Tempted By Fate
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Jia was so excited about handling her late parent's business. She couldn't contain her happiness that she had to seek Jiyong's help on what to wear and how to address certain issues that might arise.


Jiyong was glad to help out in putting her through the process and a lot more. It was easier for her to comprehend it because she also has an idea about it.


"Seems you're fully ready to take up this huge responsibility?" Jiyong asked while flipping the file in his hand closed. He had a calm smile gracing his lips as he felt proud of his cousin sister.


Jia noticed his expression, and she stood up with a slight frown on her face. "Of course, I'm ready to take this business to a greater level, so don't give me that look." She collected the file from Jiyong's hand and scanned it for a while before flipping it closed.


"Well, I will be visiting you often from now onwards, I can't afford to stress uncle at all."


"You're welcome Jia, just don't fight with anyone over there because they're all high profile and famous people. Please just work with a calm and open mind, okay?"


"Okay, I've heard you. But so you know, I always do work with an open mind, but believe me I won't sit back if anything goes wrong. Anyway, see you! I have to go shop for some working-class outfits. I'm so excited!" She giggled and ran off, leaving a smiling Jiyong behind.


"Should I come along? I mean you're new here and it might be a bit difficult for you as it's your first time shopping." Jiyong asked, but the lady just waved him off.


"Nope, I have this under control. You go handle your business or love life, I will be just fine."


"Love life? Jia!" Jiyong yelled, but he only got a giggle from his cousin who was already running off.


"Oh, I see that you're smiling again because of that rude orphan. Didn't you hear that she slapped me earlier?" Mina who just happened to walk in on her brother smiling said with a look of irritation written all over her face.


"An orphan? Did you just call Jia an orphan?" Jiyong asked while looking at his sister with disgust. "You're indeed evil and heartless beast. Calling an innocent pure and free spirit girl and orphan is the limit. I better get going because I can't stand your irritating looks." Jiyong dropped the glass of water in his hand and walked away.




The morning came and Jia was the first to get out of bed. She rushed to the kitchen and quickly prepared some chicken salad, sweet potatoes, and vegetable chicken stew for everyone. She also made some fresh apple juice to her taste.


When she was done with everything, she filled her food flask with enough sweet potatoes and the vegetable chicken stew. She took three bottles of the fresh apple juice and put it in the freezer for quick chilling.


"Ah, perfect. I can't wait to start my day with these delicious meals." She smiled at the thought of munching on the floor like a zombie.


"Already awake dear?" Jinho asked and Jia smiled.


"Yes, uncle. Good morning. Do you need anything?" She asked after bowing to him.


"Thank you, dear. I need a glass of water."


"Sure." She quickly poured some water into a clean glass and gave it to him of which he received and drank on the go.


"Thank you, Jia. I know that you're so excited about your new responsibility, but bear in mind that things might not always go the way you want them to, so please just keep an open mind in anything you do."


"Sure uncle, I will keep that in mind. Also, the worker just called this morning to inform me that they will be here by 7:30 a.m. So I better get going so that I can freshen up and get dressed." She smiled and ran off after grabbing some fresh red apples.


"I don't think this girl's love for food can be compared to anything." He muttered and chuckled.


"Not at all Uncle. Food is my life." She shouted while running off and Jinho just smiled.


"She's so right." He smiled and also grabbed an apple. Maybe she took it after her uncle after all.




Jia was fully ready. She wore a black turtleneck long sleeve body con dress that brought out her straight-up killer body, and she wore red heels just to fit up the dressing.


She stood in front of the mirror and styled her long black hair into a single ponytail, and smiled while looking at her gorgeous reflection in the mirror.


At the knock on the door, she took her black big handbag she just bought yesterday to carry her food flask, and she also picked up her red purse and rushed to the kitchen. She set her big food flask containing three layers, two big bottles of water, three chilled bottles of apple juice, and three boxes of banana milk inside the big black handbag bag.


She was about to leave when she suddenly remembered that there is love in sharing, so she added an extra plate and headed straight to the living room.


"Good morning ma'am." Some healthy young men and ladies greeted her with respect.


"Oh, good morning." She replied softly before looking at her uncle who had just come into the living room.


"Most of the staff is here, some are at the hall as always to welcome the customers, while Minhee here is the head of staff. They're well-mannered and hard-working, and they also know what to do because I had a meeting with them yesterday. You can use my black car, okay?"


Jia looked at the girl named Minhee and smiled.

"We sure have a lot to handle because this is a huge contract."


"Yes ma'am, the man that wants to use the hall is a very rich and famous rock star, in fact, he is Korea's most famous rock star and I can't wait to meet him in person." She was so excited about it that she became jumpy.


"I can see that." Jia smiled at her before looking at her uncle.

"Alright, uncle. Thank you so much. I'm off to work. Please extend my regards to aunt Shin when she wakes up as well as Mina." She bowed and headed out with the works.




Baekhyun just arrived at the hall along with his best friend Jongin, his manager, and some other men, and they were warmly welcomed by the staff present at the time.


He looked around the area and nodded his head.


"This is the very perfect spot for launching my album. It's in the middle of the city thereby it will attract a lot of crowds."


"That's right. This is your third album so it must outreach the previous two." The manager said and Baekhyun nodded to it.


"Of course. The hall is very spacious, that's why I overlooked the nonsense that old man Jinho did." He looked at Jongin and he excused himself from his manager.


"This reminds me, you didn't tell me how your visit to Mr. Jinho's house went yesterday. What was his reason for not picking my calls?" Baekhyun asked and Jongin sighed.


"I forgot about it, I suddenly had a pounding headache after I visited his house."


"A headache? That's unlike you. You hardly have a headache or fall sick. Are you okay? Have you seen a doctor?" Baekhyun asked while looking at his friend with so much concern and Jongin smiled.


"Calm down Baekhyun, I'm fine. I got that pounding headache due to an increase in my blood pressure."


"And increase? Like high blood pressure?" Baekhyun asked with wide-open eyes and Jongin nodded.


"Yes. I had to head back home and relax for the day and after that I was okay."


"Oh great. But I still insist you see a doctor. I will go with you so that they can attend to you quickly." Baekhyun said and he pulled out his phone from his pocket to call his doctor, but Jongin held his hand and shook his head in disagreement.


"Don't worry Baekhyun, I'm fine."


"Yes I know you are, but we have to know what led to that, and that can only be achieved if a doctor runs some check-ups on you." Baekhyun was tense that he was ready to take Jongin to the hospital right away.


Jongin noticed that his friend was so worried, so he decided to spill the beans.

"Well, I know the cause of the high blood pressure." He let a small smile while scratching the back of his hair.


Baekhyun gave him a weird look and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.


"Dude, speak up, you're scaring me."


"I'm sorry for scaring you, it's just that I met that groin-hitting lady at Mr. Jinho's house, and turned out to be his niece. I was scared throughout my stay there, so I guess that's what led to that high blood pressure."


Baekhyun was shocked and out of words at the same time. He just stared at his friend for a while before looking away with a good laugh.


"You're a coward. How can you be scared of that lowlife just because she hit someone on the groin? You're such a baby." Baekhyun laughed out pretty loud and Jongin frowned.


"Yes, I would rather be a coward and a baby, as long as my groin is not harmed. You can laugh all you want, I don't give a damn." Jongin frowned and walked away, leaving Baekhyun laughing.


"Good morning Mr. Kim Jongin." Jia greeted softly and Jongin who was busy fighting with Baekhyun heard the greeting and he turned around immediately, thinking it was someone else until their eyes met.


"Good lord!" Jongin flinched in fear on seeing Jia, but he cleared his throat and composed himself quickly when he noticed the weird look from everyone.


"Oh, good morning Miss."


Jia stared at him for a while and smiled. "Sorry to ask Mr. Kim, but are you always this jumpy around women, or what?" She asked while looking at Jongin in the eyes, but he kept on avoiding her look.


"No, no, not at all. I was just surprised to see you here instead of your uncle."


"Oh, I see. Well, my uncle, Jinho won't be handling this business anymore, I'm now the new manager of this business, so you should get used to my face and stop acting weird."


"Of course, of course." Jongin let out a tense smile, and his forehead was sweating seriously.


"So, can you please take me to Mr. Byun, let's discuss a few issues before we proceed."


"Of course ma'am, I mean Miss. Please, this way." Jongin smiled, showing all his teeth, and Jia was very much surprised at his behavior, but she just kicked it off her mind.


He's definitely not the first weirdo I've met in my cause of living.

She smiled and followed him behind along with Miss Minhee, the head of the staff, while the other staff waited behind. They were all so excited to see Baekhyun in person.


"Please sit here and wait, Ma'am, I mean Miss. I will call him out." Jongin just couldn't keep himself from stuttering and Jia noticed it, but she wasn't surprised at all.


"Sure." Jia smiled while looking at Jongin as he walked off in a hurry.


"Ma'am, it seems he's scared of you," Minhee said and Jia nodded.


"Of course, I noticed it. I guess he saw what I did to that guy that wanted to steal my purse, but don't worry, I will have a word with him privately later."


"That would be great ma'am." Minhee chuckled.


Baekhyun was having a chat with his manager when Jongin walked in. He whispered in Baekhyun's ear, and the rock star excused himself and walked down with his friend to meet with Jia.


As they approached where she was, Baekhyun's eyes doubled in size once he realized who she actually is.


"You? You're the new manager?" Baekhyun asked without a single word of greeting, and Jia got a bit provoked by the man's tone and she stood up from her sitting position.


"Excuse me, is there any problem with that?" Jia asked and Baekhyun was left staring at her without saying a word. He looked at Jongin and chuckled.


"Is this a joke or what? I was told that Jinho is the best when it comes to events like this, so why send this lady instead of doing this himself? Is he that old that he feels it's right to give this to her?" Baekhyun straight-up insulted Jinho right in Jia's presence and all Jongin did was slowly take a step backward.


Jia chuckled and walked closer to him and stood in front of him. She looked at him from head to toe and she laughed to her heart content. She bent over, holding her tummy while laughing and Baekhyun was greatly provoked by that act of mockery.


"What's so funny? Have you any idea who I am? How dare you make such mockery of me?"


"And how dare you refer to my uncle in such a disrespectful manner? Have you no respect for the elderly? Who the hell do you think you are to insult an elderly man you scumbag son of a . And so you know, I have a name and that is Jia. Never refer to me as this lady ever again." Jia shook her head and turned to pick up her bag, but Baekhyun grabbed her hand and pulled her around.


"How dare you speak to me in such a tone, you worthless lowlife." He raised his hand to slap her on the face, but she swiftly moved aside and chuckled softly.


"Don't you dare Mr. arrogant. Don't ever think of hitting me, in fact, don't even dream about it else you will be sorry for the rest of your life. I know my rights as well as my job, so if you do not need the hall anymore, then kindly let me know. But, remember one thing, I won't have you insult my uncle, never." She warned while looking Baekhyun straight in the eyes.


The rock star was shocked to his bones. How can a lady insult him and shame him in the presence of his bodyguards, his manage

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