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What Bullying Really Does To You

I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you. I love you. I'll never regret loving you. They're my last words. Please don't forget them Oh Sehun. I will always love you and I hope you can forgive me. Be happy for both of us. It’s my last wish - Luhan

Forgive Me (Forgive Us)

By CatchMeChangmin updated
Characters EXO, EXO-M
With 1 chapters, 6 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

First Kris, then Luhan, followed by Yixing, and, finally, Tao.

How exo turned your life upside down.

By XoXLIFEXoX updated
Characters EXO-k/ some of Exo-m/ you ( Chang Hyun Jae)/ OC: Missa/ Tao
With 25 chapters, 3 votes, 43 subscribers, 1200 views, 32 comments
Status Completed

You had an awesome close to amazing summer, with road trips, sleepovers, and a lot of swimming. As  it comes to an end, you realise that you will be living in hell again, school is just around the corner. But what will happen when an un-expected turn of events makes you meet some of the most famous k-pop idols?

Roommates In Love

By agunesu updated
Characters Tao, Kris, other EXO members
With 8 chapters, 46 votes, 279 subscribers, 5350 views, 104 comments

The last thing successful business owner Kris Wu expected was to get himself a roommate. Especially not a nineteen year-old panda boy named Tao.

I Get No Kick From Champagne

By ShiningRose updated
Characters Zitao, Jongdae, Kyungsoo, Sehun, Sara (OC)
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 29 subscribers, 540 views, 6 comments
Status Completed

Zitao sings most nights at a piano bar, and in no way is he still single - but Jongdae doesn't know that when he comes in one night looking to score a date with the hottest singer around.  Warning:

I Don't Mind

By BlackMystique updated
Characters Huang Zitao, Oh Sehun, Lee Taemin, Hui Yanmei (OC)
With 16 chapters, 4 votes, 36 subscribers, 8 comments

Yanmei, 彦 (yen4) "accomplished, elegant" and 媚 (mei4) "fl

Blasts from the Pasts

By pandabiscuits updated
Characters Lee Rin/You, Kyungsoo, Zitao, EXO
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers

"I can't believe you agreed, I just can't."  "I did, Zitao. I really did."  He laughed, hands making their way around my waist. He pulled me close, close enough to plant a soft kiss on my forehead. 

Learning How To Fly

By chunsawrites updated
Characters Park Sunyoung (Luna) and various idols.
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 36 comments

Here I will be posting drabbles and one-shots of Park Sunyoung (Luna) paired up with various idols. I feel Luna doesn't have enough stories and she needs more love, because she is my favorite and I'm sure she has a lot more fans out there that would like to read more stories of her.  I would love to know one of your favorite pairings of her. I take requests too. I will do my best to update as much as I can. I feel this will also be a good way to work on my

The Hottie Next Door

By valerianobuta updated
Characters Tao and Kris
With 14 chapters, 25 votes, 212 subscribers, 5140 views, 101 comments

new place, new surroundings, and maybe new love? Huang Zitao has a new apartment in seoul, living with Mr.Boo, his siberian husky and yes, he has a great job as an interior designer. Ever since the first day he moved in, he coulden't get his eyes closed every night. Loud moans was heard since then. not only that, apparantly the one who lived next door likes to do spanking and even a roleplay with his partner. Tao, who

~Magic,bites,love & spells~

By ElenaYagami updated
Characters Sunny l Tao l Suho
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 31 subscribers, 650 views, 8 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Paths of chosen teens are crossing.Truth is hidden.Two strangers are sharing one destiny.Their adventure is about to begin as soon as autumn comes.They are powerful beings,without even knowing that. That place beyond the ordinary surface is not Wonderland and Sunny is not an Alice.As she discovers a brand new world,she discovers her abillities too. Besides,she meets Tao,equal eternal strong creature. What will their d

One True Love

By taohanlay updated
Characters Exo,Luhan,Tao,Lay,SeYeon(OC)
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  She believed in him                                                                                                                 He doesn't   She trusted him                                                                                                            He betrayed her                                                  She thought it was love.                          

Petals of Success

By WinterEssence00 updated
Characters OCs, Exo, Vixx, Big Bang, many others
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 3 comments

Lee Sooman knew SM Entertainment was very corrupted and somehow lost its way over the years but Hadya Cardoso and her Rampant! family offered to fix that. Find out what happens to SM Entertainment and the world of Kpop when a little change takes place. ~~~~~~~~~~

Saving You

By xoxflyxox updated
Characters Kwon JiYong (G-Dragon), Dong YongBae (TaeYang), Hana (OC), Tao, HeeNim (HeeChul)
With 17 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 650 views, 2 comments

Kwon JiYong is best friends with the councilor, Dong YongBae at his old university. However, having studied music, JiYong's career isn't quite going as planned. He is deperate for work and slowly falling behind on his bills. YongBae thinks that he might do well at mentoring students at the university that YongBae thinks need help out side of sessions. Needing the money, and not fussing over where it comes from, JiYong finds himself mentoring a first year student.  Hana knows she's not

The Day That Changed Everything

By k-pop_shipper updated
Characters exo tao kris luhan xiumin sehun kyungsoo kai suho lay chanyeol beakhyun chen
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 24 subscribers, 670 views, 2 comments

Tao is an 18 year old high school student who has not had the most normal childhood. With his father's disaperence and his mother locking herself in her room and not coming out. Even with this past, his high school years have always been pretty normal. Then one day Luhan, his best friend, says that he thinks he saw Tao's father. Tao tries to figure out what is going on, but everyday seems to bring a new challenge for the young man.

Of Dragons and Peasants

By ManamiDragon updated
Characters Tao Kris Taoris
With 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 60 views

   Within the vast lands of the Kingdom of Enndolynn, rests the small village of Mystic Falls. The land was best known for its excellent blacksmith shops in which the famous “Blade of Hildegard “ was expertly wielded to slay the Black Dra

Wake Me Up

By bangdaelo updated
Characters luhan tao suho chen lay kai
With 1 chapters, 2 comments

''So sing me to sleep tonight And don’t bring me back to life''   Luhan had dreams. Dreams and nightmares that were more frequent and significant with time. Whenever he falls asleep, the dark figure appears.

Three Chances

By camerielai updated
Characters Sohee (OC), Kai, Kris, Tao
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 10 comments

Alloha everybody.. How are u guys? This is my first story. Not the first actually but second, about L.joe. Well since I love WONDER GIRLS'S SOHEE so much. I decided to include Sohee in my story. Hope u guys won't mind.. He he. And my first language is English but I'm not that good. I actually still inproving though. Please take care of me pls..       Please do not plagiarize this story in any way. Eventhough I'm new, I hope u guys to respect me not as an

you and me

By charmingusta updated
Characters Tao; Sehun
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 230 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

This definitely feels nice and anything else can wait, Tao thinks as he inhales in the unfamiliar yet welcoming fresh scent of their new home.

Got it? Got it. (A TaoHun drabble)

By lululara updated
Characters Sehun
With 1 subscribers, 60 views, 1 comments

A sort-of TaoHun drabble. But it's also a SeLu/HunHan and a TaoRis.   I've only realized just now how different Tao must've felt before. I hope you guys like it.

My One And Only One

By NanaKhat updated
Characters Huang Zitao, Oh Sehun, Kim Minseok, Lu Han
With 4 chapters, 5 votes, 74 subscribers, 1290 views, 7 comments

  Zitao is a young boy who has been alone since his 15 birthday, in which he lost his whole family. Being the shy type, he doesn't have any friends but even if he's lonely and life is hard, Tao has to keep living for his brother who died protecting him. Sehun is a young and successful CEO who is very sweet, but only to those close to him. He learned at a young age that showing emotions can be ones downfall.

Okay, it does explain the sore throat

By kate64100 updated
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 15 subscribers, 560 views, 10 comments
Status Completed

Sehun wakes up and there's a sleeping body on the bed next to him. With the help in form of texts from his ty hyungs, he soon finds out who is that pers

Ditch or Hitch: Like You Have a Choice

By green-tea updated
Characters Kris, OC, Tao
With 50 chapters, 457 votes, 5774 subscribers, 82820 views, 1818 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

A CEO of a prestigious company was living the life. He had it all as some people would say. He is rich, successful, tall, smart, good-looking… Everything a woman would ever dream of. To top it all off, he was engaged. He was about to tie himsel

Bestfriends For Life!

By ClassicalQueen updated
Characters EXO
With 23 subscribers, 200 views, 2 comments

a story where Tao likes many guys.... But there is only one guy that he loves

We Are One

By awaww123 updated
Characters jongdae (chen), yixing (lay), baekhyun, joonmyun(suho), luhan, minseok (xiumin), sehun, chanyeol, jongin (kai), kyungsoo, zitao (tao), yifan (kris)
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 300 views, 6 comments

A few years have passed since the majority of the EXO M members, except Chen, had left the group. SM transferred Chen to EXO K and EXO had become a 7 membered group. Chen's watching the news one day when he sees that Yixing, Yifan, Luhan, Minseok and Zitao are debuting as a new group soon in China. The date of their debut performance coincides with EXO's performance in China. Both their performances are in the same tv station. Chen is determined to meet his ex members again.

TAO! (new version)

By loveginta updated
Characters exo tao kris OT12 OT11 OT10 bromance friendship angst sad
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 38 subscribers, 510 views, 16 comments

i decide to make a new version of m fanfic tittled "TAO!" because the situation right now is not suit with the plot again why? kris and luhan left and they are one of the main chara so i get depressed because i got stuck did i have to make exo still 12 or what so i decide to make the new version well i already update the prologue but i guess i have to upload it again well i hope you like the new version thank you  luv luv fro my