Whipped Tsundere
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'Omma, mama going where?' Minami curious as her mama is going somewhere in her formal attire.


'Mama need to come to office. Same like omma, but today omma take a leave for you.' Eunbi explained to her after satisfy that Minami's outfit would match hers.


After breakfast, Hanbit suggest to the family so that they could have a barbeque dinner at their backyard. No objective arise, everybody couldn't wait for tonight. However, Hyewon suddenly needed to come at KMT to sign something that just being dispatch from Japan branch. Only her have the authority to do so.


Minju and Chaewon already leave to enjoy their own date at an amusement park. It's a rare chance to come to such a place on their weekdays. Hanbit will drives the rest of the ladies include Minami for grocery shopping for tonight's event.


'Hubby, my baggage is near the window and everything is already inside since I rarely unpack my unused cloth.' Eunbi remind her lover who is almost done. Minju's mom told Eunbi to just sleep over at their house and excited Hyewon offer Eunbi to take her belongings after done with her errand.


'Kyahh..Cannot wait to hog you again tonight. Hehe.'


'Goodluck for that.' Eunbi said after finishing the last touch doing Minami's hairstyle.


'Baby, is this style okay? Omma is sorry this is my first time doing something like this.' Eunbi ask her daughter who actually more than satisfy.


'Me like it omma. You beauty and me have beauty omma is sugoi.'


'Aigoo. Like mama like daughter both is sweet talker.' Eunbi said after redoing her make-up.


Hyewon decide to just go with white turtleneck topped with match checkered blazer and pant. The trio is still inside Hyewon's room taking their time to get ready.


'Love, how do I look?'


'Kyahh.. Who is this? I almost couldn't recognize you. And you look so dashing. Are you trying to attract anybody's attention on your first day come to you company even just for a while errand?' Eunbi ask after closing their distance and putting her hands at Hyewon's neck.


'No one love. If there is anyone, it should be you.' Hyewon reply while snaking her hand on Eunbi's petite waist. The toddler inside the room already immersed in her own world not noticing her parents' doing.


Eunbi who cannot resist Hyewon's superior looks initiated the kiss not minding if Hyewon will drag her to the bed already. Deepen the kiss, Hyewon's naughty hand did not waste the chance to feel her girlfriend's soft bottom. When both stop gasping for air, Hyewon would like to devour Eunbi's neck but not until Eunbi finally realise that there is another presence inside the room other than them.


'Hubby, Minami is here. What can you answer her if she ask what are we doing?'


'You start it and I shouldn’t reject the golden chance. Well, we can say we are making a baby sister or brother for her.'


'Tsk! You couldn't even win over her. Say Kang Hyewon hoejang-nim, can you even handle it if you have another kid to get my attention?' Eunbi playfully ask with her hand is lovingly caress her girlfriend's ears.


'Well, blame their omma though. Geez. Who told you to have this yabai body? I truly can't get enough with it. I honestly cannot wait to come to office officially so that I can see your face often.' Hyewon told while keep kissing Eunbi's temple.


'Sorry not sorry hubby but I will not participate that much with this project since I have my own projects to settle with. But I can lend my hand for the finance report incase problems arise with the budget.'


'I still cannot believe how entangled our destiny and fate to begin with. When Chaewon come to our table that night, I almost thought she was just teenagers that turn adult. I did not expect it was the president of Kim Corp who pickup line my cousin.' Hyewon laugh.


'And when Chaewon told me that Minami is the main heir for KMT I honestly could not be shocked enough to know that my hubby is the founder for KMT. I must say, you are such a humble person.'


The couple then watching their daughter finishing her colouring with Eunbi is enjoying Hyewon’s back-hug.


'How do you find my family love? Is everybody treating you well?' the taller asked while sticking her nose onto Eunbi’s hair.


'I must say I am no longer feeling afraid to prove anything to them that I worth to be part of you and our daughter's life. Everyone welcome me. No wonder Chaewon is getting so happy since in relationship with Minju. All of you are being down to earth person.'


Devouring Eunbi's nice scent, Hyewon just silently thankful that everything went well for them this morning (except for little fiasco between her and her own daughter). She almost lost control in Eunbi's smell until the latter has to break her little joy.


'Hubby, when can we meet Chaewon's parents then? Aunt must be like it since she always ask me and Chaewon about our love life.'


Hyewon gulped. But her pride won't let her show her nervousness in front of Eunbi.


'Should we meet tomorrow? Or after my samchon and imo have a dinner with yours? I will arrange everything according to their time.'


'Maybe not too soon since from what I know both of them will leave for Guam today for their old friend's son's wedding.'


'Will they accept me for you? What if they didn't? Should we bring Minami along?'


'Tsk! Don't tell me you will backfired? Huh?' Eunbi turn her head and playfully punched Hyewon's waist.


'Love, who dares to back out when an angel was sent from the sky is waiting for you hmm?' Hyewon and her sweet mouth.


And their sweet time needs to come to an end when Eunbi feel her leg tugged by none other by their child.


'Omma, hug~~~.' She demand while already stretching her hand out and don't even spare a look at her mama.


'Hubby, can you bring her down first? I need to use the toilet.'


'Alright. See you downstairs love. And you little dimwit, you truly forget about mama huh?' Hyewon ask while carrying Minami in her hand. The toddler just laugh when her mama tickled her while coming down.


Minju's parents and Haesol who wait for the trio just laugh at the scene after witness their little battle over Eunbi during breakfast earlier.


'Hyewon, don't forget to invite Chaeyeon. Your imo already called the bakery and reserved the cupcakes for the kids tonight.' Hanbit remind Hyewon again.


'Noted Sir~~ and you spider monkey, don't bully my wife too much. I'm afraid her leg is still not that strong actually.' The CEO remind her daughter who just display her happy face.


'Omma is mama wife? Me too want omma my wife.' The little heir casually blurt out and makes the adults laugh at her remark.


'You still kid young miss.' Hanbit said to her while still feeling funny at situation.


Just then, Minami wiggling her leg when seeing her omma already on her coming down.


'Mama down pwease.' Minami begged not forget to show off her puppy eyes. Hyewon who understand the action keep on teased the toddler by hugging her child tightly not wanting to let her down.


Sensing that another childish play will hap

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