Whipped Tsundere
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Kang Hyewon is the founder of Kang’s Mobile and Technology (KMT). The company is not involved in mobile industry which is big and heavy chained production but a games developer company instead. This idea actually pop in her mind from just a hobby. Being a heavy gamer led her brain to built up a company on her own that could develop any type of gaming prototype to be invent and release it into the virtual market. KMT has been operated in both Seoul and Japan but the real owner is being unknown despite the company has being recognised inside the business industry. And by that, Hyewon has begging her close cousin, Kim Minju to act as the company chairman. There are many reasons behind it. Being a parent to Minami is one of it.



A fresh graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science 22 years old Kang Hyewon just coming back from her part time job. After having a dinner with Minju’s parent, she decided to told them that she wanted to go to Japan in order to looking for job opportunity. The Kims just let her as they know how independent she is. Hyewon is actually just an orphan that being adopted by the Kangs at age 4 years old. Mrs Kang failed to get pregnant after having a miscarriage thrice and stop trying to bearing a child after that. Being a good husband, Kang Chulwoo has suggested for them to just adopt a child from orphanage. After a few weeks, Chulwoo received a call from his wife’s younger brother, Kim Hanbit, which is Minju’s father saying that his old pal from college time is actually a co-owner of an orphanage. From the moment the Kangs laid their eyes on Hyewon, they fall in love at the first sight with the kid. The orphanage owner told the soon-to-be-parents that Hyewon is just a silent kid that does not blend well with the others since she just loves to plays with books that displays a numbers or playing block games alone.

At the age of 7, Hyewon told her parents that she already want to learn about times table. Realising that their child is a bright kid, they asked for a home tutor for Hyewon. The teacher told the pairs that Hyewon is indeed a bright kid. Else than her interest in Maths, she also interest in science and art. Hyewon and Minju become so close and often having a sleep over whether at the Kang or Kim’s residence. From just being a silent kid, Hyewon change to become a cheerful person that appreciate everyone around her. Her parents cannot be more proud of her as she always become a top student in her school.

Just a few weeks after

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