Whipped Tsundere
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Everyone in Kim Corp really really really trying to absorbing  very hard with what happen to their president. She who was  once that always put on serious face and rarely smile unless she wanted to has turn into completely different person. Everyone, except for Kwon Eunbi but the reason is still remain mystery to her though. But not when Chaewon intend to spill the bean to her unnie about her love life.

‘WHAT??!! Are you sure it is not just a one night stand thing Chaewon-ah?’


‘I have never been sure about this. I dare to swear on my mint choco ice-cream!’

‘Okay alright…let me emphasis all this first. Let me highlight everything again, *breath in breath out*

So you are telling me that you currently dating Kim Minju, the one that you giving pick-up line and having your first romantic flower path on your bed and the next morning you and her are item and having a lunch together with her family?’


‘And you already know all her family member?’


‘And I lost the bet.’

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

‘And I can’t wait for the anniversary night coming too soon so that I can enjoy my prize. How was your preparation unnie? Have you start look into any dancing lesson?’

Eunbi who lost at word just look at her dongsaeng from head to toe as if judging Chaewon’s skill wooing someone who totally stranger.

*Sneered*  ‘Did that girl ever mistook you as teenage who just turn adult? I bet she does right?’ Bulleyes!

‘At first yes but I don’t really mind it as what following next just proving to her that I am that beast who couldn’t be tame and hungry for food.’

Chaewon saying it all arrogantly while smirking towards her unnie for underestimate her non-so-existence social skill.

‘So I am not gonna ask who wearing the pant but obviously it’s not you right?’


Before Chaewon could continue her rant, her personal assistant has inform her that the Chief  of Information Technology want to see her.

‘Aigoo stop pouting my baby. I am so proud of you. Congratulation by the way. Hope I could meet this Kim Minju soon. Why don’t you make her as your date for that night?’

‘The only thing left is to introduced her to you and my dad and mum. I intend to asking her over our date tonight.’

While seeing Chaewon walking out from her office, Eunbi actually feeling proud as her dongsaeng will be open up more after this. She’s hoping that her heart won’t be hurt too much. This is Chaewon’s first relationship but she believe everything will turn well.

‘Aunty, Chaewon’s visit to your house will not be alone anymore’ said Eunbi to no one.

‘Good morning Kim Sajang-nim’

‘Ahh sorry for make you waiting Chief Han’

‘It’s alright but I cannot wait to break the good news to you actually. The KMT’s representative has respond to our collaboration and our first meeting will be on this Thursday!’











‘Good morning Kim-uijangnim’ Minju’s secretary greet her and she just respond back.

Reaching her office, she then asking her daily schedule.

‘You have nothing much for today except meeting with all department chief at 10 and only need to sign important documents. All those files are already on your desk.’

Noticing  that there’s a dozens of document that need to be going through, Minju just sigh but feeling happy to thinking that her unnie will come to the company soon.

‘Thank you Sohee-ssi. You may leave now but please help me to tell Mr Shin come to my office.’

She suddenly remember about his request to have a personal meeting regarding one collaboration project from one company.

‘Consider it done. Excuse me.’

Minju once again turn her attention to her task and taking the first document. And on her third file, her intercom beep to inform her about Mr Shin already near at her door.

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