My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Seulgi dressed up for his first day of work. He was wearing a blue polo shirt, slack and black leather shoes. According to Solar, they are not required to wear suits. As long as the outfit is still formal and suitable for working then it is accepted. They only need to wear a suit during special occasions.

He also makes a cup of coffee as usual and a bowl of cereal for breakfast. This morning, his mother called him to wake him up and remind him to eat breakfast. Irene also texts him and cheers him up for his first day. Before they went home yesterday, Mrs. Kang already ironed Seulgi’s outfit that he needed for a week so his son didn't need to do it for himself. She also made sure his fridge was filled with food stock. Seulgi can do all that but as a mother, she wants to do it herself.

The boys go together with Seungwan's car. They leave 30 minutes early because the company is near their apartment. It only took 20 minutes without a traffic jam. Since traffic is bad in the morning, they don’t want to stuck

“Dude” Moonbyul wrapped his arms around Seulgi and Seungwan shoulder as they walk to the building


“Good luck for our first day and many days to come”

“Yeah, fighting!” they pump fist

While waiting for Solar, they decide to sit on the sofa in the lobby. Seungwan and Moonbyul exchange flirty smiles with the female staff who walk past them. Sometimes they wink at each other. Seulgi busy with his phone or to be exact, he texting Irene

From: Joohyun 🌹

Are you at the office already?

Yes boss

We’re waiting for Ms. Kim arrival

She asked us to wait at the lobby


Do you come with my car?


We go together with Seungwan car


I gotta go now

I need to prepare to go to office

Have fun working!


Miss you Joo Hyun noona

Miss you too bear


Seulgi smiles as he shoves his phone into his pocket. He looked at Moonbyul and Seungwan who were busy talking to one of the staff who was approaching them. After the staff leaving, they turn to Seulgi again

“Who is that?”

“Mr. Hwang, he is staff at account department” said Seungwan

“He is very friendly”

“Oh, I see”

Finally Solar come “Good morning”

They quickly stand up and bow “Good morning Ms. Kim”

“Let’s go upstairs. I will introduce you all to your manager”

“Okay Ms. Kim”

“Your department is at 8th floor” said Solar as they ride the elevator

The general manager led them to the manager office. She knock the door then open it after got the permission

When their eyes meet the manager, everyone immediately having big smile on their face

“Aigooo, my three musketeers!” he stand up then open his arm wide signaling the boys to come to his embrace

“Suho hyung!” they hugging each other happily

“How are you guys?”

“We’re good hyung” said Seulgi “What about yourself?”

“I also good as usual”

“Suho, do you know them?” Solar who just watching their reunion with curiosity finally asking

Suho nods his head “Yes, they are my junior in college. We are also on a basketball team together. These kids are the closest to me and very popular in our faculty. Everyone called them ‘Three Musketeers’ because they were always together in every activity or just hanging out at the canteen or at the library. They are inseparable”

“That’s good so no awkwardness when you’re working together”

“You’re right”

“So…boys, he is your team manager and you will work with him from now on”

“Okay ma’am”

“I will leave them to you to do the rest” said Solar to Suho

“Yes boss, I will take it from here”


After Solar leaves, Suho invites them to sit on the couch. He give them briefing about their work and projects that they currently work at

Seungwan adjusts his seat on the couch “Hyung, your family also runs a business but why are you not working with them?”

Suho chuckled “No, my family runs a business that is not my field. I’m interested in architecture. My brother is there to run the business helping my parents while I and my sister take different paths. Remember my brother, Kim Seonho? He come on my graduation”

“Yeah, we remember him. He is very friendly and fun but he is handsome than you, hyung” Moonbyul said innocently make everyone laughing

“Alright, let me introduce you all to our team and the staff that will assist you all during probation” Suho stand up follow by the trio

They leave Suho office to meet their fellow colleague. Everyone are looking at them with friendly smile

“Guys, these are the staff that will assist you all during these 3 months of your probation. They are Kim Jongin, Lee Taemin and Oh Sehun”

The boys shake hands with each other “Remember to teach them properly about our work. GM Kim already gave you all the briefing about what you are supposed to do, right?”

“Yes hyung”

Suho turn to the trio “We addressed each other casually here except when our boss visit our office” he continue “Your cubicle are at the right corner”


Kai, Taemin and Sehun go back to their cubicle after talking with Suho. He also introduced the other staff in their team. There only half of the staff in the office while the rest are visiting the site or meeting

“Before you all start working, I would like to bring you all somewhere” Suho wiggle his eyebrows


“You will know when you get there” Suho laughing while the boys stare at him annoyingly


Right after leaving Suho office, Solar heads to the CEO office where Irene is waiting for her. Now she, Irene, Eunji and Jisoo have casual talk with each other

“Rene, we need an explanation why you help Seulgi, Moonbyul and Seungwan to this extent. Mind to tell us?” Solar questioning then Eunji and Jisoo showing curiosity through their eyes

Irene takes a sip of her tea before she speaks “I met with Seulgi on the day I left my house. He helped me when my car broke down. He offered to stay at his family house. At first, I was hesitant but he convinced me and he also looked like a nice guy so I went home with him. It’s true that his family are nice. They treat me like their own family members. Later, he also introduced me to Moonbyul and Seungwan who are his best friends. Those boys working at Seulgi father farm. We often hangouts together. They are nice. They also respect me. Being around them makes me know how it feels like to live a normal life. No business, no meeting and no chaos. They teach me a lot of things that I never experienced before. Staying with Seulgi’s family makes me feel loved especially from his mother. She gave me affection that I needed from my own mother. I was introduced to Seungwan and Moonbyul parents too. They welcome me warmly. I find out that they are majoring in architecture and graduate from the best college. Since then, I think I must do something to pay for their kindness. What I do now is incomparable with what they have done to me. I never tell them about myself because I know they will think that this is too much for them to accept” her friends listen attentively as Irene sharing her story

“I admit that they are nice people. When me and Jisoo go to their house, the Kang family welcomes us warmly even if we're strangers. They do not ask a lot when we tell them we want to see you. They do not interfere too much in someone's personal life. We also join them for lunch. Foods that Mrs. Kang cooked is the best I ever taste” Eunji give two thumbs up

“I almost forgot that I’m not in my house when I eat with them before. I eat 2 portions, unnie” Jisoo chirped

“I know, right” Irene chuckle

“There is something that you all might miss about them” Solar grinning while rising her left brow


“You will see later”


Meanwhile at the hallway to CEO office

“Hyung, are we meeting the CEO?” Seungwan nervous as they are heading to CEO office

“Yep, our CEO want to see you all”

“That fast? We thought it will not happen this early” Moonbyul say

Suho knocks on the door then he receives the answer from inside. He happily open the door and greet the girls inside


The girl looked at them with a smile. Meanwhile, Seulgi and his friends froze at they see the familiar faces before them

“Irene noona!” they shout at the same time

Irene laugh seeing their reaction “Hi, welcome to D’SIGN”

Suho move forward but the trio still not moving “Yah, let move closer” he pulled their hands dragging them closer to the couch

“Mind to tell us what actually happens?” Seulgi still confused

“Seulgi, Moonbyul, Seungwan…sorry for not telling yo

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