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Kyungsoo is a Tarlian scavenger with the power like no other. He refers to himself as, Aree, to keep his identity a secret. When a group of thieves tries to take his treasured items, he finds himself developing new friendships, an increase in powers, and

How To Catch A Firefly

By SeaSunSand Updated
Characters Kris and OC
With 15 chapters, 136 votes, 1843 subscribers, 45630 views, 1302 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"You can’t stay with me. You belong up there where you can shine bright like the star that you are… and I must stay right here where I can look up at you." Nothing interesting ever happens in the boring, sleepy town of Chugbog.  When


By kshanti Updated
Characters TAORIS
With 10 chapters, 5 votes, 41 subscribers, 1450 views, 13 comments

A contest in which the only relevant factor is TAORIS. You write it, we read it. Simple as that.  DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 30, 2017.  


By parkbyunjiyeol Updated
Tags tao kris taoris
Characters Wu Yifan and Huang Zitao
With 1 subscribers, 10 views

It's just that Zitao found himself falling head over heels for Yi Fan.  When he says he wants it, he's very determined to get it. He never fails on making them fall in love with him because of his charms. Well, Yifan is a different person. He never thought that it is very hard to get him.

To Taint a Flowerbud

By Yeoniebb42 Updated
Characters EXO (Lay, Luhan, Tao, Kris) | OCs (Meng Tinglei, Meng Jinglei, Luhui)
With 8 chapters, 149 votes, 1575 subscribers, 26810 views, 243 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Meng Tinglei has known of nothing significant in her life other than her affections for her childhood friend, Yixing. However, as she comes of age, she finds herself thrown amidst corruption and manipulation as she struggles to find her true self in a world where love has no place in the face of the greed for power.                                                   


By palia357 Updated
With 1 subscribers, 30 views

سایه های قلب تو در یک هوای خوشایند به دار اویخته میشوند . سایه هایی که خبر از عشق هرگز نداشته مون میدهند . عشقی که در ابتدای درخشیدنش به اتش کشیده شد و این اصلا انصاف نیست ...

You Made Me Love Again

By LeeSeungMi Updated
Characters You, Luhan, Tao, Xiumin
With 38 chapters, 4 votes, 61 subscribers, 3750 views, 14 comments

Cold hearted, troublemaker. Lee Minah. Struggling to find herself through her corrupted life since birth and uncovering the heartbreaking lies that are stringed with it. Not able to love or be loved. What happens when you somehow change someone for the better, but you still remain the same?    Please read the first couple chapters before judgi

Story Recommendations : JIKOOK & TAORIS

By DreaminxDreamin Updated
With 27 chapters, 5 votes, 236 subscribers, 5 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hello to all the Jikook & Taoris shipper/readers out there! ^^ Here, i'll be posting my recommended stories that I've read and love ~  So if you are a Jikook & Taoris reader enthusiast like me *grins*  Then please give this a shot and you might found a new story or better yet a story that you will love~ ❤️

The Emperor's Men

By snowflake16 Updated
Characters Luhan, Kris, Lay, Tao, Sungyeol
With 56 chapters, 60 votes, 454 subscribers, 11790 views, 114 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

  "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness upon them." -- William Shakespeare    


By miss_amma Updated
Characters Lu Han, Yifan, Yixing, Zitao
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 170 views

  Lu Han, Yifan, Yixing, Zitao pg - r (just to be safe) historical au, parallel universe, family, kingdom, slight angst, character de

use your stethoscope, hear my heart

By UnicornGhost Updated
Characters tao and chen
With 9 chapters, 7 votes, 55 subscribers, 1530 views, 17 comments

Zitao is a single, not up to date doctor and Lu Han's just trying to help him get laid.


By ayeayecaptain Updated
Characters Kris Wu/Yifan, Huang Zitao, Oh Sehun, all exo member and other Oc
With 1 chapters, 19 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Tao just want a peacefull and happy life with her brother and she doesn't need 'a little brat' that always stalk and bugging her like that kid named Kris.

Exodus: A Tale of Twelve Princes

By Harsheen123 Updated
Characters The Princes: Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, D.O, Tao, Kai, Sehun
With 7 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 690 views, 2 comments

War has devastated the Exo Planet. With the Black Plague bringing ruin to mothers for decades, the twelve princes now of age, try to fight back. When a solar eclipse takes the twelve precious princes to another world, will they be able to fulfill their quest and find a way to save the their planet? Jewel Te, a nineteen year old girl, lives a life of secrets. On the summer solstice, when dark magic is stirring, the lives of twelve princes from the Exo Planet are destined to inter

A Woman's Worth

By xuexue_elf Updated
Characters Zi Tao, Jai Langston, Sehun, Lu Han
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 43 subscribers, 1130 views, 13 comments

After many years of privilege and wealth The Langston family is in Financial ruin. In desperation they turn to one of their oldest friends and business rivals to save their reputation. It seems like a deal of a lifetime at first but The Langston family soon find out the real reason for their deal. They must marry their only child to their youngest son. The Huang family are the richest family in mainland China, owning most Banks and institutions they ac

My Lover Is My Bratty Kid Assailant

By HeeChild Updated
Characters EXO
With 9 subscribers, 80 views
Status Subscribers Only

Rich brat Byun Baekhyun has never in his life been turned down, until the day Huang Zitao coldly rejects him. With his world flipped upside down, Baekhyun is so hurt that he does the only thing he knows to do-- he makes Huang Zitao his sworn enemy.


By PrettyPurple Updated
Characters Huang Zitao and you
With 2 chapters, 3 subscribers, 80 views
Status Members Only

You have not even stepped out of the airport in Shanghai, when you meet Zitao, a tall man who awakens your curiosity. He knows nothing about your dark secret and the real reason for you to flee to China, but this guy might potentially be the hero you need.

Some everyday thoughts I write about Tao... 1000 thoughts

By SyrineKarouiAngel Updated
With 944 chapters, 27 votes, 158 subscribers, 16110 views, 260 comments


By natchan Updated
Characters Sehun, OC and rest of EXO
With 15 chapters, 12 votes, 212 subscribers, 6970 views, 72 comments

Min is young, new to Seoul, and in need of a job. Due to EXO's increased popularity, SM is now hiring a personal assisstant for each of the members. Sehun sees this as an opportunity for flirting and getting some more "action". Little does he know that someone is about to walk into his life and change him for good. 

Where do we go from here?

By Taoswiffey Updated
With 3 chapters, 60 views

Jin has moved away from her home and her family to try and find herself and her place in the world but it turns out to be a lot harder than she first thought. She struggles to fit in and get on with her life, feeling like an outsider...until she meets Tao, a single father also trying to make his life better for him and his young daughter. Niether Jin or Tao expected to find help in another person but it seems that each others company is exactly what they needed.

My Bad Boy

By Vwifey Updated
Characters Min Yoongi, You, Tao, BTS, EXO, and other K-Pop Idols.
With 6 chapters, 10 votes, 236 subscribers, 4540 views, 70 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Min Yoongi, the gangster, is the leader of a gang called Bangtan gang. It all started with misunderstanding and kidnapping. The Bangtan gang may not be what they look like, a cold-hearted gang? More like childish and warm-hearted boys?  

Broken Halos and Mended hearts

By Taoswiffey Updated
With 9 chapters, 130 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

Sya is just a normal teenager with a relativly boring life, until she meets Zitao, a boy that has apparently just arrived out of no where.  With Tao keeping most of his cards close to his chest, Sya is wairy of him yet she still finds herself drawn to him and she can't figure out why. This has never happened before. What is Tao hiding from her? The truth can either help her or destroy her completely. Not that she really cares