Mutual Redamancy

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✿― ❝Um, hey. I know this may be weird but, could you please help me tie my laces?❞

➤ MATURE CONTENT: Inappropriate language, graphic scenes and mature topics. 
➤ A RenLe FF.





HUANG RENJUN SOMETIMES REGRETS BEING FRIENDS WITH THE ONE AND ONLY BIZARRE NA JAEMIN. Not only the brunet had been practicing witchcraft ever since he could talk, Jaemin would go around casting malicious spells on those who ruin his day.

Even to his best buddy Renjun.

Out of all people, the brunet just had to cast the spell on him with the feisty boy he met at his usual bus stop.

"Um, hey. I know this may be weird but, could you please help me tie my laces?"

"Aren't you like seventeen?"

"sixteen, soon to be seventeen in two months." 


SHIP: RenLe.

GENRE: Fluff, Romance.



A/N: So yes! I've decided to just make this a separate book, instead of replacing YOUR SECRETS. 

I going to try to make the chapters around 700 words only.

Ik, I'm asking this again but I'm still quite unsure to put more drama or just more fluff. Please, any suggestions?




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IAmMissTerious #2
Chapter 5: Jaemin... you are stupid
But Renjun is a bit stupider than you so eh