Whipped Tsundere
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‘Omma! Appa!’

‘Hanbit Samchon! Imo! I am home!’

The older Kims running faster towards the door to welcome everyone. A joy of tears is clear in everyone eyes. Minami just being lost while running into the house after both her grandparents hugging her thigthly. Minju’s mom hug Hyewon for the second time as she truly miss her niece and Minju’s dad keep spoiling their granddaughter with everything they has prepared.

‘Hello aunty and uncle. It’s been a while.’ Haesol also did not forgot the older couple.

‘Omo Haesol ahh. You become more glowing. Hyewon must really taking a good care of you.’ Hanbit teased.

‘Omma~~~ I am also here’ whinned Minju while actually just want to being playful.

Minami suddenly surprised Minju with sudden hug when sensing her aunt has been pouting.

‘Ohmygadnis! seems like only Kang Minami is the only sane person in this house!’

As if understand with Minju’s word, Minami just dance happily showing her bounce energy.

Hyewon who watching her daughter silently could see someone reflection in Minami’s beautiful eyes. And by that time, she knows, why lies ahead in front of her could be more harder in the future. Right now, she should be happy with her little family. Haesol quietly following Minju’s mom inside the kitchen while Minju bringing Minami touring around the house including her mom’s garden.

Only both Hanbit and his niece stay inside the living room.

‘Hyewon-ah, this is the key’.

 Hanbit gives the key to Hyewon for their old house.

Staring blankly at the familiar silver sticks. And the same old keychain in her palm, Hyewon can’t help but suddenly feeling like running back to the past.

Hyewon who actually feeling grateful so much towards her uncle just hugging him while crying in his shoulder as if letting go all the burden that being deep buried inside herself all this time. During that time, from the corner of the kitchen,a pair of old eyes was silently sobbing while being calmed by the newcomer inside their family.

‘Haesol–ah, thank you for coming into my niece’s life. I can’t imagine that poor soul being tested too
 much by God. Minami is the only one that she has in this world. Even her wife leave her.’

‘I believe, this is part of my destiny aunty.’

‘Let me finish my cooking. I know all of you must be hungry already after the journey. My foodie   
 niece must be craves for her motherland’s food.’

‘Can I use the kitchen too aunty ? I want to prepare for the dessert later.’

‘Haish. Why bother to ask. This is your home too dear.’

Hyewon who approach the kitchen side stand next to Haesol. She can’t help but grinning knowing her favourite dessert are being prepared. Well, actually any type of dessert is just Hyewon’s favourite.  

‘Haesol-ah, are you sure by your decision?’

Hyewon patiently waiting for her answer.

‘Minami is just too precious to me. She need loves and mother figure. I know I am just a baby sitter to
 Minami but I promised her and your parents-in-law to treat her just like she is my child.’

‘I don’t know how to repay you Haesol-ah.’

‘Yah Kang Hyewon, why talking like we are stranger who just knowing each other.’ Haesol’s arm quietly making their way clasping Hyewon waist intimately. Hyewon just hugging her back. Their moment was being disturb when Minju and Minami’s are running like maniac as they were chased by green 4-legged creature.

Minju’s mom who just checking the table was being shocked by the noise and Hanbit just laugh after finishing helping Hyewon settle their belongings to their room.

The warm dinner for the family ended with Haesol’s dessert. Minami who become sleepy after a whole meal was bathed by Haesol. Her sleeping time also early for that night. Hyewon lullaby her daughter while Haesol is taking her shower.

Both Hanbit and his wife knows that their house will be bless by Hyewon’s return and their grandchildren presence. At least before Hyewon decide to move out to her old house after staying with Minju’s parents for a month in order to have a bounding time with them.

After a tearful reuni

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