Whipped Tsundere
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A flight bound for Seoul has landed safely followed by the pilot’s announcement. And that woken up Hyewon from her little nap. She was checking on her belonging when heard a little giggle from her daughter, Minami who is playing on another adult woman’s lap. She just smile along while witness the moment. Back in her mind, many things swimming around her head since their departure from Haneda International Airport. Her train of thoughts stop when a hand snapping her fingers telling her that they already can left the cabin without even realise that only three of them is the remaining passengers. After the in charge stewardess sending them off with warm greeting, Hyewon lead her little family to the immigration counter.


Minami’s little hand waving to Hyewon asking to be hug but suddenly her phone ring indicate the incoming call from her cousin Minju. Hyewon excuse herself to receive the call as the signal is not that strong since it is raining cat and dog. Despite the bad weather, they flight are not getting delay. Minami’s pout are clear to be seen but after being persuade and bribing with smooch kiss from the another woman, her lovely smile showing that Minami’s mood is in good condition.

‘Mama is talking with your favourite aunt. Don’t you miss her?’

A little nod from Minami answering the question but followed by a yawn. The woman just chuckle. It is actually a time for the little girl afternoon nap. Hyewon coming back to the duo with their luggage trolley in her hand and telling them that Minju has arrived and waiting for them near the airport main entrance door.

Reaching the arrival hall, an exciting pair of hands wave happily towards the three. Minju spot the three from the distance. A sleepy Minami turn into exciting kid when Hyewon let her daughter running to Minju. Minju hugging her niece lovingly while kissing the little kid’s chubby cheeks.

‘Oh my god! My lovely niece. Its feeling so long since the last time I met you even we keep on video calling and spending our summer vacation together. Don’t you miss me Minami-chan?’

‘Yah Kim Minju!’

‘What Hyewon unnie ??! Are you jealous ?’

‘Pfftt! As if! Just get married and have a kid on your own.’

‘Unnie, for Minami’s sake, don’t be childish. You are already a parent.’

‘Yeah righ

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