Dangers Ahead

There She Was
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Engaged. Engaged? Engaged.

Did I hear that right?

Sakura quickly rounded me to put out the flaming blankets just by chucking them over the edge of the roof top. She turned the heater off and waited for me to stop gaping at her.

‘’You asked me to marry you before you left.’’ She explained. ‘’You gave me this, it’s a matching set, so I don’t know where you put yours.’’ Sakura took the necklace off herself and handed it to me.

On the chain was a plastic flower ring that had a clumsy ‘C’ engraved on one of the petals. I must’ve done that…Sure as hell cringey though. But I don’t remember having a ring of my own, at least not that I know of.

I gave it back to her and furrowed my eyebrows, raking my brain for any memory of a flower ring. I could ask my mother, she would know if I had anything I cherished.

‘’We should get back to class, I’ll answer any questions after school.’’

Sakura grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers before I could say no. I blushed, I haven’t held someone’s hand so intimately before. I gotta say shes charming for how dumb she is.

We walked hand in hand until we reached our classroom, at first, I thought she would let go of me, so we wouldn’t get stared at, but she did the opposite as always. She marched us in, walking me to my desk. I kept my head down so my hair could hide those surprised looks, I could feel everyone staring. Sakura kept her head held high, proud as she took the chair from under my desk and sat me down.

‘’Oh my god…’’ I whispered, fiddling with my book on the desk. When I thought she was about to walk away, she leaned down to kiss my cheek. To which I shoved her away, she didn’t budge though. I huffed at my disadvantage. She finally went back to her own desk at the back when Miss Hwang came back in.

Eunbi whistled when the class got settled in and the teacher was busy walking around. ‘’Look at you, getting your girl at lunch.’’

‘’It’s not like that.’’ I mumbled, trying to look busy with my math problems but they were too easy and I ended up finishing way earlier. ‘’Shes just…a friend.’’

She clicked her tongue and glanced back at my said friend, who was busy cleaning her thick glasses, I knew she didn’t need. ‘’You two sure became close friends over lunch.’’

‘’Why are you jealous?’’ I chuckled, joking of course but I didn’t expect silence. ‘’You’re not jealous, are you?’’

She shrugged and played with her mechanical pencil, pressing the button until all the lead came out. ‘’Maybe just a little. Afterall, it took a while for us to even get you to talk to us.’’

Well I guess it does seem a bit weird for me to be suddenly interacting so close with the mysterious outcast. But I couldn’t tell them the truth, they wouldn’t believe me and if she was telling the truth, Sakura would get locked away again because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I shouldn’t risk it.

‘’I’m sorry,’’ I started, worried I upset the person I became friends with first. ‘’I actually knew her from my childhood, I couldn’t remember well because I had a head injury.’’ I lied. I hope she buys it, flimsy lie but she fell for it.

‘’Really?! You two go way back huh?’’

‘’Yeah...I don’t remember much though.’’

‘’Figures, you guys have good chemistry.’’

Chemistry? What chemistry? I couldn’t ask her because class was over, and everyone made a run to get out the classroom as quickly as they could.

‘’See ya tomorrow, Chaeyeon. Don’t forget you have dance club after school tomorrow.’’ Eunbi waved and got dragged out by Yuri and Yena, the two complaining how Eunbi owed them ice cream even though it was freezing outside.

I was tidying my desk up when someone came up from behind me and blew air onto the back of my neck obnoxiously.

‘’Ah! Stop it! At least make some noise if you plan to come stand next to me.’’

She hopped and sat on Eunbi’s desk, swinging her legs back and forth. ‘’Well it wouldn’t be as funny. Come on, I’m walking you home.’’

‘’I can walk home just fine by myself.’’

She shook her head and continued to watch me pack my bags as slow as I could.

‘’I would normally leave you alone, but those three brats are planning something. Want me to hospitalise them? I mean, it would be easier to just kill-‘’

‘’Kill them? Have you killed so much you have no remorse for human life or are we just blood sacks to you?’’ I asked her. I have been wondering, surely, she needed to kill in order to survive. Vampires don’t eat human food.

Sakura pursed her lips and hesitated to answer that. ‘’Well, I can’t deny that I have killed a lot of people. But! I haven’t killed since I met you, just to feed.’’ She sounded so proud.

‘’Who exactly do you kill for food?’’ I slung my bag straps over my shoulders and waited for her.

‘’Mostly criminals. Rapists, murderers, kidnappers and that lot.’’

I sighed and walked out. If she was walking me home with a reason, the quicker I get home, the more alone time I will have. ‘’I guess that’s not bad but being a bully isn’t on the same level as being a murderer or a .’’

‘’It is when they hurt the love of my life.’’ She growled. I jumped at her cold tone and she looked regretful because I walked a bit further from her. ‘’I’m sorry. I won’t kill them, but I will hurt them if they try anything.’’

I snatched her glasses off her face playfully, ‘’Hurt them with your big ol’ glasses?’’ I teased. I tested them on and found it very hard to see anything. Maybe she really does need them.

‘’Vampires don’t need glasses. We see just fine, I bought them to keep up with appearances.’’ She snatched them back and plopped them back on, turning back into a nerdy character.

We walked and talked until we reached the front of my house again. I could see Chaeryeong peeking out from behind the curtains, so I closed the gate before Sakura could try to hug me again. Obviously, she pouted but said she would get me back later.

Too much has happened since I moved to that school. Funny enough I don’t really feel anything towards Sakura being my supposed vampire childhood best friend that I conveniently forgot about all these years. I just don’t like how she went about it. Engaged by a plastic ring? Surely not. Speaking about that ring…

‘’Hey, mom? Do I have a ring from when I was younger…it’s a flower and has an ‘S’ carved into it.’’

My mother scratched her head thinking about it, ‘’I do remember you carrying something around all the time when you were 5 or 6. You even cried when you lost it, my poor back had to search all over for that thing.’’ She moved to the living room and bought out a little treasure box from a drawer we rarely open.

‘’Do you mean this?’’ She reveale

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