Tempted By Fate
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Kwon Jia is a lively and free spirit young lady in her mid-20s. She was born in Korea but raised in China. She's known for her strong and brave personality, she always stands for what is right.

An unfortunate incident took place which led to the death of her parents two years back.


Ever since the incident, Jia has tried to move on in life and forget the past, but it was totally impossible. Moreover, her uncle Jinho wants her to come back to Korea and live with him.


At first, Jia had wanted to turn down his request, but as time never failed to move, she finally agreed to it and made up her mind to relocate to Korea, probably to start a new life despite knowing that her uncle's wife and daughter have so much hatred for her.


She finally made it to Korea, and instantly fell in love with the city's fresh air. It was such a bright day, filled with hopes, and Jia enjoyed the beautiful scent that accompanied the air.


After having a nice experience with nature's touch, she decides to leave the airport. The ride to her uncle's street wasn't that long, but the moment she arrived at the said street, she was met with a great scary crowd that made it impossible to have a view of what's ahead.


The crowd was so overwhelming that Jia had to push her way through the compacted space.

The road was blocked and the people kept on screaming only one name Baekhyun!!!


Jia wasn't sure what was actually going on. The crowd was no joke, and she got curious.

She bit her bottom lip as she strived to make it out of the suffocation.


She held her handbag tightly, making sure it's hard enough for anyone to pull it off her hand, although it will be a totally bad idea if anyone should even try that.


"Excuse me." A man said quickly while grabbing her bag to run, but Jia shook her head and held onto it firmly that the man was left struggling with the handbag.


"Hey Mr, do you want to die?" She asked with a raised brow, but it seems the man was in for more than just a bag. He glared at her and pushed her on the chest and that was definitely the greatest mistake of his life.

At this point, people were starting to pay closer attention to Jia and the man, but it wasn't her concern.


"I was really going to go easy on you, but now I won't." She pulled the bag out from his grip and hit him pretty hard across the face that the man fell on the next person, thereby alerting more people.


The man glared at her and advanced towards her, but she simply moved aside and chuckled. This was something she loved and cherished the most.


"Hey, dude, just chill and behave okay, I'm sure you don't want to get hurt by me?" She asked, but the man angrily advanced towards her again as if he really wanted to get hurt, and Jia was super ready to make him feel the pain to its fullest.


She waited for him to get closer to her, and when he did, she caught his fist and twisted it. That simple act angered the man due to the mockery laughter coming from the people around him and the side talks around.


He rushed over to her again, but this time Jia wasn't having any of his nonsense anymore, and she acted fast. Before the man could make another move, she placed her free hand on his shoulder and hit him pretty hard on the groin with her right knee and the man screamed in pain as well as other men standing closer to her.


Jia stood upright, glanced at everyone around her, and slowly bent over to give her right knee a gentle caress before picking up her suitcase. Oh, she can't remember when was the last time she did this.


She stood back upright and everyone moved away from her, even those that were so into the show going.


"What's the commotion here." A man that looked more like a bodyguard asked, but the people around quickly pointed a finger towards Jia.


"She just beat up a guy." A lady said and Jia laughed and walked over to the lady.


"I thought people were only unfair back in China, but now I see that people are exactly the same everywhere. Let me give you some good advice because it might be of help to you a lot."


"And what could that be?" The lady asked and slowly moved away from Jia who was just smiling.


"Well, next time before deciding to speak out, learn to say everything that happened, that way you won't get into trouble or get hurt because I also handle women who don't seem to act fairly. Just try me and see." She tapped the lady on the shoulder and winked at her, causing the lady to flinch in fear.


Jia picked up her suitcase again, and people quickly made way for her to which she walked freely till she got into a taxi and left the area.




It took her about 30 minutes before she finally arrived at her uncle's house. She got out of the taxi and stood at the front of the house for a while, staring at the gate and she sighed before walking inside.

She knows that things won't be easy for her, knowing fully well that her aunt and cousin's sister hate her so much.



The moment she walked into the living room, she was warmly welcomed by her uncle Jinho who gave her a hug.


"Ah, my Jia is here." He said and caressed her face after parting from the hug. He missed her so much after he last saw her two years ago during her parents' burial.


"Hello uncle, how have you been?" She says in a sweet tone while smiling happily.


"I'm good Jia, what about you? How have you been?"


"Why are you asking her that? Of course, she's doing great, or didn't you just watch what she did to that poor guy a few minutes ago?" Her aunt Shin said while looking at Jia with so much hatred in her eyes, but Jinho wasn't in for his wife's nonsense. He yelled at his wife Shin immediately because seeing Jia hurt is the last thing he would tolerate.


"Keep quiet Shin. Jia just arrived and you can't even welcome her properly rather you're already accusing her. Can't you act your age for once and behave like a mother?"


"What? Are you insulting me because of this girl who has no single manner?" Shin asked and glared at Jia who said nothing but stared at her.

Jia wasn't surprised at Shin's behavior towards her at all because she's used to it. In fact, Shin has always hated her since she was a child, so this was nothing new to her.


"Whatever, you can do what you two want, but let me just remind you Jia that you're now in Korea and in my house, and not China. I won't tolerate your nonsense a single bit, understand?"


"Yes aunt, I totally understand you, but that man tried to steal my handbag, so I had to teach him a lesson."


"And so what? What's so special about that stupid old handbag of yours that you almost killed him? What if he brings the police over, what are you going to do then?" Shin asked but she was quite shocked when Jia laughed out and sat on the couch beside her and crossed her legs together.


Shin got really annoyed at the sudden behavior of the young lady.

"You arrogant fool, why are you laughing as if I said something funny?"


"Aunt, you did say something funny though. No man in his right senses will bring a policeman over here when he was at fault by attempting to steal my handbag, except such unfair actions are very common around here." Jia chuckled and Shin got really pissed.


"You worthless moron! You have no right to ask me such a stupid question."


"Then why did you call my handbag old and stupid, moreover, your words were also totally out of point as well." Jia opened her handbag and looked up at Shin.


"Anyways, I guess you're right. I should have allowed that man to steal the bag, and the beautiful gold necklace and earrings I bought for you back in China, right?" She reached her hand into her handbag and brought out the gold box and handed it over to her aunt, and immediately, the woman smiled delightfully and collected the box.


"Oh dear, you did the right thing. Such men should be taught a good lesson. Thank you so much." Shin smiled and walked back into the room, and Jia smiled and stood up. She walked up to her uncle who was very much disappointed at his wife's behavior and handed a gold box to him as well.


"This is for you uncle, and I just transferred some amount to your account before arriving here a while ago."


"Oh dear, you're so kind-hearted, but you shouldn't have done that. You're my daughter, and it's my responsibility to take care of you and not the other way around."


"But it's also a child's responsibility to take care of her parents as well, so please accept my little gift, please uncle."


"I will dear. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it." He collected the box and a calm smile graced his lips when he opened it.


"Jia dear, this is a very expensive wristwatch. Thank you."


"You deserve much better than this uncle." She smiled, but she remembered the great crowd and the name Baekhyun early, so she decided to ask her uncle a few questions.


"Uncle, why was there a great crowd on the street leading to this place? Is something happening today?"


"Oh yes, dear. Korean's most famous rock star, Byun Baekhyun is making a grand concert advert awareness today for his upcoming concert, so that's the reason."


Jia nodded her head. "So that was why. Well, I hope no one gets hurt there because the suffocation was just too much."


"Jia dear, it's always like that. Even my daughter Mina is there, so I guess they're used to it by now."


"Wow, I guess this Baekhyun must be really great."


"Yes, he is. By the way, why not go and take a shower, then relax. You must be exhausted."


"Not exactly, but I do need to have a refreshing bath. Thank you, uncle."


"Ah, don't mention. Come with me let me show you your room."


"Okay." Jia picked up her suitcase and trailed after her uncle.




"What the hell happened earlier that almost ruined my concert awareness?" Baekhyun asked the very moment he was out off the stage and back in his changing room.


This is his final concert of the year before he handles his company head-on according to his agreement with his father.


Baekhyun is currently a CEO of a modeling company that happens to be the largest company in Korea. He was so pissed that he took off his jacket and threw it on the floor. He can't risk ruining his concert awareness for anything.


Baekhyun is also known for his rude, proud, and arrogant behavior and he wants everything to always go as planned.


"There was a fight outside that distracted many of your fans and it limited their cheer and applaud for you." Jongin, his best friend, said calmly and Baekhyun frowned.


"A fight? What happened?"


"Well, I'm not that sure, but it's on-air as we speak. Let me turn on the television." Jongin did, and they saw the interesting show and Jongin busted into laughter. It was so hilarious that he couldn't stop himself from laughing.


"Hey what's so funny? How would a lady disgrace a man in such a manner? So shameless." Baekhyun frowned and looked away, but Jongin was quite shocked at his friend's judgment.

Of course, Baekhyun is rude, but what just happened is all the man's fault.


"Shameless? How can you call her shameless for defending herself? That man clearly wanted to steal her handbag and she only defended herself, so how is she shameless?"


"Don't question me Jongin. I have the right to choose my words and she's pretty shameless for sure. How could she hit him on the groin with her knee? Dude she overreacted."


"Oh right. She overrated by hitting that guy on the groin, but when the guy pushed her on the chest he wasn't overreacting then, right?" Jongin asked and Baekhyun averted his gaze to his phone in his hand and refused to answer the question and Jongin shook his head.


"You're just too much. In my opinion, that lady is right in all ramifications. That guy is so cheap and worthless. He's so lucky I wasn't in the scene when he did that nonsense."


"So? What would you have done? Hit him?"


"Oh yeah, and on that groin of his."


"Jongin!" Baekhyun yelled and stood up. "You can't be serious. He's a man just like you, and hitting him on the groin is totally wrong."


"And why is that so? After all, it's not your groin so chill."


"Chill? You asked me to chill about all this?"


"Yes chill, or do you have a thing for the guy mentioned?" Jongin asked and Baekhyun frowned and folded his fist.


"Jongin I'm not gay and you know that. I can't have a thing for him."


"Then stop acting as if you do because it's so obviou

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