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Fate Brought Us

Mr Nam forced his son into an arranged marriage just to stop Woo Hyun from continuing his path to be a singer and work with him instead while Sung Kyu was left without other choice other than agreeing to this one ridiculous plan – being a good son he is.

Stay with me

Byprincerui updated
CharactersKwon Jiyong/ Gdragon, Moon Yeon Hee (OC/you), Moon Min Hye, Bigbang, some OC's
With8 chapters, 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 430 views, 5 comments

"In a far away kingdom, there live a pretty and kind princess. The kingdom loves her because she helps the sick and takes care of them," "like a doctor? like mommy?" He nodded "one day a handsome prince came riding on his horse appeared in front of the castle. The villagers took the prince inside the castle and asked the princess to help him. The princess came running when she heard of a sick person in the castle. The prince fell inlove with the princess and the princess fell inlove w

A Beautiful Nightmare

Bymisskch updated
CharactersOriginal Character & Kim Jae Joong
With27 chapters, 2 votes, 19 subscribers, 680 views, 6 comments

  Being alive...Being satisfied...Must I?

The Fear of Love

Bychicklit_89 updated
CharactersSehun, OC and the rest of EXO
With4 chapters, 4 votes, 18 subscribers, 190 views, 1 comments

Philophobia  is defined as the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love. This affects the quality of life and pushes a person aw

You Who Came From Heaven

Byhafarinfin updated
CharactersKim Tae Hyung [V] and Gyeoul [OC Character] and also Jeon Jungkook
With1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 50 views, 3 comments

     My name was Gyeoul. And I was a new student here. When I first got the class SA4, every one warned me. About what?? About that desk. They said it was haunted. But I did not care about it. I decided to have that desk. Well, I did not believe in ghost. They were not real and just our imagination. Am I right? But, then something unimaginable happened.

Love Overcomes Revenge

BySoul56 updated
CharactersByun Baekhyun, Jeon Jiyeon (OC), Kim Taeyeon, Lee Donghyun (OC), Jung Shinhye (OC), Choi Youngmin (OC), No Eunji (OC), Kwon Minhyuk (OC), Park Hana (OC), and Hwang Minwoo (OC)
With1 chapters


The City of Secrets and Stars

Bylil-london-girl updated
CharactersLee Michael, Mi-Young (original characters)
With16 chapters, 2 votes, 5 subscribers, 310 views, 4 comments

Meet sixteen year-old Lee Michael, maknae of SeoulStar Entertainment’s latest rookie group. On the posters and TV screens, Michael and his bandmates are bright, happy and talented - destined for greatness. Behind the scenes, they're falling apart. While preparing for the group’s debut performance, Michael meets solo star Mi-Young; beautiful, mischievous and blissfully in love with an A-list actor. Impossibly out of reach. But as Michael becomes more popular, and is drawn deeper into the shado

Where The Rainbow Is

ByJumbo-Bubbles updated
CharactersKris, EXO, Ashley (OC)
With3 chapters

A girl was seen hugging a notebook while walking amidst the reddening maple trees. The chilly autumn wind struck right through to her bones. She looked at the sky and took a long breath. She put her earphones on; keep replaying the song that they used to listen to together, before he’s gone.  “Autumn is finally here,” she told herself silently.  She still remembers clearly what he told her, "my heart is yours forever, I swear on that." Then she smiled with tears on her fa

From Zero One Shot Series

Bypikageniepowa updated
CharactersHana, Himchan, BAP
With3 chapters, 3 subscribers, 50 views, 2 comments

From Zero series: From Zero: Shadow Warrior From Zero: Memories (Sequel)   Series of

Cryonic Dreams

Byokami-amaterasu updated
CharactersEXO, OCs
With11 chapters, 14 votes, 50 comments
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In 2147, the world burns. Overpopulated with humans and exhausted of resources, Earth, as a whole, begins to descend into the phase of a barren wasteland. Governments

“2OO drabbles and prompts”

ByLeonny updated
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hello everybody. ಠ_ಠ. this will be randomly updated just to clean my mind, or maybe not. i will do 2OO drabbles or prompts related to VIXX~~ /slapped/ yes, I know. many thins about them coming from me, right? Sorry for those who are already-- bothered. just that i am doing th

Summer Lovin'

Bymiss_bunny updated
CharactersEXO Kai, OC (Choi Mirae), Two Special EXO members, other FABULOUS appearances, so many OCs
With6 chapters, 5 subscribers, 140 views, 2 comments

Choi Mirae (which will be you~) is a 17-year-old girl. She's not that normal as it seems. She's more of a tomboy. In fact, she's "one of the guys." Mirae and her best friends become Counselors-In-Training for a summer camp for younger kids (not that young). While there, she's experiences love, hate, and a whole lot of rainbowness. You ready for the magical adventure?

Trust Me

ByBlueBerry_BonBon updated
CharactersAzul (OC), Zelo, B.A.P, Secret, Others
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"The first kiss is meant to be the sweetest memory for a teenage girl."   Azul is a dancer from the USA who moves to South Korea to attend school on a scholarship. Her carefree life is turned on its head when she recieves bad news about her family. Her deceased parents have left an incredible debt behind that she has to pay. A high school student, she is told that the only job available for "someone like her" is a maid. However, she is discovered by someone VERY important when s

The Story of Us

Bymissheartbreaker updated
CharactersNarrator/OC, Kai, Exo-K
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"When did you fall in love with him?" Was it when we were five and he tied my shoelaces after I had tripped and scraped my knee? We were strangers then.

The Idiot of my Dreams

ByJunesestine updated
Charactersoriginalcharacter, Myungsoo, Infinite, Minhyuk
With3 chapters, 4 subscribers, 100 views, 2 comments

Chung Nahyun's life was undeniably perfect. She has the social status from being the daughter of one of the most famous CEO's. She was taller than her older sister Boa, had loving and supporting parents, and was even close friends with Infinite, the group of 6 dorky but popular boys in her school. Her best friend since she was a baby, Soojung, was like another sister, and she had everything. Until the fateful day of a car accident. The one that made her go into coma. The one that kill

Sugar Daddy

Bystrawbaobei updated
CharactersWu Yifan, Park Eunmi
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments

Park Eunmi is dirt poor. With not enough money for daily necessities she has the brilliant idea to go to her cousin, who just happens to own the largest and most successful night club in all of Seoul. Thus begins her never ending nightmare of getting bruised while trying to serve drinks through the mass of club goers.  Wu Yifan is the rich tycoon who just so happens to be the of Sehun's bet with Eunmi. His cold mannerisms are really just a cover for his inherent dorky nature.

The Hospital Of Fate

Byjongdaee-writerr updated
CharactersOh Sehun | Kim Haemi (OC) | Lu Han | Others |
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She always brought smiles to others even though she knew that the hospital wasn't a very happy place. She was one of the fews who were always positive no matter what. Other patients were thankful for her. If it wasn't for her, their days staying at the hospital

Betting on the Queenka

ByQuickScope updated
CharactersMoon Sae(OC) || Gohn || J-Hope || Seogoong || Park Eunji(OC) || Topp Dogg || BTS
With5 chapters, 3 votes, 13 comments

Two different people, with very different personalities, dreams, and wishes. One who is popular and admired by

Human Doll

CharactersOC, Various Idols
With3 votes, 10 subscribers, 110 views, 3 comments

  She has long, black hair. She's quiet. She's alone.

Love At First Sight

ByNubci4 updated
CharactersLee Minah (OC), Park Chanyeol, Eun InHo (OC)
With11 chapters, 1 votes, 39 subscribers, 420 views, 3 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Lee Minah meets Park Chanyeol during a school trip to Jeju Island. They fall in love at first sight. But sadly they had to separate when the trip ended. Years pass and they meet again. Will they recognize each other and fall in love all over again? Or will much more happen?  Trailer Made by Me


Byarinachoi92 updated
CharactersChoi Seunghyun , Im Hana (OC) , Kwon Jiyong , Lee Seunghyun , Dong Youngbae , Kang Daesung, Park Bom, Sandara Park, Lee Chaerin, Gong Minzy
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        They say falling in love is the best feeling in the world, doesn’t matter if it’s falling in love with a new job or a new child or simply the cliché Romeo and Juliet love. It’s said that falling in love is the most beautiful and blissful feeling ever

This Means War

ByJunhyungLuv updated
CharactersKim Taehyung, Han Yeeun (OC) and Park Jimin
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  What is happening to us? Why are we drifting apart? Why are you always so dazed? Is it because of him? Is he hurting you? Is he making your life like a living hell? Doesn`t he cherish you? Doesn`t he love you like I do? I`ll let him pay. I`ll let him

When She is Mad

ByJunhyungLuv updated
CharactersMark Tuan and Lian Yi (OC)
With1 chapters, 11 votes, 6 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Mark did something really terrible... He had made the biggest mistake of his life... She wasn`t willing to forgive him...

Finding Mister Destiny

ByWolfram_iflameu updated
CharactersNayeon (OC), Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, Kyungsoo, Luhan with more characters to be introduced.
With2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 2 comments

   He was tall, skinny and languid. She was soft, expressive and unbeatable. His hands pressed down on either sides of her and his dulled eyes pierced a sharp gaze into her soul. Her smooth palms cupped his cheeks as he swooped down to kiss her through the night. They kissed and kissed some more, wet lips brushing past, sweaty hands running clumsily down burning skin. Fumbling fingers undid her buttons