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rigel | z. chenle
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[Chapter 3]


“I love you, you know that, right?” Her soft voice came with a sense of eeriness, sending chills down his spine. Arms previously dangling at her sides were now wrapped around him. Pulling him into an embrace. Rather than inviting him into comfort, it was more like she forced him to accept her actions.


It was as though a lump was stuck in his throat, preventing him from muttering a single word back at her. Perhaps she wanted him to stay that way. The disability of responding back to her gave her an advantage. She thrived off his fears.


She leant down closer to his right ear and continued to whisper her threats once again. “If you know what’s good for her, I’d leave her if I were you.” A sly smirk appeared on her face. Her touch on his skin caused him to hold his breath as though breathing could cause him harm. “After all, you have me here to love you; you don’t need that , Hana.”


The male’s eyes snapped open from his nightmare. He felt tired yet not enough to keep himself from experiencing the fear rushing through his veins. His eyes widened in shock as he realized his body is impossible to move right now.


Hovering above him is the girl he once knew so well, Hana. The only difference is that she appeared in front of him this time with blood covering her beautiful face. The red liquid dripped down her forehead while she stared down at him.


Her vengeful eyes bore into his. Her messy hair made it difficult for him to even identify that it was her at first. His heart raced within his chest as the eerie look in her eyes made him tremble.


He wanted to turn away and escape from this horror. Her hands wrapped around his bare neck. The male was left vulnerable, but he honestly didn’t mind. He knew he deserved to be killed in her hands. His body was stuck and he had no choice but to look her in the eyes. His chest felt heavy and the look in her eyes terrified him. That was when he realized, he was experiencing sleep paralysis. Again. His nightmare hasn’t ended yet. His past really does come back to haunt him in his nightmares, huh?


Hana was still trying to strangle him, but the male noticed while her blood covered face and the deranged look in her eyes remained the same, tears began to fall. “You’re a liar! How could you do this to me?!”


He wanted to yell that he never wanted to; that he truly never wanted to hurt her but he couldn’t. In the end, he was still a traitor to her and he deserved all of her hatred towards him. Her hands trailed down to his shoulders, shaking him vigorously, “Chenle! How could you just let that happen to me?! You promised me-“



Exhaling shakily, Chenle leant against the ledge. The busy nightlife wasn’t enough to prevent him from being lost in his own thoughts. Nothing could ever stop him from feeling the guilt weighing down his heart for the past three years.

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