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rigel | z. chenle
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[Chapter 2]

a/n: bolded words are in chinese

Jisung was in his own room with only the sounds of the keyboard typing and mouse clicks being heard when he jumped from a sudden crash in the room next door. Eyebrows raised, he pushed himself off his chair as he felt the need to check what had happened. The room next door was where his sister was staying in. As much as he wanted to catch up with his sister right away, he unfortunately, had a few tasks to complete first. Concern was written all over his face as he heard noise from her bedroom. Had an intruder come in to hurt her?


The answer was no; Jisung’s concerned expression immediately fell and disappeared as soon as he opened the door. Face palming, he could only sigh heavily from what he saw.


The boy had walked in on Gayeon sitting on top of Chenle, hands gripping onto the collar of his shirt. Appalled by what he just witnessed, the younger male immediately shouted, “Yah, I told you keep an eye on her, not seduce her!”


“Think again! This ing attacked me!” Chenle snapped back as he was trying to pry her fingers off his throat.


The girl wasn’t planning on letting the Chinese boy go any time soon as both her hands were wrapped around his neck in attempt to strangle him. “Sungie, just let me get rid of him, he’s so rude! You couldn’t introduce me to a more handsome friend?!”


“What’d you say?!” The male began rambling back at her with curses in Chinese as his anger spewed. Being far more stronger than her, he managed to flip her off him despite being strangled at the moment. Gayeon, now knocked off, was lying with her back against the floor as the tables have turned. Now holding the upper hand, Chenle pulled her into a choke hold.


Jisung only watched the two fight in embarrassment. Why were they acting like children? Ideally, this would be the time where Jisung would stop the two. However, he figured he shouldn’t waste his energy, They’ll fight each other and will eventually stop once exhaustion takes over their bodies anyway.


After watching them continue to fight for a while, Jisung slowly backed out of the room. The male had many other things to do than manage two children throwing fists at each other. Sure, he wasn’t the oldest out of the three, but it sure felt like it fight now. A little smirk formed and a chuckle left him as he spun in his chair. He hasn’t seen his best friend get so worked up because of someone in so long. Although they were fighting, it was rare to see Chenle give any type of reaction. This is going to be in

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