Stay Strong Wanna One

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Daniel is falling extremely sick.

Inspired from the time when Daniel had to cancel Schedules due to illness 


Inspired by the time when Daniel got extremely sick with the flu but still attended the Fan meeting event

Wanna One members have just departured and their lives as Idols is not always of bright colors

Daniel, their center, their Number 1 is sick 

and what happens when he can't stand on his own feet without support and when he is forced to cancel his schedules 

What happens when they reach their dorm, their home ?

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Chapter 15: I hope you can write another wannaone sickfic. ^^
Maybe ong seongwu. ^^
Chapter 14: I love this story. <3
I read this on daniel's birthday. I hope he will stay healthy. Everyone too.
And for minhyun centric, i like it too.
Thank you for writing sucha wonderful fic. <3 ^^
Chapter 14: I'm glad Minhyun is okay now.
BaekhyunxJimin #4
Chapter 13: could you please make a bounce chapter for lee daehwi, it can be based on his ear injury but like more severe? or you can do whatever you like if you have the time. thank you for reading my comment
Chapter 12: Yeees minhyun centric
Justareaderlol #7
Chapter 12: Yayayayyayay i nidddd bonus chapterssssss
moroccandancer #8
Chapter 9: Whoa, you scared me, Author-nim! Daniel didn't answer right away when Manager Hyung knocked on the door, so I thought, "Omo!! Daniel passed out in the shower!!! I'm read and going, "Answer him. ANSWER HIM!!", lolol. But all is well, whew!!! Keep it coming!!!
Chapter 7: Ooh I hope he's fine. Poor baby
Azieee #10
Authornim why it's still the same chapter?