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Tempted By Fate
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Sehun felt a familiar hand caressing his face and he managed to blink his eyes open. A smile graced his face when he saw the face of his soulmate looking at him gently, but she had tears in her eyes.


"Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" Sehun asked. He tried to sit up, but he couldn't because Sunhee stopped him.


"I'm not hurt." She wiped her tears off her face, but more streamed down effortlessly.


"Then what happened?" This time around Sehun was worried, and he needed answers, but Baekhyun walked closer to him and gently tapped his shoulders.


"She was worried about you, that's why she was crying," Baekhyun explained and Sehun sighed. He looked at Sunhee and gently caressed her hand on his shoulders.


"I'm awake now, and very soon all our enemies will be sent to prison. Stop crying and come over here." Sehun pulled her to himself and embraced her. He couldn't imagine how scared she must have been.


"Have you eaten?" He asked while caressing her back, and she shook her head.


"No. I wasn't hungry." She said and Sehun sighed. He looked at Baekhyun and his best friend Jia and he smiled.


"I will be discharged today, right?" 


"No, not yet. Your wounds are still fresh, you can't leave just yet." Jia said and Sehun smiled at her. He knows how much Jia cares for him, and what she's saying is right, but he can't stay in the hospital any longer while Shin is still out there planning more evil.


"I know you're worried, Jia, but don't be, I will be fine. Shin was behind the attack. I was able to track her location with the last call she made to her men back in my house. I need to make sure she doesn't escape this time around." Sehun made his reasons for asking for a quick discharge, but Kris walked into the room and stood beside Sehun.


"There will be no need for you to stress yourself. You endanger your life to save one of our princesses, and now it's time for us to end Shin's drama." Kris said, but Sehun wasn't able to understand what he was aiming at.


"What do you mean?"


"What I mean is that inspector Kyungsoo and I tracked Shin using the location from the call she made, and we discovered that she lives outside the city, close to the forest path. We successfully planted a tracking device on her car." Kris explained and Sehun was highly impressed, but he wasn't clear about one thing.


"But if you already know her location, why don't you and the police arrest her immediately?"


"Kyungsoo was about to do that, but I asked him not to. Remember I told you about those people she's holding captive, I believe they're innocent and need to be set free. So our new plan is to follow her secretly till we rescue those people, then we can arrest her."


"That's a great idea, but let's make sure we're careful, we don't want anyone to get hurt. Shin is straight-up evil. She sent those men to Sunhee and kill me. I don't know what next she might be up to." Sehun said, and this time around he was holding Sunhee closer to himself protectively.


"Don't worry, we will be careful and the police are with us," Baekhyun said and Sehun nodded.

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