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The Dreamer | Le Rêveur

Jaehee is a dreamer, she sees the ghosts of people who are about to die ahead of time in her dreams and saves them from falling into death's hands. What happens when she meets Sehun, a boy who is mute but desperately needs her help?


By inconspicuouslyblue updated
Characters Zitao, Yifan, Sehun, Victoria
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 30 views
Status Completed

Who is that face in the mirror?

フェイト / fate » apply soon!

By yowamushi updated
With 3 chapters, 3 subscribers, 40 views

Wolf Princess

By Cappella updated
Characters Oh Sehun, OC, Woohyun, Myungsoo,
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 77 subscribers, 620 views, 8 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

"It's romantic isn't it? You can capture the most beautiful moments and always remember them." "Werewolves don't exist. Who would want to create m

Perennial Bounds

By franniewei updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo (D.O), Kim Jongin (Kai), Kim Junmyeon (Suho)
With 1 chapters

Kyungsoo was cursed and Jongin was the only heartbreaking cure. And for one long lifetime, Kyungsoo had proven, history repeats itself.

The End or The Beginning

By luckyM updated
Characters Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin
With 11 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 750 views, 5 comments

After traveling the world he realized there was nothing left for him. Just two years ago he had been so optimistic, and nothing could stand in the way of completing his quest. Now, Onew had lost all faith...the world was nothing but a cruel place that he had found himself living. He couldn't go back, and yet he couldn't go forward, either. There were not many options left for him; the end was near. Everywhere he looked he saw the demon watching, waiting for the moment he let his guard down ev

Red Skys and Royal Cards

By Wynter updated
Characters Sky (OC), EXO
With 148 chapters, 541 votes, 3663 subscribers, 2679 comments

What happens when you are thrown into a world and a war you never knew existed?    The world isn’t the same as it once was.  The blue sky I used to look up at with the fluffy white clouds floating past has vanished and was replaced with a sky so red, it looks like a sea of blood floating above our heads.   The people aren’t the same either.  Our way of life has changed so much, but you only know that if


By heclgehog updated
Characters Park Jinyoung (Jr.), Got7, Lee Iseul (OC)
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 21 subscribers, 640 views, 7 comments

Lee Iseul being a first year in college and the youngest of three children is the only one of her siblings still living with her parents. When they move to the outskirts of town, strange shadows start appearing in the woods. One being more constant than the rest.

In Heaven

By Whitetigeress updated
Characters Choi Seunghyun, Kang Daesung, Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Lee Seungri, Song JiHyo, Song Mino, Xiah Junsu, Nam Taehyun
With 6 chapters, 6 votes, 37 subscribers, 790 views, 25 comments

What would you do to save the one you loved?


By athlete updated
Characters All of EXO
With 1 chapters, 30 views

EXO HORROR HOUSE is a compilation of horror stories and scary riddles featuring EXO. Read at your own risk. 

Castle of Glass

By Eunhaeluv updated
Characters Donghae Eunhyuk KyuHyun SungMin Siwon Leeteuk Shindong Kangin Hyuna Zico SoHee Xiumin Heechul SNSD members, BigBang members, ETC
With 14 chapters, 57 votes, 255 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Bounded at birth; Hyukjae is forced to protect Donghae from everyone that is after his hidden gifts that is said to give them power beyond belief.        


By keno17 updated
With 42 chapters, 5 votes, 118 subscribers, 1850 views, 16 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Sophie is in neverland. Surrounded by the most wonderful specie amongst all mythical creatures. In Sophie's world, a dragon will do anything to protect her, a unicorn will take away all her pain, everyone will make sure that she's happy, secure and loved. Her life is like a dream, but until when this dream would last?

Summoning No.8

By imaybejinxed updated
Characters Luhan, exo, others
With 40 chapters, 17 votes, 159 subscribers, 3880 views, 47 comments

There are five spirits a summoner must never, ever summon. In fact, it's against the laws. But what happens if a naive, inexperienced summoner drags one out of the 'other world' by accident?   They were banned for a reason, but now they're coming to Earth.

Hidden Beauty

By sweetcandy65 updated
Characters Yuna(OC), EXO-K, BTS
With 2 chapters, 20 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"You are beautiful,  Han Yuna.”   Those words are being said by 13 boys to me.   I, myself, doesn't think that I'm beautiful. I'm ugly. I have many scars on my body. I would always getting bullied by my schoolmates. I don't have any friends in my school. And I am the quiet type. I always we

Beast et Beauty

By KangminBread updated
Characters Kangin and Sungmin (major), Kyuhyun (medium), Heechul and Leeteuk (minor)
With 12 chapters, 6 votes, 22 subscribers, 650 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

  Some people wait a lifetime to find love. Some wait for the next lifetime to live it.

【新しい始まり】Atarashii Hajimari: Genesis

By mitsurinaxHIKARU updated
Characters Exo, Yana Jay Kwon [OC]
With 22 chapters, 12 votes, 22 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Earth the planet that only homosapiens - or rather, humans - call home or so they think... There are several species on Earth cohabiting with the unsuspecting humans - ranging from immortals like Vampires and Werewolves to magiks like Faeries and Pixies to mortals like Witches and Wizards to spirits like Elemental


By JaeTao updated
Characters Ana, EXO
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 37 subscribers, 630 views, 4 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

    ​          The day EXO Planet fell was the day all twelve of the guardians were scattered across the universe. For eighteen years none of them crossed paths again, until fate brought them all to earth. Eleven of the guardians did not know that the last remnant of their planet was under the protect

Honour Of Paying Back!!

By Exo7410 updated
Characters EXO, Kim Hana (OC/You)
With 87 chapters, 89 votes, 1006 subscribers, 30580 views, 633 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What happens when the cold, rude, and sarcastic Kim Hana gets the not-so-exciting honor of paying back her father’s deeds? Will she be able to fulfil the demands?

A Boy Who Can See Fairies & His Teacher

By fei1805 updated
Characters baekyeol
With 1 chapters, 31 subscribers, 200 views, 3 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Byun Baekhyun can see things. Fairies to be exact. Baekhyun is in his last year as a senior in his university where he majored in Art & Music. What happened when he saw his new teacher - who immediately became his crush - doesn't have a fairy like everyone supposed to? "I wonder who he is". "He was dead". "I love you too". "Thank you for light up my path and lead the way". "Forever together". An

Love Again

By BLAQdreaMerinAQ updated
Characters Park Sanghyun (Cheondung/Thunder)||Sora (OC)||Yang Seungho||Lee Changsun (Joon)||Bang Yongguk||Kim Himchan (cameo)
With 14 chapters, 3 votes, 24 comments

  Punished to live as a human for 100 days, Cheondung learns the hardships of humanity after meeting Sora, a Bonnie mourning the sudden death of her Clyde. His hidden secrets are the subject of a chase across town, putting in danger her life and his own existence all for the sake of an old

Misi 12 Kuasa

By anissofea updated
Characters minjung,exo ot12 other cameos....................
With 2 chapters, 8 subscribers, 110 views, 1 comments

kematian keluarga minjung yang misteri menimbulkan tanda tanya kepada semua orang termasuklah dirinya sendiri semasa pengebumian keluarganya,ayahnya telah memberikan surat wasiat kepadanya.dia terkejut kerana membaca surat wasiat tersebut apakah yang terkandung di dalam surat wasiat tersebut?

The Lost Princess

By twinkle_blossom updated
Characters Park Sora (You/OC) || Chunji || Teen Top || And many others
With 2 chapters, 9 votes, 64 comments

Everything in Soras' life was normal, until one little mistake changed it all...   Park Sora is just another normal girl. Average looks, average class family, averge grades etc etc

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By LadyTickleBack updated
With 1 chapters, 50 votes, 103 subscribers, 6520 views, 97 comments
Status Completed

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By Spiral updated
Characters winner, madtown, OC
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 15 subscribers, 1 comments

It's hard to distinguish how long it has been since the vampires took over the midlands. The southern werewolf kingdom has since been cut off from the Northern continent and rumours have spread of an impending vampire conquest. The werewolves, in a bid to protect themselves and the humans, keep refuge behind the kingdom walls which have stood for over a thousand years and hope to for many

Your Time Is Up

By TheGreenEyedMonsters updated
With 32 chapters, 14 votes, 3280 views, 23 comments

People in this world are blind. Blind to see the powers and know the reasons of mysterious happenings that happens to them. They are oblivious to the obvious. There is one in a million of people that always have talents dismissed by the people who know nothing but believe in what they wanted to believe. Every person just doesn’t believe some things when it sounds ridiculous to even believe that it’s true. So it is for certain that, if an innocent child comes up to you and anno


By MiraiKo updated
Characters Avelea HartWood , EXO
With 26 chapters, 18 subscribers, 390 views, 4 comments

  A kingdom full of laughter and happiness always brightens up anyone day ... But not for this 18 year old teenager named Avelea Hartwood and she's an orphan. She's differen