My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Kang’s house

Mrs. Kang stomped her feet to her younger daughter's room. She opened the door then dashed to the bed in the middle of the room. Kang Yerim still sleeping soundly without knowing she is in danger

“KANG YERIM” Mrs. Kang roared loudly making the birds on the roof fly away and Mr. Kang at the dining table choke his hot coffee

Yerim rushed up from her bed and caressed her chest “Mom, why so loud early in the morning?”

“Hey, this is not early anymore. It is 9 AM already! I told you don’t play games until late at night but you are not listening. Look how late you wake up now!” Mrs. Kang shouted

“Mom, I studied last night. Not play game” Yerim answer before she yawn

“You think I am stupid? Who on earth studies while shouting ‘fire’, ‘chicken dinner’ and much more? I can hear your voice from my room” Mrs. Kang glare at her daughter

“Sorry mom” Yerim giggle while scratching her head

“Now go wash up and then you help me cooking”

“But mom…”

“No excuse or you will be banned from playing games for a month?”

Yerim slump her shoulder and pouting “Okay~”

“I thought after your brother moved to Seoul, I don’t have to shout every morning but you’re no different from him” Mrs. Kang sighs heavily “Tidy up your bed then shower. If I come here and you sleep again or your room still messy, I will lock you in the bathroom”

“Okay boss” Yerim hop down her bed and clean her room quickly before she wash up


“What’s going on upstairs, yeobo?” Mr. Kang asking his wife when she join him back at the dining table

“Yerim still sleeping so I need to scream to wake her up”

Mr. Kang cackles “No wonder your speaker mode turns on. Seulgi called already. He said they already on their way”

“Okay, do you book fresh fish from Yunho oppa already?”

“Yes, I will meet him after this. He said his staff will clean the fish first”

“You should go now. I want to start cooking. Two hours is not that long”

“Alright” Mr. Kang finish his coffee then he go out to meet his friend at the fish market to get the fish that he booked yesterday


Yerim helps her mother in the kitchen without knowing they are making food for special guests. She also does not suspect anything because her mom usually cooks a lot if all of them are at home. Sometimes they will share the foods with her aunt

Mr. Kang also came back from the market with fresh fish. His wife wants to make steam fish that their son loves so much. Both of them are very excited to meet their granddaughter. Meanwhile the poor Yerim don’t have idea that her brother will come because they want to give surprise for her

As everyone in the house was busy with their activity, they heard the sound of a car outside of the house. Mr. Kang strode to the front door followed by his wife. Yerim who still clueless walking lazily to see their guest

When she went out, her eyes opened wide when she saw the family white Mercedes parked at the car porch. She squealed when she saw Irene come out with a baby girl in her arms. She quickly run towards them

“Omo, unnie!” she hugging Irene and the baby after Irene greet her parents

“Surprise~” say Irene

“Yah, how dare appa and mommy not telling me that you all are coming home” Yerim frown

“It is your oppa idea” say Mrs. Kang

“Let’s go inside. We shouldn’t talk here. Hot weather not good for baby” say Mr. Kang

Seulgi and his dad bring their bags into the house while the females are alrea

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