Whipped Tsundere
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‘Good morning everyone!’

Minju greet her family who almost starting their breakfast and leave a peck at her niece one she took her sit.

‘You sounds so happy. Bet my daughter-in-law did the wonder.’ Minju was stunt at the remark and trying hard to hide her blushing. 

Minju’s mom . While her dad just smiling on the other side while pampering Minami’s needs. Minami then suddenly realise and asking Haesol where is her mama.

Everyone was astound by the question and turn their head to Haesol wanting to know the answer too.

‘Hmm your mama couldn’t get back home last night after helping her friend who get injured.’

‘Oh my! It is that bad?’ Hanbit asked but continue feeding on his grandchild.

‘Not that I am aware since she just informed me through message so I couldn’t guess her tone.’

‘Ahh. Just let her be then. By the way, yoebo, I heard that Chaeyeon and her wife  is actually Hyewon’s long-lost friend.’ Minju’s mom.

‘Wow. What a small world. How I wish I able to thanks the lady that found Minami though.’

‘I am sure we can get to see her again. Miracle can happen(ed)  right.’

‘I am still wondering how on earth you didn’t realise Minami was lost.’

Minju just asked casually and received a playfully smack from her mom.

‘Your appa was chatting with his old friend inside the café and keep thinking that Minami was with me by that time. I was in the ladies leaving her with your appa. She was wondering at the other side of café by then. And when we left the café, both of us panic when sensing something is wrong. That’s when we know that Minami is not with us anymore.’

‘And how unnie’s react when she learned about it?’

‘She is just fine but taking her time absorbing. Luckily Chaewon was with us joined the lunch. That could distract her as I look at how excited and open up she was when chatting with Chaewon.’ Haesol said her part. 

Minju once again feeling the butterfly in her stomach at the mention of her Chaechae. Stupid grin didn’t leave . But that not long last when she heard something from her niece.

‘Chaechae unnie I miss her~~’

Minju just shot her niece a laser look while the other three adults laughing at the scene.

‘YAH! Only me can call her Chaechae.’

‘Geez Minju! She is your niece! Don’t act like she wanted to take away your girlfriend.’ Hanbit scold her daughter. 


Chaeyeon was busy bathing their twins while her wife preparing the breakfast. A various nursery rhythm can be heard inside the house following by kids’ screaming when their mama splashing the water playfully. 

‘Babe, enough with bath time. You will be late for work later!’

Hearing no respond, Sakura heading to the bathroom only to be dumbfound by the scene before her. 

The three culprits was creating a mess in the toilet bath tub and that enough to make Sakura close her eyes before threatening them that it will be only salad breakfast without bacon and sausage. 

Quickly resuming her cooking, Sakura then adjusting the plating and the family of four begin their breakfast.

‘Honey, guess who I met yesterday?’

Sakura just moves her head left and right while distribute the twins’ portion. 


At the mention of that name, the twins suddenly perk their ears and looking at Chaeyeon excitedly. Chaeyeon just chuckled at the sight and continue her word

- and Kang-chan!’

Sakura’s eyes cannot be more bigger than it should showing excitement at the latter part.


‘Yes honey. It turn out that Minami is her child! Along with their baby sitter.’

Both Chaeyeon and Sakura just sharing the joy as the thought of meeting back their old friend truly thrilled. 

A phone beeped and Chaeyeon cannot be happy when Hyewon is asking her if she can come and visit their house today. 


Puzzled at Chaeyeon’s action, she then telling her family that Hyewon will bring Minami come today. And Chaeyeon told her staffs that she won’t come to studio today.


Leaving each other door house, while waiting for the elevator to be arrived at their level, a ducky-lip woman was seeing playing a games with her mobile phone. She just cursing silently as her troop begin to losing against the enemies while noticing there’s another presence beside her who waiting for elevator too.

She was startled when that person behind her suddenly said something.

‘You shouldn’t hide for too long. Your allies could be defeat anytime. In order to regain more power, you can turn on the two gas pumps and the main breaker to restart the generator.’

Following the suggestion, the woman then able to regain the stars that could helping her pass into next level. The ding sounds of elevator indicate that they will going down soon. While saying thank you, the shorter woman just continue to play without even know the one that just gives her suggestion

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