Stay Strong Stray Kids

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Things get a little Hard on Stray Kids.

Keyword: Stay 


This is A Stroy About Friendship and Faith 

Stray Kids built their Relationship with Each Other on Eternal Love and Friendship

And it is Here To Stay



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Chapter 1: omg minnie :(
Chapter 2: Poor Seungmin :(
Chapter 21: I will never be the same. STAYs will always support Woojin.
Chapter 19: Poor Hunjin he had to go through that again, but I'm glad that monster was caught too!!
NighlaBuddy #5
Chapter 16: I really like this story (not just Hyunjin’s)! You’re doing so well! Keep up the hard work!
Chapter 15: Omg this is getting intense and way different from what you regularly write author-nim
Chapter 14: Damn is Hyunjin receiving threat messages TTTT
NighlaBuddy #8
Chapter 11: You’re doing a great job with this story!! I just came across it the other day but I really love your consistent updates and it’s very fun to read! I wanted to ask if you plan to do a part for each member? If so, I think that’s really cool! Keep working hard and we love you!!! <3
btsareawesome #9
Chapter 8: amazing love these series i have read them all lol
Leoravivixx #10
Chapter 2: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait to see what will happen next with seungmin . I definitely get excited every time i see that you updated any of your fic .#-#