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[Chapter 11]

Gayeon woke up to Jisung gently shaking her awake and when she says she is beyond annoyed, she means it. She just couldn’t help it, sooner or later, she was going to be annoyed with her own brother anyway. Lately, her temper has been even shorter than usual because of how her thoughts had been affecting her. It was another day in which Gayeon had slept through the entire day and now, it was already nighttime.


“It’s time for dinner; I won’t let you skip again like last night.” The male notified her, causing the girl to groan in frustration. She preferred not to, but it wasn’t like Jisung was going to tolerate that.


The moment she stepped into the kitchen, her face grimaced as she noticed the black-haired idiot seated at the table. Immediately, she turned and glared at Jisung in annoyance as she became more and more disgusted as she also seated herself in front of Chenle at the table. “Why is this here?”


Jisung’s shoulders slumped, already knowing everything was hopeless. “I convinced him to join us. I felt bad that he always cooks for us, but never eats it himself.”


Processing his explanation, her eyebrows knit in confusion. “What do you mean he cooks?!” No, how was a cold-hearted brat like him willing to prepare a meal for others?


“Lele always cooks. Even before you came, he cooked because if I did, this whole place would burn down. I wanted him to join from now on since I felt guilty that he leaves the food to us and never eats.” His sister stared at him in complete disbelief. Guilty? There should be no reason to feel guilty over whatever happens with someone like Chenle.


Grumpily mumbling things to herself, Gayeon gave up on trying to shoo the boy away this time. Chenle quietly ate the food without bothering to exchnage a single glance at anyone. Jisung would flinch from time to time whenever Gayeon angrily stabbed the beef with chopsticks.


It seemed as though Chenle only quickly ate to leave the table as soon as possible. The male was about to push out his chair when Jisung snapped at him to remain in his seat. “Don’t leave so early, geez.”


Gayeon rolled her eyes and nearly gagged from how Jisung wanted his best friend to stick around so desperately. “I don’t see the point in that if he’s just going to ruin the mood.”


“He’s not always like that, you know. He’s also nice-“The poor maroon-haired boy didn’t even have the chance to finish when Chenle chose to interrupt.


“But just not to her.”


“See? Jisung, I don’t understand why you think he’s so amazing! He treats your own damn sister like !” It didn’t take long for her blood to begin to boil, causing her anger to settle in once again. Her pent up complaints and emotions were already spilling at this point. She was going to snap at some point anyway, and this time caused just that.


“I don’t owe any kindness towards you.” The male responded coldly, prompting her hands to ball into fists out of frustration.


“Jisung, of all the friends of yours that I could’ve met, I just had to meet him, huh? Couldn’t I have met someone who actually treated me with respect and kindness?!”


At this point, Jisung couldn’t even interject the argument; the two were going off at each other and the male was panicking while in attempt to pacify the situation. The boy slumped in his chair in defeat; And to think they could have one peaceful dinner together as a first step.


“You act like meeting another guy would guarantee him treating you well. Oh, please. Y

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