Just Hold Me

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not gonna lie, i hate this old story of mine so much. and its so bad (lowkey wanna delete it bc its just not how i write anymore)

(⊙﹏⊙) 02/15/21


Jimin and Dahye lived completely opposite lives from each other. Jimin, the son of a chaebol family, is the CEO of the family owned company. Dahye, on the other hand, struggles to even keep herself alive. Dahye lives her life, doing everything on her own. With dreams of living a better life in the future, she works hard to achieve her goals but along the way, she questions whether there really is hope for her or not. Jimin and Dahye end up running into each other often and she felt as if her past was coming back to her. Dahye recognizes Jimin but he doesn't remember her and she hoped for it to stay that way. She just wanted him to know the her that he saw in his eyes right now, not the Dahye from his past.


Credits go to LD  GRAPHICS // VENUSDARLING for the poster and background!!

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