Stay Strong TXT

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When Soobin was done hiding ... My strongest most potent medicine is you


When he decided that it was enough 

That he needed to stop hiding 

That he needed them there next to him 

That he was about to fall to his knees 

The sunshine, the laughters, the tears, the pain 


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                   Cosmos: You'll never be Lost again  Changgu is a loner, an orphan who has never felt a spec of love,

his last year at high school has been the worst so far until he met Hongseok, a medical college student who just seemed to care     

 Dear Diary:Few months ago, I went as a volunteer to a foreign country and some of the story's events did actually happen .  

A Shadow's Love: Loving you was the mistake I made knowing that you'll never love me back so I'll just keep on watching you from the shadows.

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