Tempted By Fate
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For the past three days, Baekhyun and Jia's news was on every single news channel, including the minor ones. Of course everyone wants to make it to the top even if it's all a lie.


Baekhyun stares blankly at the television screen in his changing room, watching the trending news which clearly is about him and his betrothed bride Jia.

The past three days have really been so confusing and not interesting anymore for Baekhyun. On one hand, there was his huge concert, and on the other, are the big news about Jia actually being his betrothed.


He really feels so frustrated that he grew to lose interest in every little thing. All he does after his return from Jia's house is nothing but drink himself out.


All his life, he has only loved one woman more than anything in this world, and that's his mother. The last thing he would do is to make her sad. He also loves Sonia a lot, and getting married to Jia is just something he's not sure about.


"Baekhyun," Jongin called as he walked into the changing room. Jongin has been so concerned about Baekhyun's health and condition. He totally understands what Baekhyun is going through, but then he's also a bit happy that his best friend won't be getting married to Sonia.


"Baekhyun, you didn't tell me that you'll be coming over to the event hall today. I called you about four times, but you didn't pick."


"I'm sorry, I was busy with the hall decorations," Baekhyun says without looking at Jongin. He gets up and picks up his ringing, but soon sets it back on the bed when he sees the caller's ID.


"It's Sonia, right?"


"Yes. She keeps calling, but I can't pick up. What do I do? I'm in a tight corner here."


"Then just tell her the truth about everything," Jongin says and Baekhyun glares at him. That was actually the last thing he expected his best friend to say.


"Are you nuts? Why would I do such a thing? This is straight-up a crazy idea."


"This is the truth and nothing more. You better man up and tell her all she needs to know."


"That is insane, dude. You don't expect me to just call her and boom tell her that whole that's going on. Come on Kai, you of all people should know how Sonia is going to react to this."


"Then, do you prefer your mom to stress herself to death? Is that what you want?"


"Never. Why would I want that?" Baekhyun randomly ruffled his already messy hair. "I want my mom to be happy, my parents to be happy. But then, I don't know how I'm going to tell Sonia that Jia is my betrothed bride." Baekhyun said sadly, but the door to the room was forcefully pushed open revealing Sonia's angered face.


"What did I just hear you say, Baekhyun? Did you just say that lowlife Jia is your betroth?" Sonia asks angrily while glaring at Baekhyun.


At this point, Baekhyun knew that it's time he tells Sonia everything without leaving a single part out. Although, at first, he was considering what her reaction will be when he tells her, now that wasn't the case anymore.


He urged Sonia to calm down and when she did, Jongin left the room. They are a couple after all, and some privacy is required in times like this.


It was hard for Baekhyun to begin at first, but then he knew that he would surely have to tell her sooner or later. With that in mind, he told her every single thing, but before he could finish his last statement to conclude it all, Sonia slams her fist against the table beside her.


Every room in the event hall has a table for the comfortable use of their clients, and in this case, Sonia used it to her advantage by hitting it so hard. She gets up angrily and pushes Baekhyun on the chest.


She just couldn't hold her in anymore. That's just the limit of it all.

"What do you take me for Baekhyun? First, you refused to pick my calls, and now you're blabbing this nonsense to me and expect me to just sit around and accept it? That's impossible." Sonia yells.


She was already tense about the relationship scandal going, and now this? She can't let this happen, she has wanted for such a long time to be with Baekhyun and inherit his properties while her lover whom she refers to as her husband would also have his revenge on Baekhyun and his family.


She glares at Baekhyun before walking closer to him.

"Baekhyun, I've been with you for many years. I stood by you and supported you. Do you think I deserve this?" She asks as tears streamed down her eyes. She leans closer to Baekhyun's chest and sobs in pain.


Baekhyun hated himself the moment she began to cry. This is what he hates the most. He loves Sonia so much and the last thing he wants is to make her sad.


He gently embraced her and caressed her back. He hates seeing her cry and there was nothing he could do about it.

"I'm so sorry Sonia, please forgive me for hurting you. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't go against my parents and that's what is killing me."


"Then she has to die. That's the only way out because I can't lose you. We've been through a lot. We've come so far only to part ways as if we never existed. Jia has to die." Sonia pulls away from Baekhyun's body and looks him straight in the eyes.


"That's the only way out." She says firmly and Baekhyun looks away.


He can understand Sonia's frustration, but that doesn't mean that Jia has to die. She doesn't deserve death at all.


"No, death is not the solution here. Jia is innocent and has nothing to do with this. Her parents and mine created this whole mess from the beginning. I will have a serious talk with Jia today and end it all. She doesn't deserve death."


"Fine then. You better do just that, else I won't be responsible for whatever happens if your little talk doesn't set things right." She leans close to Baekhyun and kisses him before leaving the room.


Baekhyun ruffles his hair and leaves the room. He needs to breathe and all he wants at the moment is nice fresh air.




Jia smiles as she puts down the phone. She had just finished speaking to Sojin and in the next 30 minutes, Mrs. Byun's driver would arrive to pick her up.


Ever since she had a conversation with Mrs. Byun the day they came over, she fell in love with the woman. She just loved Sojin and respected her every word. They've been talking on the phone, and for the past three nights, Sojin would always sing her favorite song to Jia with the interest to wipe away her sadness.


"Who was that?" Shin asks loudly and she slams her hand on the table. She never knocks before entering Jia's room as she claims that the house belongs to her.


"Good morning aunt." Jia greets her with a smile, but the woman rolls her eyes. She walked over to Jia and made a halt in front of her.


"Your greeting just like your parents did. I know that you don't share a relationship with Sojin because of her wealthy son, right?" She looks at Jia from head to toe and chuckles softly.


"You better watch your back Jia, because I will make you suffer." She pushes Jia and walks away.


Jia sighs deeply as she watches Shin walking away in anger. The fact is that she's not even surprised about Shin and Mina's behavior anymore. They've been mean to her, and they never miss a chance to insult her late parents.


She picked up the dress she intended to wear from her closet and placed it on the bed, and she went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower.




"Jia your driver is here," Jiyong says as he walks into her room. He wasn't supposed to be around, but he had visited last night to warn his mother to stay away from Dara after she went to Dara's coffee shop and insulted her.


"Alright, bro," Jia says with a smiling face. She walked up to Jiyong and held his hand.


"How is Dara? Have you spoken to her this morning?"


"Yes, I have. I just don't know why my mother won't let her be. We're ju

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