Uncontrollable Scandal

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“Here sign this.” Jiyong said as he looks at Taeyeon who was fidgeting in the couch.

Taeyeon then reach for the piece of paper and read it. “What is this?”

“It’s a contract and also rules you and your daughter should follow while living here.” Jiyong said to her.

 “Why would I need to sign a contract? Don’t worry Mr. Kwon, I won’t tell anyone. Beside my friends work on the same business as you and I don’t tell anyone what they told me.” Taeyeon said to him.

“That’s why you should sign the contract.” Jiyong said to her. “Think about it. You don’t know me.” He said and she just nodded. “I don’t also know you. Yet you and your daughter are living together with me, we aren’t even married. If people find out that you are staying in my apartment I will be ruin and your daughter will be in trouble too. Do you want that?”

“Well you have a point, but I already told you I won’t-.”

“As I told you I don’t know you.” Jiyong cut her. “So I don’t trust you.”

“Arraseo…” Taeyeon said reluctantly.

“Okay… then we doesn’t have any problem then. Sign the contract and we had a deal.” Jiyong said and Taeyeon signed the contract.

“Nice meeting you, my roommate.” Jiyong said to her reaching for a handshake.

I can’t say the same for you. Taeyeon whispered as she reaches his hand.

“What did you say?” Jiyong said to her.

“Nice being here too Jiyong-shi.” She said to him.

Then a little girl walks in with a sleepy face…

“Ajushi are you making Umma sad?” The little girl said.

“Of course not!” Jiyong said to her.

“Come on Jiyeon-ah let’s sleep.”







Kwon Jiyong

Member of a hiphop duo "GDYB". Super popular singer. A bit conceited but a very kind young man. Luck will change one stormy night.

A substitute DJ for a radio show. Fashion Icon and a bit of a playboys. 

Likes: Being y free and single.

Dislikes: Scandals (related to him), Reporter Park.


Kim Taeyeon

A Young mother whose luck have been terrible for a long time. Will it ever change to a good one?

Good singer, but extremely shy especially to the others a bit of a dense and naive girl. 

Likes: Her Daughter, singing and her two best friends, Jessica and Tiffany. Maybe a Dragon too?

Dislikes: Nuts any kind. People calling her Midget. Sometimes the Dragon.


Kim Jiyeon

Taeyeon's daughter. AKA Little Dragon. a bubbly child who cares about her mother. Love to call her Dragon ajushi on the phone.

Good singer, and loves Jiyong's dog, 

Likes: Her mother, Jiyong's dogs, her Aunt's and nagging Jiyong until he get's mad.

Dislikes: Jiyong's tickling when mad because of nagging. Jiyong's hairstyles.


Choi Seunghyun aka TOP


Mr. Perfect. Actor, Music composer and producer, and director. Like's innocent girls. Fell in love with a certain singer.

Likes: Girls with heaven sent voice. Especially T.

Dislikes: People who hurt the people he care about. What he do when he is mad.



Other supporting characters.

Tiffany and Jessica

Taeyeon's longtime friends. Jiyeon's over protective aunts. Both Like the same guy.

TIffany's like: All that is color pink. Jiyeon and Mr. Perfect.

Jessica's like: Sleeping, Fashion, Air con. Mr Perfect too.

Tiffany's dislike: Ghosts, fish eyes,smokers.

Jessica's dislikes: Cucumber! and any related to it. 


Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung


Seungri: An aspiring drama writer. Talkative and idolize his Jiyong Hyung.

Likes: Girls.Friendship

Youngbae aka Taeyang: A member of a duo called GDYB. Great singer and a gentleman. 

Likes: Friendship. A romanticist to the girl he loves.

Daesung: An entertainer and a great host. Radio DJ for FUNDae Radio. 

Likes: Friendship and a certain bunny!



Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung,and Seohyun

Sunny and Hyoyeon


​Likes: Friendship and Boys and other stuff....

Dislikes: Playboys and cheaters.


I just want to all of you know... Thanks for enjoying my works!
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chikafishy #1
Chapter 40: Congrats author-nim you finish this story ^^ happy ending for all of us keke
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They became a happy family, the perfect family :)
Thankyou for your hard work author-nim (big bow)
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Chapter 40: Thankyou for the epilogue :) yes i really agree for tiffany and top story ill be waiting :)
Chapter 40: finally happy ending..
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Chapter 40: Mannnn...that was mind blowing...seriously....I am here authornimmm
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Chapter 40: Aaawww thank you so much for this!!!
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Chapter 40: I agree with you. I hope we can have a meet up of sort, just for fun and supporting gtae! :) I am looking forward in that topfany story. I like topfany very much as well. ;) thanks for this story!! Another daebak!!! Grateful that you share this with us :)
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Chapter 40: Thank you for updating author nim
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Chapter 40: Thank you for this story!!!
I will be patiently waiting for your updates...
Chapter 13: It really is the right choice for making Kiko as a kind-hearted girl. It's too boring if you make her character as a third wheel just like other GTae stories. And what I love about this story is the lengthiness that each chapter has...not too long but not too short