My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Now Irene is sitting annoyingly in front of Taehyung. They have dinner at Australian style restaurant that belongs to Irene’s friend, Kim Jennie. She choose this place so it will be easy for them to do their mission

Early this morning, Jisoo called Taehyung to confirm his dinner with Irene. That guy can’t suppress his happiness when Irene finally agrees to go out with him. He offers to pick up Irene but she immediately rejects it. Irene's parents are also very happy hearing that news from Taehyung. They thought finally their daughter open her heart for him

“Rene, what do you want to eat?” Taehyung asking after they given menu book by the waitress

“I-R-E-N-E” Irene emphasize her name

“Okay, Irene…what do you want to eat?”

“I want pavlova, smoked salmon steak, pumpkin soup, southern pork salad and strawberry juice”

Taehyung was obviously shocked when Irene ordered a lot of food for herself. He thought Irene was not a big eater. He just shrugs it off then orders for himself. Once they are alone, they continue with random conversation. Most of the time, Taehyung is the one who talking while Irene busy with her phone and answer when necessary

Their foods finally coming and filled half of their table “Dig in” said Taehyung

“Yup” Irene start eating silently

Few minutes later, someone's presence disturb their dinner. Taehyung surprise seeing unfamiliar guy sit beside Irene while the girl smiling at him softly

“Sorry Hyun, I’m late” Seulgi said cutely

“It’s okay. Are you hungry?” Irene fixing Seulgi hair and caressing his face

“Yes” Seulgi pouting

Taehyung is not happy seeing their interaction. He glared at Seulgi and balled his fist. His face is also getting red. Both people in front of him ignoring his presence

“Taehyung-ssi, my friend will join our dinner” Irene stated with happy smile

“Yah, this dinner only for you and me. No one else was invited!” Taehyung protest

Irene laughing “Hey, I didn’t say that only me who will eat with you. I only said I agree, don’t I?” Irene smirk “Looked like you missed out some information here Mr. Kim”

Taehyung punch the table then he stand up, ready to leave but Irene statement stop him “You left, I will tell your parents that you ditch me” she snarled

The poor guy sat again with a frowning face. Seulgi chuckle lightly and mumble “Whipped”

“Where are the others?” Irene clinging on to Seulgi's arm. Her action make Taehyung getting angry

Seulgi looking at the entrance “There they are!” he chirped

“Hey guys” Irene said cheerfully

Seeing Irene's friends come over, Taehyung's face is already red as a tomato. He knows Suho, Eunji, Solar and Jisoo but he never sees another 3. Irene invites her friends to sit. Moonbyul sits beside Taehyung making the angry guy move to the corner then followed by Seungwan, Eunji, Solar, Jisoo and Suho. They are talking with each other like Taehyung doesn’t exist around them

“Guys, order anything you want. Order all foods in the menu also can” said Irene

“Okay!” everyone said in unison

Solar calls the waiter for them then they place their order. They order a bunch of foods and drinks that are available on the menu. Taehyung's eyes turned wide as he saw the food on the table. He wants to protest or scold the people in front of him but he is scared of Suho. He knows he will be in big trouble if he messes with Suho.

Everyone is eating like no tomorrow while Taehyung sits at the corner coldly staring at them. However, no one cares about him. They only enjoy their foods

“Aigoo, I’m so full” Moonbyul lean against the chair

“Me too, whoever pay for this…thank you very much” Eunji patting her tummy

“Taehyung will pay all these foods” Irene said casually

The said guy flinched as he couldn't believe what he just heard. He never says that he will treat them to dinner “Yah, I never say I will treat them!”

“Hey, you invite us out for dinner, that means you will pay for us. Yah, don’t tell us you don’t have money. You’re son of Mr. Kim of TS Real Estate” Suho said with mocking smile

Without waiting for Taehyung's answer, Irene beckoned the waitress to their table then she motioned Taehyung to pay for their dinner. Taehyung unwillingly gives his credit card to the waitress. Few minutes later, the waitress come back

“Sorry sir, we unable to use your card for payment because the amount of the foods exceed your card daily limit” the waitress said politely the she continue “You can use cash for payment and we also accept debit card payment”

Taehyung hissed while his face darkened “Taehyung-ssi, don’t have another card?” Irene asked. From Taehyung's face, they know he doesn't have other choices. Everyone knows that Taehyung's credit card is from his father. He doesn't have income since he is not working. All this time, he only depend on money that his parents gave him

Irene's face looks intense as she stared at Kim Taehyung “I would like to remind you, don’t ever ask me out if you can’t even pay for my meal. Even if I don’t invite my friends, I know you can’t afford to pay for the foods that I order. Don’t think I don’t know who you are. We never met before but I heard a lot about you…not the good thing but worse. Stop hoping that I wil

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