Whipped Tsundere
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After drink her warm milk and saying good night to both Minju and Chaewon, Haesol heard the sound from the front door. Knowing who behind the action, she went to help Hyewon with Minami’s belonging. Haesol notice something is different with Hyewon's face expression the moment the duo step into the house. After making sure Minami is slept well, Hyewon trying to close her eyes too. Curse herself though as she can't control her habit that like to observe her surroundings. She know Eunbi start to feel insecure as the two have not expose their relationship towards each other family except for her parents in law. She try to brush off the thought by sleeping.


But, she couldn’t. Knocking Haesol's door, asking to look after Minami. Hyewon then start her journey to Eunbi's apartment without explain much to Haesol. Haesol just smile faintly knowing something is wrong and patting the sleeping toddler.


'Seems like your tsundere mama start to open up huh?' Haesol whispered and hoping nothing but the best for her friend.







Eunbi couldn’t bring herself to sleep even after crying in her shower and do not have the urge to close her eyes. She started to miss her lover and Minami. Living alone for a long time, she start to imagine to have her own family too. Her swollen eyes is that obvious to be unseen. She wonder if her make-up can cover that when she going to work tomorrow. She longing for Hyewon's warm embrace and Minami's lovely laugh. Both mom and daughter have mesmerizing eyes and that suddenly makes Eunbi turn her mind when she saw Minami and Hyewon at the mall. She suddenly remember how her heart beat when she manage to see Hyewon's eyes for a glimpse for the first time.


Hearing the beep sound of her door, Eunbi all of sudden feeling afraid and trying to hide under her blanket. Gripping her phone tightly, she press her finger ready to call cop but the moment she heard her name being call by Hyewon, she running to the latter and crying again while slapping Hyewon's chest repeatedly to pouring out her frustration.


Hyewon just let her be and keep saying sorry and didn’t stop Eunbi as the slap is not that hurt compare to Eunbi's insecure feeling. her girlfriend's hair lovely, she chanted endless I love you and endless sorry. Their relationship just started but she didn’t expect that she has hurts the latter's feeling already.


'Love, do you feel calm already?' Hyewon asked while wiping the leftover tears at Eunbi's face.


Eunbi couldn’t utter any words as she feeling guilty after realise that she might hurt Hyewon's with her hitting.


'I am so sorry hubby. Sorry to hurt you. Sorry for being childish.' Eunbi hugging Hyewon then pulling their face closer for a kiss. For a first time, their kiss mixed with salty feeling due to Eunbi’s tear stain. Hyewon trying to show Eunbi her true feeling and sincerity while Eunbi wanted to prove to Hyewon that she is ready more than anything to take their relationship to the next level.


'I shouldn’t left you just like that early.' Hyewon say while caressing her girlfriend's face with full endearment.


'You must getting tired already with me right? Being so childish and didn’t know how to control my emotional well.' Eunbi ask and Hyewon shaking her head showing her protest at the statement.


'Had I getting tired with it, I will not risk my life by speeding here, running into you, and risk anything just to have you in my embrace.'


'You come alone? What about our baby?'


Our baby.


Our baby.






Then its Hyewon's turn to cry this time. She finally letting her guard down in front of Eunbi. All the wall she built after her wife passing, crumble just like when Eunbi come into her life.


'Hubby….why? Did I say something wrong?'


'Eun, there is nothing wrong with you. All I see is perfection. Do you really accept us in your life?'


'I told you, I cannot wait any longer to be your Mrs Kang. This could be my first relationship but I also hope this could be my last one, with you. I can’t wait to be Minami's mom. Maybe I have many flaw but I will prove to everyone in your family that I will give my all to you, and to Minami.'


'Geez. What wrong with us tonight. Both being a cry baby.' Hyewon ask trying to lift up the dark vibe.


'Let hit the bed already. Your pretty face need a beauty sleep. I promise to be by your side when you wake up.' Hyewon drag Eunbi to bed.


'Alright baby. Aigoo. My big baby finally beat her daughter tonight huh.' Eunbi joked.


'Mama's place is always beside omma.' Hyewon voice out in her childish tone and it takes Eunbi not to sequel at the sight.


'But I miss our baby though. Should we have a breakfast together tomorrow. I can file a leave since my job this week is not that much.'


'You don’t have to love but if you are insist, I don’t mind. As long as we didn’t distract you too much from your job.'


'As long as you know, even if I resign from my position now, it’s enough to make me survive until the last day I live.'


'What are you? A yakuza? Or a loan shark?' Hyewon jokingly ask and Eunbi return the joke by lifting her head and showing gangster look to her girlfriend.


'So what if I am? Should I make you as my slave?'


'If that makes you as the powerful queen in this world, why not?' Hyewon ask while kissing Eunbi's earlobe.


Getting lost by the kiss, Eunbi don’t even realise how Hyewon already take off their pant. Knowing where the situation will lead to, Eunbi help by their top altogether.


'I thought someone told me to sleep.' The new mom asking while actually enjoying the treatment.

Hyewon who already devouring one of her girlfriend's bare chest while lowering her hand down to Eunbi’s inner thigh.


'Then what should we do with the wetness down here?'


'Hubby please…'


'Please what?'


'Dont try me Kang!'


'Get ready to be tired love.'




The couple seal their love after rounds of making love. Both are still in slumber and soon after that, Eunbi is the first to wake up after feeling the sunlight start to shining her room space.


Reaching for her phone, she quickly text her secretary that she will not come to office until next week and asked her secretary not to tell Chaewon first as she will inform her cousin personally.


'Hubby, wake up please.'


'What time it is now?'


'It close to seven.'


Pouting her lips asking to be kiss, Eunbi just grant it.


'Are you ready to meet them?' Hyewon refer to Minju's parents.


'More than I am. I am pretty sure your imo will be shock to see me again.' Alright. Let me take a shower now.' Eunbi just left the bed casually without having a thread of cloth covering her.


Hyewon who enjoying Eunbi’s back side decide to hold her desire first and quickly distract her thought by texting Haesol to making extra portion for their breakfast.




‘Omo. Aunty, seems like not only Chaewon will join us for breakfast later.’ Haesol inform the old lady who currently making the main dish for the breakfast.


Minju’s mom suddenly lift her head as she kind of puzzle with the statement. ‘I don’t mind Haesol-ah but say, but who it is for?’


Haesol just giggle and excitedly jog to Minju’s mom


‘Let just say, Minami’s new mom~~


‘What??! Are you even being serious young lady?’


‘Let hope for it aunty. I wish I can ask Minami but she still sleep and don’t even bother to wake up any minute from now. I also smell another scent from her body.’


‘Haish. Maybe it’s just a random scent. Furthermore, can Minami accept another person in her mama’s life? But, I wish nothing but only the best for both of them though. I pretty sure one day later she will start to ask about her other parent.’


‘Don’t think too much aunty. Let me check on Minami for a sec then I will come back down.’


Minju’s mom just happily cooking for breakfast and hope that their morning breakfast will embark a new meaning.


Haesol was looking for Minami when she did not see the latter is not on her bed anymore. She was about to check on Minju’s room but she was afraid to invade the couple’s privacy. However she heard a familiar giggle from the balcony at the end of the hallway. To confirm her guess, she then walk toward the balcony and saw Chaewon was playing with Minami.


‘Oh Chaewon-ah..’


‘Ahh Haesol-unnie. Good morning. Sorry if I make you worry looking for her.’ Chaewon said while holding Minami in her arm.


‘It’s fine with me though. It just that I afraid to let her to stepping down from the stair all by herself. Can you please look after her. I need to help your mom-in-law prepare for the breakfast.’


Haesol teased and Chaewon don’t even b

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