Because You Loved Me

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Like other teenage girls, Chaeyoung was once a fangirl too. 2PM? SHINee? Everybody. Fast forward to 2018, it is not the same anymore. The fanatic teenage girl everybody once knew changed overnight. All of sudden, she changed into what people call, the normal kids. One day, she met Jeon Jungkook by chance while working at a concert in Singapore. What kind of story will unfold?



  1. Park Chaeyoung
  2. Jeon Jungkook
  3. Kim Taehyung



Hi, this is my first fanfiction on my new account. My old account is erryjay0425. Due to personal reasons, I have decided to start afresh and establish a new name for myself. I hope that you enjoy my first fanfiction. Comments and subscriptions are highly appreciated. Thank you very much. 



All chapters are written solely by Ninerryseven. Any similarity with other stories are pure coincidence. I own nothing except the idea and the written story of Because You Loved Me. Although the posters are edited by me, it is used solely for the purpose of this fanfiction with no intention to harm the artistes involved. I do not own the pictures used. 


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"Everybody I love ends up leaving anyways. What makes you think that you will not?"

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