Whipped Tsundere
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Hyewon waking up realising that her cousin is not by her side. She might think that Minju give up her bed for Hyewon despite the size could even fit three peoples. The hamster-looked woman quickly going down to cheek on the couch if Minju really did that. Reaching the spacious living room, sensing that the couch is empty, she was startled when Haesol greet her good morning while holding the plates from the kitchen.

‘It’s almost 9 but is everyone still asleep? I checked on my room but both Minami and you is not there.’

‘Ohh. Uncle and aunty bring along Minami for their morning exercise. I want to wake you up to ask permission letting your child to go with them but your sleep look so serene. I don’t have the heart to waking you then.’

Hyewon just ahhh at Haesol’s word. She don’t really mind because she knows her uncle could take care of her daughter. Plus, Minju also is with them.

‘It’s alright then. I am sure nothing will happen. But shouldn’t Minju is too tired to joined them?’

‘Huh? Minju?’ Haesol who puzzled at Hyewon’s words just looking at Hyewon who casually going back to upstairs.

‘Tsk. Is she sleep-walking or what? I don’t even see Minju leaving with her parents.’

The water sound could be heard from the toilet in her room. Hyewon brush her teeth while actually staring blankly at the water that endlessly filling the sink. It just her habit to spacing off while doing her toilet morning routine. But this time she does not spacing off that mindlessly but her thought suddenly stop at the scene she saw last night at pub when there is one customer bumped into the waiter. Sensing that the sink almost flood out, she turn off the water and quickly brushing her teeth.

She is just a stranger. I don’t even get to see her face clearly. But did she come home safely? Her walking is normal which signal that she is not that drunk. Perhaps a little tipsy. Haish! Kang Hyewon, why on earth you are thinking about are merely stranger?

After the inner battle with herself, she finishing the rest off her morning business.




‘Her name is Minami. Kang Minami. 3 years old that just a little taller than your twins. Her babysitter piggy-tailed her hair and wearing a flower handkerchief that being tied around her neck.’

Feeling enough with the basic info needed, the parent of the twins nodded their head. Hanbit suggest that he and his wife find their granddaughter separately. Hanbit will go with fair skin and black haired woman while her partner that have round-eyed and have a Japanese look will go with his wife.

‘Oh my. My niece could gone berserk if she learn about this.’ Hanbit mumbled but the woman who carry one of their twin heard him as if he is talking out loud.

‘Don’t worry uncle. The park is controlled with CCTV. Surely her face can be detect if we going to police station. For now, let shout her name loudly.’

Hanbit only afford to nod his head while start to shout Minami’s name loudly.

Meanwhile Minju’s mom and the Japanese woman who introduced her name as Sakura Lee look for Minami at the west side of the park.

‘Aunty, when did you realise your granddaughter is not by your side?’

‘I am sure we three are still together when my husband went to the toilet inside the nearby café in this park’

‘Let’s head back to that cafe then. Who know she is still inside the café or around that side.’

‘You might be right Sakura-ssi. I am so sorry to disturb your quality time with your family. Your twins must be wandering what are we doing now.’

‘I am a parent too, and I can’t imagine to be put inside your shoes.’

Their conversation soon ended when they realise the café is just in front of them. By then, they start to shout Minami’s name.

At the backside of the café, near the water fountain, Eunbi who still hugging Minami closely hearing a faintly shouting. Minami also begin to wiggle her body while Eunbi notice the kid respond to the sounds too. Sensing that the kid in her embrace is the one tha

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