play fairly. If he not start first, we will not do it” Seulgi assure Suho that everything will be fine

“I believe both of you. I will watch the match too”

“Okay hyung”


1 week later, everyone including Mr. Bae and Mrs. Bae come to SJ Taekwondo Academy at Seoul to watch the match between Seungwan and Mr. Jung. Behind his confidence, Seungwan was still worried and nervous when he saw Mr. Jung's face. Seulgi and Moonbyul not telling him about Mr. Jung that Suho told them before. They don’t want Seungwan to lost confident

Seungwan and Mr. Jung is wearing a Taekwondo uniform. Seulgi also wore the same uniform while Moonbyul wore a formal suit. It is obvious that Mr. Jung used his dirty trick when he wanted the trainer from his academy to be the referee but Seulgi and Moonbyul were against it. Mr. Jung looked pissed off when the boys almost ruined his plan. Since Mr. Jung is hard-headed, Seulgi and Moonbyul make a back-up plan. Seungwan is clueless and not suspect anything

“Unnie, I’m scared” Eunji holding on to Irene and Solar's hands as she watches her father and Seungwan battle intensely against each other. Her father not showing mercy to Seungwan even after he defeat him

“Everything will be fine. Seungwan will win this match for you” say Irene

“Believe in Seungwan” add Solar

They continue watching the match. Painful groans produced by both men. Seulgi watching every move of Mr. Jung. As the match almost reached the end, Seulgi already gave out a dark aura. He knows something is not right. Referee announce that Mr. Jung is the winner while Seungwan lying in pain on the mat

Seulgi unsatisfied and stepped forward “Mr. Jung!” he shouted. The audience startled by Seulgi voice

Mr. Jung looked at Seulgi with an arrogant look, “What?”

“I want a rematch. You're playing unfair!” Seulgi protest

Mr. Jung laughed “Hey young man, your friend is lost to me. He is unable to win against me so what else do you want to say? Your friend is a coward and weak”

“Coward or not, I demand a rematch!”

“Look young man, your friend is lifeless but you still demand for another match. Do you want to kill your friend? I don’t think he able to stand up properly at this rate” Mr. Jung pointed at Seungwan who attended by medical team

“I’m not saying that the rematch is today. We will wait until Seungwan recover”

“No, I don’t have time to fight against weak per

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