Whipped Tsundere
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The 20th Kim Corp anniversary is approaching. All the company staffs from the bottom line until upper hand are currently busy preparing for their gala night. Chaewon could not be restless enough as this is mark her fifth year become the company’s president replacing her dad’s position. As a perfectionist businesswoman she is, Chaewon intend to stay until late night inside the company in order to ensure everything planned is handled well. Even already establish for two decades, Kim Corp never stop trying moving forward to prove their best to become the great symbolic inside the business industry. A knock from her secretary at the door attract her attention from reading endless report and file. She signal her secretary to come in.

‘Sajang-nim, the Chief of Information Technology would like to see you’

‘Let him in. Thank you.’

‘Good evening sajang-nim. Here is the current situation regarding the anniversary preparation.’

‘So how about the thing that I had asked you to look around? Is that company already gives their answer?’

‘You mean the paper work on collaboration project with the KMT? I already trying to set an appointment to that company’s chairman directly but seems that we only able to get the answer after our company’s anniversary’

Chaewon just afford to sigh deeply as she really wanted to make a collaboration with KMT. This is her chance to prove the company’s credibility inside informative and technology industry.

‘It’s okay. This mean that we should be focus what in front of us now. You may dismissed. Thank you for your hard work.’

Walking up silently from her chair, Chaewon slowly approaching her hidden mini fridge, taking out her mint choco ice cream and sit on the floor while opening the ice cream lid. On her third cone, she does not even realise that her mom already stand behind her with a straight face while hand on her waist. Chaewon nearly cry when her ice cream failed to be save as she is shocked to see her mom until the ice cream cone was falling thus left some stain on Chaewon blouse.

While pulling out Chaewon’s right ear, Mrs Kim nagging her as Chaewon was skipping her lunch but eating more than one cone of ice cream. Chaewon’s secretary told Chaewon’s mom does not have her lunch yet.

‘Mom~~~~ I am 27 years old for god sake! Yet you still pulling my ear!’

Eunbi who just silently watching her cousin being suffered suddenly gives her aunt a back hug to attract Mrs Kim’s attention from nagging Chaewon more.

‘Aunty, I miss you!’

‘Omo Eunbi yah…. my lovely daughter. Come he

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