Tempted By Fate
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Hello sweeties, your authornim is here again. First of all, I want to say a very big thank you to all my sweet lovely readers for all your love and prayers, I'm still recovering but not in so much pain anymore.  I decides to write this chapter yesterday because feel so bored having to lie down or sit down all day doing absolutely nothing. That's not my type of person, I'm not some lazy . Please enjoy reading and do drop feedback and upvote. Also, I've just started a new werewolf story, it's at the bottom of the author's note below. Please check it out🙏. ​​​_________________________________________________



The Byun family was so ashamed and sad about what Baekhyun just did. Byun Minwoo on the other hand is still busy talking to Kyungsoo and Sehun, assuring them to still carry on with the investigation.


The inspector's phone vibrated and so did Jongin's phone. Kyungsoo excuses himself and glances at his phone, but his eyes widen when he sees the comment of what he just received.


"Did anyone get a video from Baekhyun?" He asks and Jongin nods his head.


"Yes. He sent a video of his girlfriend, Sonia discussing with some armed men and she looks like the lady inspector Kyungsoo had described." Jongin explains and Minwoo picks up interest.


"Play it on a big screen." The head of the Byun family says firmly, and Jongin does exactly that. 


After seeing the video, Sojin sighs out in relief, but she immediately becomes tense when she sees the short message Baekhyun had sent along with it.


Sonia is the criminal, I'm sorry everyone. 


Jia stares at the last message and she sighs. She also didn't know that Sonia would turn out to be so evil to the extent of wanting her dead.


She picks up her phone and heads straight to the kitchen. She's already feeling uneasy and her heart is beating rapidly. She needs to calm herself down and call Baekhyun. He's still her husband and she has come to know that little things hurt him the most.


She can't help but think about the state at which Baekhyun might be in at the moment. He loves Sonia so much and he also trusts her as well.


Once she gets to the kitchen, she unlocks her phone to call Baekhyun, but she suddenly feels a strange heaviness in her chest. She feels a sharp lasting pain enveloping her that she staggers. She places her hand on her chest and tries her very best to breathe out.


She leans against the marble cooking table, trying her possible best to understand what's going on. It is so strange, it feels as if she's feeling another person's pain and struggle to survive.


She still managed to call Baekhyun, but his line wasn't going through, it was switched off. She gasps with a shake of her head following, and she rushes over to the living room.


"Mom I can't reach Baekhyun," Jia says between heavy pants.


"Same here. His phone is switched off." Jongin says with a worried expression. They've all tried calling Baekhyun after watching the video, but none of them could get through because his phone is switched off.


Jia is tense and scared. She's not sure what to think about, but all she knows is that she wants to hear her husband's voice. She sighs deeply and shuts her eyes, trying to figure out what to do, and just then she hears the weak whispers of her husband's words.


*I'm sorry, Jia. Please forgive me.*


The words were so weak and faint, even more, softer than a whisper and she hears it again, and again and again. Jia gasps as she realizes that Baekhyun just communicated with her telepathically. She looks at Sojin and rushes over to her.


"Mom, Baekhyun is in trouble and he's hurt," Jia says between pants and everyone stares at her including Sojin.


"Were you able to reach him on the phone? Did you ask him where he is?" Minwoo asks as he sounds worried.


"No, he reached out to me, and I heard him clearly, but it sounded faint and weak. I'm very much sure that he's in trouble." Jia says firmly and Minwoo stares at his wife and they both nod their heads.


"Then he's indeed in danger. We need to save him." Minwoo says and Sehun immediately cuts in. He's so confused about what's going on and he needs answers.


"Why do you all look so worried, Baekhyun is fine and he will return home. In the meantime, let's get this Sonia to jail." Sehun says and Jia shakes her head in objection.


"No Sehun, I can feel that Baekhyun is in danger. We need to help him out." Jia says firmly and Sehun sighs. He knows that Jia is overrating because she's married to him, but he is not sure that the rock star is in any trouble, maybe he's just been so regretful that's why he has refused to put on his phone.


Sehun sighs and walks over to Jia. "You have to calm down, Baekhyun is fine and he will be back if he's alright."


"No, detective. My son is actually in danger and Jia is right about him." Minwoo says in a low tone, leaving Sehun even more confused.


"Why do you think that Jia is saying the truth?" Kyungsoo and Jongin are quick to ask before Sehun does. He's also worried and everything is happening so fast and very confusing.


"Because Baekhyun and Jia are bonded soulmates," Minwoo says and Jia stares at him with big eyes, not understanding a single word her father-in-law is saying.


"What do you mean by bonded soulmate, father?" Jia says and the man sighs deeply.


"When your mother was pregnant with you, my son Baekhyun always had dreams about you and how you would look like. He was so fond of you and would always kiss your mother's baby bump. He always sticks to your mother and if he was taken away from her, he would fall sick instantly." Minwoo smiles as he recalls how sweet Baekhyun was back then.


"One weekend, we all went to China for a week's holiday and we decided to visit the priest since Baekhyun always falls very sick whenever he's been separated from your mom. Getting to the great priest, we were told that you and Baekhyun are soulmates, with the spiritual bonding of the twin flames. He said that you and Baekhyun's bond is so strong and powerful, but if one of you dies, the other will die as well." Minwoo sighs and Jia looks so shocked hearing all this.


"The priest however told us that when the right time comes, you two will be drawn to each other and your souls will long for each other in times of pain, happiness, and discomfort."


"The day you were born, Baekhyun carried you in his arms and gave you the name Jia. He also gave you your first kiss on the day of your naming ceremony and that was when your bond mark appeared on the right side of your neck and Baekhyun's as well." Minwoo smiled warmly as he recalled the beautiful scene, but he snapped out of it and gave Jia a sad look. 


"We have to save Baekhyun because if he's in trouble and he dies, that means you will die as well."


"No, my husband won't die, he can't," Jia says firmly and Minwoo smiles before looking at Jinho.


"I told you that they will feel their bond someday." He smiles and Jinho does the same, but he's more worried about Baekhyun at this point.


"I need to make some phone calls, I will be back," Sehun says in such a low tone and exits the living room. At this point, he knows that he can't have Jia again, no matter what.




"Soulmates are real, and you're my soulmate, Jia. My parents told me that I have a soulmate named Jia, and since you're also called Jia and we can feel each other, that means that you're my soulmate." A young boy about 15 years old said with a soft smile. He was talking to a 10 years old girl who looks so beautiful like a princess.   "But how sure are you that I'm your soulmate?" The girl named Jia asked with a small smile gracing her lips.   "I saw you in my dream the first time I met you, and you had that same bond mark as mine. We shared a kiss in my dream and our bond marks both connected to each other and there was a spark of golden light."   "Wow, can I see the light?" The young girl asked, her eyes filled with curiosity.   "Sure. If we share a kiss you will be able to see it."    "Alright then, kiss me." The girl says and the boy leans closer to her and kisses her. In a matter of seconds, the bond mark at the right side of their necks lightened up a spark of golden light and the boy and girl both pulled away from the kiss and saw each other's spark of golden light till it gradually fades away.   "You see that, Jia? You and I are soulmates, so it's real."   "I see that now, Byun Baek. You're my soulmate and I like you, Byun Baek." Jia said softly and they both shared a hug.   "I like you too, Jia."


Baekhyun groans in pain as he struggles to blink open his eyes. It's hard to move, but he tries to look around once he succeeds to open his eyes. 


His hands are tied to the back and his legs are also tied. His head is leaning against the wall as he's in a sitting position. He shuts his eyes as he tries to recall the dream he had or was it really a dream or he's trying to recall an event from the past.


He feels so much pain at the back of his head, and as he tries to move around, he hits his head against the wall. He hisses in pain and in a flash of an eye he recalls having that very same conversation with a girl named Jia years ago.


It didn't take him long to realize that it's actually something that happened in the past. A memory that he's not very familiar with, it seems something is blocking him out of it, but he recalls calling a young girl Jia.


"Jia." He says as he recalls the hurtful words he said to his wife and mother. He shuts his eyes as he tries to calm himself down. He's so weak and he has no idea where he actually is.


He's trying to calm down as he recalls that little part of his strange memory and Jia comes into his. He recalls apologizing to Jia before passing, and he's not sure if she got his message or felt it like he always does whenever she's sad or in pain.


He shut his eyes and called out to Jia through telepathy. He's not sure if it will work, but he once read a book about how soulmates connect to each other two days to his wedding, and he thinks now is the time for him to put what he had read into action.



He calls out telepathically, hoping that she can sense him. 


It takes some minutes, and Baekhyun feels his heartbeat increasing and there he hears her soft voice responding to his call.


*Baekhyun, are you alright? Are you safe?*

He hears her asking, fears evident in her response. Baekhyun feels like slapping himself when he hears how worried she sounds, despite all the pain he has caused her.


*I'm injured and tied up in a room.*


*Do you know where you are?*


*No, I don't. It's so dark in here.*


*Can you hear anything around that area?*

Baekhyun hears her asking and he tries to listen, but just then the door to the room is pushed open, and the lights in the room are suddenly switched on.


Baekhyun blinks several times, adjusting to the bright light. He slowly lifts his head up to look at the person that just entered the room, but he wasn't surprised at all when he sees Sonia standing in front of him with a gun.


"Oh my dear darling rock star, I didn't expect that things would go this way and you would later end up like this. However, you already know too much about me and I'm afraid that you can't live to tell the story." She walks closer to the tied man and caresses his face, but Baekhyun moves his face away from her touch as he feels too irritated.


He can't believe that he once loved this woman, an evil soul with darkness. "You're a monster. How could you send goons and assassins to Jia, how could you kill many people just to cover your dirty deeds? You will pay for what you've done."


"Oh please, Baekhyun, spare me that nonsense. I've already deleted the video from your phone, so you have no evidence to back up your words. I'm going to kill you, but before that, you will have to sign all your properties to me."


Baekhyun stares at Sonia, and he hates the mare thought of him ever loving someone like her. However, he decides to not disclose the fact that he has already sent the video to two reliable friends already.


"How do you intend to do that?" 


"By calling your parents, rock star. I will give the order on what I want, and once they give me all that I request for, I will kill you and then kill Jia."


"Leave Jia out of this, she did nothing to you. This is between you and me, and not Jia."


"I see." Sonia chuckles. "In love with her already? How pathetic. Well, I'm in charge and I say she dies." Sonia turns around to leave, but Baekhyun stops her with a call of her name. He knows that he only has a few minutes to put things right and all he needs now is the name of the place they're in.


"Where is this place? Why is it so strange?"


"Oh, this is my hideout. We're currently at the back of your father's old abandoned factory, no one will even think about coming here once they find out that you're missing." She chuckles slightly and walks away as she talks to someone on the phone, saying she's on her way.


Once the door was shut, Baekhyun sighs. He never expected that a day like this would ever come. He so much believed in Sonia that he talked back to his parents, his mother and everything brought the divorce issue up. 


He lowered his eyes to the floor, and with so much pain in his heart, he reached out to his wife, his Jia.


*Jia, can you hear me?* 


Baekhyun reaches out to them with so much pain in his heart. He regrets his actions and wishes he's able to see his family again. He's slowly dying of guilt and all he wants at the moment is to see his family, his wife, his soulmate.


*I'm here, Baekhyun. Are you alright?*


Baekhyun smiles when he hears Jia's voice. He never thought that he would long for the voice of his wife, but here he is, smiling happily when he hears her voice 


He slowly nods his head to her question as if she's there with him, seeing his every move.

*I'm fine, and I'm at my dad's old factory. I think Sonia and her men are leaving now, so please ask Kyungsoo and Sehun to come to save me.*   *Alright. Please hang in there, we're coming.*   *Please don't come, I beg you.* 


Baekhyun says, but he gets no response from Jia and he sighs and blinks his eyes open. He stares into nothing as he feels his blood leaving his body due to his bleeding head.




"I know where Baekhyun is. He's at dad's old abandoned factory. He said that Sonia and her men are leaving. We can go there right now." Jia informs and Kyungsoo gets up and makes some phone calls.


It wasn't up to 10 minutes and the police van was already at Baekhyun's mansion, as well as Sehun who.

Kyungsoo, Sehun, and Jiyong got into the car, and Jia hurriedly joined them.


"What are you doing?" Sehun asks with a frown on his face as he knows what Jia is up to.


"Saving my husband."


"I know, but you can't come with us, leave this for the men to handle," Sehun says before he can stop himself, and he soon regrets it. 


Jia hits him on the stomach, and the detective in the pain. He knows that Jia is a very hard-headed person, and telling her stuff like let the men do it, or leave it to the men is what she hates the most.


"I'm sorry, you can come along," Sehun says between pains, and Jiyong chuckled.


"I wasn't asking your permission, blood." She says and the car drives off at a high speed.




Baekhyun tried to move his head to a more comfortable spot, but the sound of shooting guns distracted him. The shooting was much, and it kept going on till there was no more sound of shooting guns.


The door to the room he's in is pushed forcefully, and the light is switched on. Baekhyun lifts up his eyes, and he sees his friend, Kyungsoo, and his wife Jia standing in front of him.


"Baekhyun!" Jia cries out as she rushes over to him. She quickly unties his hands and legs and pulls him into her chest, caressing his back gently.


"I asked you not to come, it's too dangerous," Baekhyun says and Jia shakes her head.


"I can't stay back, I will die of tension." She says and helps him up to a standing position. Kyungsoo also helped Baekhyun out till they got out of the factory.


Once they were outside the factory, Baekhyun came face to face with Sonia in handcuffs and some goons also in handcuffs. Some were badly injured and bleeding, but no policeman was injured.


"How were you able to inform the police about your location?" Sonia asked and Baekhyun smiled.


"Through telepath. Your game is up, Sonia. You will pay dearly for trying to harm Jia." Baekhyun said and walked away, leaving Sonia at the mercy of the law.


Once they were inside the van, Baekhyun averts his gaze away from Jiyong, knowing that he has hurt everyone.


"I'm so sorry, Jiyong." He says and Jiyong sighs. He knows that Baekhyun is a very proud man, they don't talk much despite knowing each other. He knows that Baekhyun isn't one to apologize, but seeing him do this is enough proof that the rock star is deeply sorry.


"That's alright, you don't have to apologize. Just stay still so that you won't bleed more." Jiyong says and Baekhyun says nothing.




It's been two days since Baekhyun's kidnap. He's still in the hospital due to losing a great amount of blood. He's not in a coma nor is he in a critical condition, but he's having a serious battle with hi

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