Whipped Tsundere
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A new week has begin and Eunbi cannot be more than stress since the anniversary party is approaching. Almost everything is being done except the bet with her cousin. Eunbi than start to look up dance studio at the internet found one that could her go as the studio’s reputation is so amazing.


After settle with her booking appointment, Eunbi then telling her secretary to cancel the rest of her appointment on that day.


Chaewon who just come back from lunch date with her girlfriend look for Eunbi at the office only to be shocked by a new information from Eunbi’s secretary that her unnie is calling her day off so early. It’s just a monday and that really bother her mind. Her phone call to Eunbi only to be connect with the voicemail system.


'This is  so weird! Unnie never done this before. I need to call my baby. Maybe she have the answer.'

Erghhh.. Way to go Chaewon-ah. What a weird way to find a reason just to hear her girlfriend's voice. Minju don’t even know Eunbi personally!


'Hello baby!'


'Yah Kim Chaechae…


'Minmin ahh… I am feeling so weird.'


Minju who think something happen to her Chaechae then ask if something bad happen.


'Whats wrong baby? Are you alright? Do you want me to come to your office?'


Geez. Minju gatto~~~


'No baby. It just that my unnie never cancel her appointment and come back home early. I don’t think she is sick when I saw her this morning she is just fine.'


And actually calling her Minmin about Eunbi has been forgotten as the both them having their phone date instead.





Hyewon spending her one month holiday with bringing around Minami and Haesol touring Seoul before helping Minju in the company and also plan to visit her parents’ tomb with her child. Haesol actually was born in Gwangju but at age of three, her parents moved to Japan and she end up grow up in there. She is actually daughter to Hyewon’s parent-in-law’s  maid. Her father is the driver while her mother is the maid. She is considered as their daughter despite being the maid’s child. And the moment Minami born in to the world, she want to repay Hyewon parents-in-law kindness to her family by being Minami’s babysitter even though she have impressive academic background. Hyewon strolling around with her child and Haesol inside one infamous department store suddenly bumped into someone she know.


'Lee Chaeyeon?'


'Kang-chan? Is that you?!!’






Both of them hugging over their unexpected reunion and Chaeyeon suddenly notice Minami who hugging her babysitter.






Hyewon and Haesol are puzzled on how Chaeyeon and Minami know each other.


' Yahh how did you know my daughter's name?'


‘Ohmygadnis! Minami is your child? No wonder I feel so familiar with her eyes! Last Saturday we help a pair of old couple looking for a missing child at the park. And after we find her, Minami playing a bit with my twins.'


'Ahh so you are the married couple that uncle mentioned then. How is Sakura? It’s been so long since the last time we met right. I

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