Stay Strong GOT7

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YoungJae, a lost sunshine, a quiet soul, an aching heart, and a caring GOT7


YoungJae is GOT7's Sunshine

But what happens when he loses his rays, his light, his voice  ?

What will the others do ?

What will happen to him ?

Stay Strong GOT7 is about sticking together 

and helping 

if someone is down

it's no longer a GOT7 



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                   Cosmos: You'll never be Lost again  Changgu is a loner, an orphan who has never felt a spec of love,

his last year at high school has been the worst so far until he met Hongseok, a medical college student who just seemed to care     

 Dear Diary:Few months ago, I went as a volunteer to a foreign country and some of the story's events did actually happen .  

A Shadow's Love: Loving you was the mistake I made knowing that you'll never love me back so I'll just keep on watching you from the shadows.


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Chapter 4: I think park bom from 2ne1 has the same illness and every it hurt she put an ice on iy.
I'm I right?
I saw it in 2ne1 TV before
Chapter 27: Awww my poor Youngjae! I feel bad for him but I am happy to see how caring JB was towards him and how considerate the others were towards him. Living the idol life is no joke considering the hardships they have to go through.

On another note, this fic could really use a lot of editing which I'm sure can easily be taken care of if you have the time but I appreciate you for writing Youngjae's story, it made me remember that he went through some medical concerns in the past that he had to excuse himself from promotions too. I can never imagine sunshine losing his bright persona but he's only human... I can see GOT7 taking care of each other well so I know they can handle that well
moroccandancer #3
Chapter 26: I just subscribed to the first Stay Strong GOT7, and of course it was great. I felt asleep half way through, so I just finished it this morning.
But OMG!!! THE BONUS YUGYEOM CHAPTERS!!! MY BABY BOY YUGYEOM FINALLY HAS A DECENT A SICKFIC!! Not that I didn't appreciate the Youngjae ff, but had I known the maknae's ff was attached, I would've read the SS GOT7 sooner!!! I've read a lot of other GOT7 sickfics, but tbh, they were rather boring, and of course very few featured our "giant baby" maknae. In fact, I think there was only one (I'm sure there are more now, but at the time, there was only one, and it was just...ok. No insult to that author intended, but it just wasn' just wasn't like THIS one, lol !!! YOUR Yugyeom sickfic was absolutely PERFECT!! Finally, SOMEBODY sat up and took notice and gave our sweet (but sassy) maknae his very own sickfic. Thank you, Author-nim!!!
ohhh you have written one for GOT7! wow... you even featured my bias YJ! I will have to read this soon... but then I remember I have yet to read the Stay Strong Exo version. My to-read list is a neverending one oTL
annaflafi #5
Chapter 26: I really love their friendship, their caring personality !
It was beautiful and pleasant to read / reading ^^
Chapter 25: I really love the way they care so much for the member
Chapter 24: Oh..Baby Yugyeom is also sick :/
Chapter 23: Aww, they are so cute !
Baby Youngjae, he is so fragile
Chapter 22: lol Bambam, he should becareful next time or take some cooking lessons haha