Stay Strong Monsta X

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When Kihyun is so sick 



When Kihyun is so sick and everyone is in a state of panic

since they don't know what to do

KiHyun is Monsta X's Main vocalist and one of its cutest and most charming members

What happens when he suddenly gets sick and eveyone around him is just a mess ?


Hi Hyungs are going to be there for him for sure but are they going to make the right decisions?

Let's find out



I made all the covers and Edits Myself ^^


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                   Cosmos: You'll never be Lost again  Changgu is a loner, an orphan who has never felt a spec of love,

his last year at high school has been the worst so far until he met Hongseok, a medical college student who just seemed to care     

 Dear Diary:Few months ago, I went as a volunteer to a foreign country and some of the story's events did actually happen .  

A Shadow's Love: Loving you was the mistake I made knowing that you'll never love me back so I'll just keep on watching you from the shadows.


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Chapter 12: I love this so much.
annaflafi #2
Chapter 19: Yes sequel and with changkyun
Chapter 19: It would be cool if you make stay strong monsta x 2 but first Unni you need to make st b.a.p xD
Chapter 15: i somehow missed reading this bonus chapter... thank goodness i clicked on the story again!
nenechan #6
Chapter 19: is it gonna be about kihyun again??? please yes hehe TT
Chapter 12: I hope you will write stay strong mx 2 ?
Chapter 16: To be honest… really… i love stay strong monsta x the most.. the way you make kihyun looks so fragile is so damn great, i love it kore than you can imagine..
Over these lots notificatin i was hurriedly open these page first, bu~t.. there is no monsta… there is seventeen.. i got a little bit (really bit) dissapointed..
Anyway.. suguhaesoyoooo authorniem..
Samcam21 #9
Chapter 14: I love the bonus chapter soooo much
Annawa #10
Chapter 14: Thank you XD I love MX btw:))) This is ma fav k-pop band:)))