Whipped Tsundere
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‘Baby, should I tie my hair or let it loose?’ Minju asked Chaewon who just finish her call with her mom.

‘Honey, it just a dinner with them. You look so beauty no matter what.’

‘Baby tiger, Minmin can’t decide and feel afraid too. What if your mom or dad didn’t bless us?

‘My mom keep asking about my love life. Why would she didn’t accept you?’ Chaewon trying to persuade her girlfriend.

‘Hopefully she would like my gift. Should we leave now?’

‘Alright. They are already on their way too. By the way, do you think Hyewon unnie will like it if we bring Minami for an outing this weekend?’

‘I think so. But let me ask first. If I’m not mistake, this weekend Hyewon unnie will be busy arranging their belonging. They will stay at her old house.’

‘Including Haesol unnie?’

‘Yeah. Why? Are you jealous?’

‘What?! Jealous for what?’

‘Who knows you have an interest to Haesol unnie in secret?’

‘Baby, I swear on my mint choco ice-cream that nobody top my heart except you. And maybe our future little family~~’ Chaewon said then kissing Minju’s palm lovingly while her other hand is driving.

Minju just blush at the thought of having Chaewon’s child and will have her own family.

‘We are here darling. Are you nervous?’

‘Of course babe! duh! I am about to meet your mom and dad.’

Chaewon then kissing Minju slowly without rush anything. Minju also taking her pace not wanting to ruin her make-up.

Both of them stop as gasping for air just chuckled slowly.

‘Hope this can calm your nerve.’ Chaewon said while her hand caressing Minju’s smooth thigh.

‘Thank you but please control your hand tiger.’

‘But mommy, I miss laying my hand on you already.’

‘Yah! I should have know that. Please hold you self. Mommy will reward Chaechae something later.’

Chaewon then open the door for Minju and begin their step into the restaurant.

‘Mom, dad! Here!’

Chaewon wave her hand when she saw her family.

‘Omo! Chaewon-ah, didn’t you mistake an angel with a human instead?’ Chaewon’s dad asked the moment he saw her future daughter-in-law.

‘Mom~~ look at dad. He’s trying to wooing my future wife!’

‘Chae… your dad is true somehow. She is so beautiful. I wonder if she is human or lost angel in this earth instead.’

Chaewon just can face her palm while Minju cannot hide her blushing face to hear such a compliment.

‘Annyonghaseyo. My name is Kim Minju. Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs Kim.’ Bowing 90 degrees to Chaewon’s parents.

‘Ahh. Hello Minju-ssi. Nice meeting you too.’ Chaewon’s mom hug her then asked them to sit.

‘Just call me Minju ma’am.’

‘Then call me aunty or eomoni. Omona, my grandchildrens will have a great visual in the future. Right yeobo?’

‘Say Minju-ah, are you a model? Mr. Kim asked.

‘No Si-

‘What Sir? Call me abeonim.’

‘Hehe. No abeonim. I am just office worker.’

‘Yah! Why hide your position? Mom, dad. Let me introduce you again, my future wife, Kim Minju, the one who hold highest position in KMT here, I mean in our country’s branch.’

‘Omo, you mean KMT that you just have a meeting with this morning?’ Chaewon’s dad asked and Minju just nod her head slowly.


Holding Minju’s hand below the table, Chaewon just give her sly smirk.

‘Minju-ah, if Chaewon bully you after this or keep you busy with the workload, just come to me. I will punish her.’ Chaewon’s mom told Minju in playfully way.

‘Sure eomoni.’

‘Minmin~~ you should side with me.’

Chaewon’s parents not bother to hide  their shock face seeing their daughter childish act as she rarely did that.

‘By the way, your unnie didn’t join us? I miss her even I just saw her last week.’

‘Eunbi unnie injured her leg and couldn’t join us but today she have one meeting appointment outisde
 and will  come back to office tomorrow.’

‘How come I don’t know about this? Is she just fine?’ Chaewon’s mom ask in worry tone.

‘Don’t worry mom. Judging from her tone, she is just fine to me. You know her well. Unless she couldn’t move her body, she will still stick with her workaholic habit.

Minju who learned about Eunbi is actually Chaewon’s close cousin suddenly realise that her Hyewon unnie also is the same with Eunbi. Both are their close cousin and an orphan.

‘Enough with the talk. I can’t make my precious daughter-in-law holding her hunger. Call the waiter yoebo.’ Chaewon’s mom told her husband.

‘Minmin, they start to play favour already! I want to complain to Eunbi unnie~~






‘Baby, I have a surprise for you. But please close your eyes first.’

Minami close her eyes with her little palm and wiggling her legs.

Eunbi who notice that Hyewon is coming closer to the lobby while carrying her child asking her secretary to leave then and say thank you for her hard work.

Her heart beat become irregular as she feel nervous to meet with her lover’s daughter without realise it is Minami that Hyewon carry. When they distance is just one feet away, Hyewon then lift down her daughter.

‘Are you ready love?’ Hyewon asked Eunbi and the latter just nod enthusiastically.

‘Baby, open your eyes.’ Minami complied.

Eunbi slowly kneeling down ready to open her arms only to be shock by the fact that Minami is Hyewon’s daughter.



Both of them hugging each other while Hyewon trying to engross the situation just how many people in South Korean has meet and knew about her daughter.

‘Oh my god honey! You don’t know how much I miss you!’ Eunbi keep kissing Minami’s round cheek and the small kid in her arm just laugh and slowly sniff Eunbi’s body.

Just then Minami turn to her mama who still have her jaw hanging low.

‘Mama, nice smell unnie is your secwet fwiend?’

Hyewon just nod and when she look at Eunbi as if her face asking for an explanation.

‘Hubby, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy? What a small world. Who know the lost kid I found is your child.’

‘What?! Come again love.’


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