A Cold Morning

There She Was
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Dead silence.

Chanyeol waited for his mother’s final answer, he smirked at me, like he knew what she was about to choose. He was so confident, he leaned up against the tree, tending to his sore hands. ‘’Mother, we don’t have all day.’’


‘’I knew you would come through for your- Wait. What? Did I hear you correctly? No?! You’re going to get our family killed!’’

‘’I’m not going to make selfish decisions again. I promised myself that I would change, I’m not going to let Chaeyeon die.’’

She flicked her hair out of her face and walked over to me, bending over to inspect all my injuries. Behind her, Chanyeol was seething, he punched the tree, causing it to shatter on impact. Yoona didn’t even flinch or pay any attention to him, she took off her coat and draped it over my shoulders.


‘’Because!’’ She yelled back. She stood back up and pointed at me. ‘’Shes your sister’s happiness! In all our years, have you ever seen Sakura as happy as she is with Chaeyeon?! Will you please snap out of your dumb rampage and think things through rationally?! You’re the one who is going to get us killed, not her!’’

He kept smashing the already broken tree in to pieces, not stopping until all of it was gone and it was just a splintered trunk left. ‘’Me? Think things through?! I’ve been the one trying to make peace among us all!’’

‘’Sakura will never forgive you if you kill her!’’

‘’I don’t care anymore! She took part in killing the person who made ME happy!’’ He spat on the ground and from underneath his jacket, he pulled out another silver dagger. ‘’If you won’t give her to me now, I’ll ing kill you too. I’ve never cared for you.’’

The cold outside had numbed most of my pain, but I was still unable to stand up or run. The bleeding had stopped fortunately, however, I was of no use here. I was just a doll who Yoona had to protect. I wouldn’t blame her if she did hand me over.

‘’Yoona…’’ I called out poorly.

I saw how her face tensed and she didn’t have time to answer me when Chanyeol started the fight again. He tried stabbing her, but I could see how Yoona didn’t want to hurt her son, despite his insane state. All of her attacks weren’t lethal, aiming only to buy time but neither of us knew if the others had figured it out yet. He managed to slash a lock of hair of her head and even impaled her shoulder before quickly pulling the blade out and trying again. This was getting bad. Yoona wasn’t doing anything but dodging like I did before even though she had the ability to do more. But what mother could ever hurt their son willingly. Not when they claimed to love them.

I gripped Yoona’s coat closer to me and shuffled so my back was against the outside wall of the bunker. The fog was starting to clear up and I had no idea what time it was. I was weak, I was hungry, I was thirsty and most importantly, I was missing the person who mattered most to me. I didn’t know if she was alive or not, she was surrounded by wolves and I wondered if the others were with her, keeping her safe. Were they heading to the city, looking for me? Or maybe they lost the fight and it was only Yoona and I left. Were we fighting a lost battle?

I coughed and my chest flared up in pain because of the bruising. I brought my attention back onto the fight and it hasn’t changed apart from the fact that Yoona had even more stab wounds and Chanyeol was missing half of his shirt, his jacket completely torn off. There wasn’t much time until Yoona gets killed because of me. She made no effort to fight back properly and Chanyeol wasn’t stopping, completely absorbed with the mission to get through her to kill me. I mused on something. Chanyeol was never always a bad guy. Sakura really did describe him to be the kindest brother there was. When I had first saw him, he was that dream guy everyone wanted as a brother or boyfriend. He was never hostile towards anyone and he even went out of his way to try change the werewolves’ perspective on vampires.

Was it too late to reason with him?


That voice.

‘’Chaeyeon, are you ok?!’’

Yes, it was! It was her! Sakura’s dirty form came into the small clearing from the other side of where her mother and brother were fighting. They never paused to acknowledge her arrival, Chanyeol was in a frenzy. She rushed over to me, her hair was matted with mud and whatever was in the forest. Her t-shirt was painted with blood and dirt and her skin…. even though I knew it would heal and look like nothing, it was blemished with claw and bite marks. My stomach dropped.

‘’Why are they fighting? Are you okay? I’m going to get you out of here and come back to help Chanyeol.’’ She moved to pick me up, but I held her shoulder, shaking my head. ‘’What do you mean no? You’re badly hurt, Yoona did this right?’’ I was relieved to see her alive and relatively unharmed, but she needed to know.

I was about to reveal something that would break her. I listened to the low growls and grunts coming from Chanyeol as he repeatedly lunged forward with a dagger at his own mother. ‘’It wasn’t Yoona…’’

‘’Then who would- No, he wouldn’t, he-‘’ Sheer confusion spread across her face. She couldn’t even finish her sentence properly before she zoned in on my injuries, her fangs popping out in a flash and her eyes went dark with rage. ‘‘CHANYEOL, YOU ING PIECE OF !’’ She didn’t let him talk, she just went straight for him, her fist slamming into his face. Yoona, who finally caught a break, collapsed onto the floor. Blood was starting to pool around her from all the damage she had received. I bit my lip to hold in my sounds of pain and crawled over to her as fast as I could.

I don’t exactly know how to give first aid to a vampire, Sakura and the others never taught me any of that, the only way was to stop the blood flowing out. When I reached her, her eyes were trained on her two children, her hair splayed around her head angelically. I took off her coat and pressed it on the stab wound that was bleeding the most on her upper thigh.

She grabbed my wrist, ‘’Please stop them before they kill each other. Please. I’m begging you, or I might lose both of them…’’ Tears fell from her eyes as she listened to Chanyeol’s cries of pain as Sakura punched him into the ground. Her grip tightened as she pleaded once more. ‘’Please, Chaeyeon, they’re my children.’’

I clenched my eyes shut because I knew I had to stop them too, I just didn’t know how. How was I supposed to stop two vicious vampires that were trying to tear each other apart? I pressed harder on the wound, seeing that it won’t stop. ‘’Look at them… Sakura won’t listen to me now.’’ I told her.

I peeked over my shoulder, Chanyeol had the upper hand now. The dagger he had been using was now lodged into a tree and he was forced to use his bare fists again. He got kicked in the stomach, but he used that to his advantage and grabbed Sakura’s leg, lifting her off the ground in a hurried spin and throwing her into another tree. She bounced off it like a ragdoll but got up, hissing swear words at her older sibling.

‘’You! I’ll never forgive you!’’

‘’Your human girl is the reason why my Jiyong is dead! An eye for an eye, sister!’’


Sakura ran and ducked down, swiping her legs into Chanyeol’s causing him to fall over and hit the ground harshly, she took the chance to straddle him, going back to punching wherever he couldn’t block. Chanyeol had taken a lot of damage and did barely anything to hurt his sister and that was when I realised that he was like Yoona.

He didn’t want to hurt Sakura, not at all. Compared to Yoona, Sakura was fighting like a playground thug. She was a bad fighter and she had all sorts of openings that Chanyeol could’ve taken advantage of but didn’t. Like right now, Sakura didn’t even weigh that much, he could’ve just flung her off easily.

What was he up to now?

Yoona had passed out while this was happening, I guess it was better this way, at least she didn’t have to see what the outcome was. Sakura didn’t look like she was going stop any time soon and as much as I wished she didn’t, Chanyeol could be convinced.

‘’Sakura!’’ I called out. She wasn’t answering me, Chanyeol’s loud yells of pain was drowning me out. I tied the coat around Yoona’s leg, hoping that it would be enough to hold the blood at bay while I try get Sakura’s attention on me. Instead of shouting at her, I

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