Whipped Tsundere
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‘Hey baby honey! I miss you!!!!’ Minami just laugh when she feel tickled when her mama kiss her face repeatedly same as when she did to Eunbi.

Sigh. She miss the latter already. I miss you.

‘Mama, smell nice. But is not your body smell.’ Minami by that time trying to figure out where did she ever scent the smell before.

Hyewon was stoned by her 3 years old daughter statement. How should she explain this? It’s not like she will casually blurt out saying Yeah. It’s indeed not my scent but you soon-to-be-mom’s. Hyewon just giggled as she imagined if Eunbi will accept her flaw.

Hugging her child more close, she then bring her upstairs after greeting Haesol and Minju’s mom who chatting near the fish pond outside.

‘Baby, mama need to shower first. Just finish your colouring and we will go out after this. Nako and Hiichan waiting you already.’


While colouring, Minami heard her mama’s phone ring that just beside her. Decide to ignore it, she just continue her things with another drawing. She tried to sketch two big figure sticks that holding a little kid in the middle.

One new message lit Hyewon’s phone screen.

‘Hubby, did you reach home safely? I miss your warm already.’

Minami trying to read the content but thinking that the words is something she rarely saw, she continue her sketch by making the other figure having something bulging on some part of the body. Satisfy with her master piece, she then keep her book away. She excitedly running to other side of the room packing her bunny backpack full with her toys, wanting to share them with her friends.

Haesol going into the room to check on Minami. She walk towards the bed as she remember she had neatly arrange the bed. Before she even get to take a peak on Minami’s sketch book, Hyewon already coming out from the closet and told Haesol that they are ready to get out.

‘We might get home late Haesol-ah. Just have a dinner without us.’

‘But please, no more cider. She might addict to it.’

‘Arraso Haesol-ssi.’ Hyewon wink at her friend playfully. ‘By the way, how was your parents? And everyone else?’

‘Everyone just find. They said they already miss us. And your parents-in-law already asking about you.’

‘I will contact them personally later. I miss everyone too.’

‘How was your injured friend? Is he or she just fined?’

‘She is just fined. Luckily not that bad anymore.’

‘Mama, ppali move!’ Minami pulling Hyewon’s hand excited while jumping with her bunny backpack.

‘Tsk! Hold your horses young miss. You look like someone who can’t wait to see her lover.’ Haesol trying to tease at Hyewon.

And before she can read Hyewon’s face, something already landing on her face.

‘Yah! My baby is still small! No lover! Just me and me~~~

‘Yuck! Kang Hyewon seriously that pout is not that working on me anymore. Chill dear friend. I was just pulling your leg. Hahahaha.’

‘Let’s go baby! Leave your aunty alone before she can blurt something nonsense again.’



Realising that she did not get any reply yet, Eunbi then walk slowly to the kitchen. As if she can feel Hyewon’s presence, she then occupied the couch where they were cuddling this morning.

She then remember to call her cousin.

‘Chaewon-ah, sorry for calling you back just now.’

‘It’s okay unnie. Your secretary has inform me about it. How was your leg?’

‘I am just fine Chaechae~~

‘UNNIIEEE only my Minmin can call me that!’

‘Gosh. I am just want to tease you up dear whipped sajangnim. I will come back to the office tomorrow as I worry quite worry about the dinner progress although almost like everything is under control but I not sure about our bet though. Mian Chaewon-ah…’

‘Unnie oh God please. You don’t need to think about it too much. How can I force you when your leg is still that bad. I will bring Minju come to your house tonight. I want to introduce her to you.’


‘Oh man! my ear surely bleed already. What’s with the shouting though?’

‘Hehe. Sorry honey. You don’t have since I am staying at my friend since her place is near with clinic where I got treated. I am not at my own apartment.’ Eunbi white lie to her cousin as she still hoping that Hyewon will really come back tonight.

‘Alright then. Take care unnie. I will introduce her to you next time. Seems like mom and dad will see her first. I already booked a table for tomorrow night. Just notify me if you want to join us.’

‘I’ll baby. Oh my god. I am feeling like you are ready to get married already.’

‘Don’t trigger me unnie. I might barge into their house to ask hand-in-marriage from uncle and aunty.’

‘Go on then Chaewon-ssi. You might be instant parents and I will be godmother to your kids and I will pamper them with everything.’

‘Unnie, consider your age-

‘Continue that sentence and I will resign this instant!’

‘As if you dare! Knowing your workaholic habit, you might feel itchy running to office right now.’

‘You might need to take back your word dear dongsaeng.’ Eunbi confidently said as she truly almost mean her words. Since when? Since she met with someone named Kang Hyewon. Her late parents has leave her some inheritance and also the shares she hold inside Kim Corp is more than enough if she decide to resign. All she want is to spend her entire life with that dear hamster look alike.

‘Ohmygadnis! Who are you? What has you done to my unnie?’

‘Stop the drama already Chaewonie. Sorry I have incoming call. See yah!’



‘Aigoo aigoo. My Mrs Kang is that excited to hear my voice. Sorry I didn’t notice your call. I was in the shower.’ Hyewon said while holding into Minami. She was about to call Chaeyeon asking for their home address but decide to call Eunbi first instead of replying her message.

‘It’s alright. I just suddenly can’t go back to sleep that well.’

‘I am still open my offer to you. I don’t mind waiting for you to get ready though.’ Hyewon take a look at her daughter who just silently holding the fruits she picks for the twins.

‘As much as I wanted to, but sorry I just want to stay at home today. I can use this time for settle some pending files or just finishing any drama I have miss.’

‘Don’t forget your meal please. Promise?’

Eunbi who can imagine Hyewon’s pout then just chuckled and promise to the latter.

‘Drive safely baby. Don’t look at other woman or anyone else!’

‘You words is my command ma’am. Alright then, I need continue my journey. And, Eunbi-ah, I love

Eunbi who almost chocked to tears on the other line quickly respond to the confession,

‘I love you too hubby.’

Ending the call, Eunbi just then shouting on her ceiling



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