A Bandaged Soul
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Leeteuk was trying his best to hold his tears but there was something he needed to desperately ask despite the internal bleeding, Leeteuk knew that it wouldn’t lead to loss of blood

“Doctor”, Leeteuk looked up to the man in white coat “You said bleeding, how?”


“I frankly not sure, either he cut himself or his kidnapper did but there’s not what I can assume at the moment”


Wait did he say cut?


“I know what you’re thinking and yes he or his kidnapper slashed his wrists” the man continued


“I didn’t slash it, he did”


A voice broke out and the kidnapper was in front of them. All eyes were on him glaring. Leeteuk really wanted to punch the man but before he could, A figure had taken Hanjae from the officer’s hold and knocked him out.


“How dare you hurt my friend like that?!!!” The man growled who was on top of him and hitting him continuously, the police were trying to get the man off of him but it was of no use. He was always a powerful bear in the dorm.


The members did nothing to intertwine and let the bear fight because they all recognized who he was and frankly they enjoyed the torment he was receiving but Leeteuk knew it was getting a bit out of hand and he didn’t want to face another thing so


“Kangin-ah, stop.”

“But hyung” the bear man replied


“It’s enough, let the police deal with it. I don’t want that man to be in front of Yesung or even near the vicinity ever again”


Knowingly, he got up and let the man go. The police hurriedly fetched a nurse to mend him and take him away. But before he could leave.


“Why did he slash himself?” Heechul asked, he wanted to know why Yesung did that.


“I don’t know”


“ing hell, answer the question right now” 


“I was going to free him today and hand myself over, so when I untied him I moved to pick up the phone but when I had turned my head to the other side, I heard a cry and then I saw him making cuts and he fainted”


“Why did you tie him?” Kyuhyun said not wanting to just be able to kill this man himself.


“Did you tie him for over 3 weeks?” Ryeowook asked, hoping just hoping that may not be the case but when the man didn’t say anything, Ryeowook realized and so did the members.

No one spoke, the officers led the man away, and the doctor was still there with the nurse listening attentively to the conversation.


“When the patient wakes up, call a psychologist” he said

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