Stay Strong Monsta X 2

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People who have a fragile heart are the ones who love the most, get hurt the most and get broken the most. Kihyun's heart is ... not doing so well


In the darkness, there is always light, there is always a way out. Kihyun's heart is struggling, and this time it's just a little more than a broken heart.

This is a sequel to my previous Stay Strong story "Stay Strong Monsta X"


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Chapter 10: I liked your Stay Strong Monsta x & now I love this one too.
amazing. fighting
Chapter 3: This feel sooo real !!^^
annaflafi #3
BaekhyunxJimin #4
Chapter 19: please keep writing more about kihyun your story is amazing and it's hard to find stories about kihyun.
Chapter 18: So fluffy in the end…
Kihyun is so perfect for this kind of story…
He is so sweee~t along wity minhyuk…
Annawa #6
Chapter 17: Minhyuk is my bias so reading about him being just so caring and worried is too sweet:)))))))
hopekaya #7
Chapter 17: I can't thank you enough for this so THANK YOU ~♡
Chapter 17: Chapter 17: OOOooo he's Anemic, explains all the dizzy spells! You need more Iron in your tum tums Kyeon!~
Good chap!<3
Chapter 17: Anemaiec????
What is that????
Never heard this before…
Is this gonna be explained in the next chapter???
Come on…
I need some explanation here…
BaekhyunxJimin #10
could you please read this story and tell me what do you think about it?