Stay Strong EXO

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 EXO is sick, exhausted and tired and all what they have is each other.

"We are One"



Summary: EXO is sick, exhausted and tired and all what they have is each other.

What happens when all of the EXO memebers are suffering in their own ways ? 

Taking slow breaths and hiding the pain from the others in front of them so that the show keeps on going?

Fake smiles and forced laughes? tears in dark places? 

When all they need is attention and each other

Family is all what they are 

EXO planet is where they live

"Wre are ONE" 

I'm sorry if this Fic hurt you in any kind of ways

but through this, I would like to highlight just how hard our Idols lives is and I want to

point out that they are just humans and that we should respect and love them for who they are,

tolerate their mistakes and appreciate what they are doing for us. I hope you understand.

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All covers and edits are made by ME ^^


26/12/2018: I Hope you like the New Cover and Background Pictures


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NME6778 #1
it gives me hope and strenghth to continue life even with hardships, and makes me remember that I also like exo is for suho have people like that
748 streak #2
Chapter 17: Congrats again and I must say that I really enjoyed reading this fic! Thank you!
748 streak #3
Chapter 16: So late, but congrats! :D
748 streak #4
Chapter 15: And the latter is home ;)
748 streak #5
Chapter 14: They really do stick together <3
748 streak #6
Chapter 13: Troubles seem to always find them. :(
748 streak #7
Chapter 12: Poor Suho :( I hope he recovers soon!
748 streak #8
Chapter 11: The boys really worry about each other.
748 streak #9
Chapter 10: The healing trip is much needed for them!
748 streak #10
Chapter 9: They should rebel! It's time for a change!