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Chanyeol swats the hand smacking his cheeks in annoyance, turning his head away and exhaling tiredly. His eyes are shut– his eyelids feel heavy because of how exhausted he feels.

“Hey,” Jongin’s voice comes – he groans because he doesn’t want to open his eyes for anyone, but he does and stares at Jongin, he’s straddled over him and looking comfortable. He throws his hand over his face and feels Jongin’s shift his weight on him.

“What is it?” He whispers, a hint of frustration in his voice, “I’m trying to sleep, for ’s sake.”

“I know, but you can’t fall asleep in your suit.” Chanyeol groans even louder once the sentence leaves the younger man’s lips. “It’ll get wrinkled, you won’t sleep comfortably and you’ll be whining about it tomorrow.”

“I just got here–”

“So go change.” Jongin deadpans, “It’ll only take a minute.”

He lays there for a moment, knowing why Jongin’s still awake - he always has a hard time falling asleep whenever Seungsu isn’t with him.

He places his hand on Jongin’s left hip, taps a few times and orders for him to get off. He gets off him, stalks into the over to the bathroom after turning the lights on.

Chanyeol hears the dull sound of the toilet’s lid being put down. He swings his legs off the bed before pushing himself up and sighing once more. He stands up and stretches, entering the bathroom he barely spares a glance at Jongin sitting on the toilet – staring at him.

“You must be tired.” Jongin says after a period of silence. Chanyeol nods as he s his pants, s it and pulls it down – he steps out of it and stares down at it sleepily as he moves for his shirt.

“Afraid so,” He answers, dropping his dress shirt to the floor before picking both clothes and tossing them in the laundry basket. He stands there in his briefs, leans back against the wash sink and stares down at Jongin with his arms crossed over his chest. “You didn’t just wake me up to undress – is something wrong?” The last thing he wants to do is have a conversation when he’s tired, but Jongin looks like he wants to talk.

And Chanyeol has made a bad habit of doing fulfilling his boyfriend’s tacit wishes.

“Nothing,” He rolls his eyes at the answer, “We haven’t really talked in a while – you’re always tired and Seungsu’s always occupying my time.” Jongin shrugs, rubs his hands over his face and looks up. “You okay?”

He thinks about the question, if he’s okay – he thinks he is. He’s usually as tired, sure, because he has had to take annoying double shifts for a few days – because some dumb co-worker of his decided it was a good time to be sick.

Working double-shifts is extra money, who’s he to say no to that?

He doesn’t complain about it aloud because he needs the money – he has been looking at a few places they can move to. Out of this old apartment they call a home – ing pigsty – the place is falling apart and the landlord has a strict policy when it comes to childproofing the place.

Chanyeol regrets asking her for permission because she freaked out; don’t nail to my walls or glue anything on my walls I don’t care if your kid likes to explore. Control him!

Seungsu is almost nine months now and ing crawls everywhere, likes to touch and eat anything he can get his hands on.

“Is something going on at work?” Jongin looks genuinely concerned now, “Is your boss giving you a hard–”

“Jongin,” He starts, sounding a little harsh and clears his tone when Jongin scowls at him. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” Just tired and almost falling flat on my face because I’m ing sleepy. “I promise – now get off the toilet, I want to take a piss.”

“If you’re sure,” Jongin slides off the toilet, lifts the lid and steps out of the bathroom.

Chanyeol later crawls back in bed, his sleep gone and he is wide awake. Sleep running away from him is nothing new; he lets out an irritated sigh and turns on his side to stare at Jongin who’s looking back at him.

“Sorry for waking you,” He mumbles and Chanyeol can only shake his head at this point.

“No, you were right,” He leans into Jongin’s touch when gentle fingers run through his hair. “How are you?” And then he’s kissing Jongin’s wrist, taking his hand from caressing his hair and kissing it.

The funny feeling he gets in his belly amazes at the sight of Jongin’s warm smile because holy – he thought he was over it. And then he decides to be honest about taking on his co-worker’s shifts because there is no point in hiding things like this – and because he’s close to getting enough money to slowly pay for which new house he finds.

“I knew it,” Jongin laughs a little when Chanyeol blinks stupidly at him, “We live together. I know you.”

“Why’d you say nothing?” He wants to snaps, but it comes out as a whine.

“Because I like you being honest with me,” Jongin places a peck on his lips, “And also because we’re practically married, no?”

Chanyeol’s heart skips a beat at that and he’s left speechless. Jongin pulls back, stares at him for a second and then it’s like he realizes what came out of his mouth – he ing blushes and Chanyeol’s heart feels all light and floating on clouds.

“If I,” He wrecks his brain to form a perfect sentence, “What if I asked you to marry me? Right now?” What the is he saying? Panic rolls into his gut.

This silence that follows makes his stomach turn and , the nervousness he feels is something he hasn’t felt in a long. He doesn’t even know what answer he wishes for – yes or no? Jesus, why did he have to ask?

He watches Jongin’s face – the latter looks genuinely surprised, lips fighting back a smile that obviously wants to paint its way on his lips.

“How long have we been together?” And Chanyeol stares at him in confusion, “How long?” He presses gently.

“Five.” He answers plainly, lump in his throat and his hands feel clammy. Jongin reaches under the covers and holds them, he squeeze them and shakes his head softly.

“Then ask me the same question in five years if you really mean it.”

“I mean it now–”

“But you don’t.” Jongin interrupts softly, “We’ve been together for five years, we live together, we have a son and you’re talking about buying a house.” He inhales deeply and exhales, “If you wanted to marry me, you’d have popped the question long ago without me having to mention it, or before I got pregnant with Seungsu.” He pauses, a frown on his face, “Or I would’ve asked you to marry me.”

“You don’t think we’ll last?” He narrows his eyes suspiciously, wanting to sit up, but that make turn this into a fight and he doesn’t want that.

“That’s not what I’m saying at all,” He sighs, “I just don’t want us to rush or anything because we might end up bitter and divorced. I don't know. We’ve never even talked about marriage, Chanyeol.”

“We have a child – I think we’re past rushing at this point.” He points out with an eye roll and ignores everything else Jongin said.

“So we slow down.” Jongin tells him and kisses his shortly after that.


“Thanks for looking after him – it means a lot to us,” Jongin says easily with a smile as he reaches out of Seungsu who has been having grabby hands at him. Chanyeol watches how Jongin cuddles the boy close to his chest once he’s safely in his arms.

“Yeah,” He starts, looking away from Jongin to his parents by the door. “Thanks.” He says dumbly, it’s still weird being around and he knows it’ll never go away. It’s the same when he’s around Wufan – , it’s a feeling that he knows for a fact will stay with him until he ing dies.

“Anytime!” His mother squeaks happily and she hugs him tightly, he awkwardly rubs her back and laughs uncertainly. She pulls away, stares at him for a moment before sliding back next to his father– the smile never leaving her face.

“I never thanked you for naming him after me – it means a lot to me.” His father tells them, he’s looking between him and Jongin– who’s a little occupied with Seungsu, but manages to nod and says you don’t have to thank us, your name is lovely.

“Yeah.” Chanyeol shrugs, leaning over to Jongin and brush the dark curly bangs from Seungsu’s forehead. “We’ll be going now.” He mumbles, looking at his son – there’s this pride in him when he looks at him, he doesn’t think he’ll be able to explain it. “C’mon, say goodbye to grandpa and grandma.” He says gesturing over to his parents and he raises Seungsu’s hand to wave.

He can’t speak yet – he can grunt out no when he doesn’t want something because he’s already a stubborn brat – he makes a lot of loud vocal explorations and sometimes they both mistake them for words. He uses his body language more and can make sloppy gestures to words like kiss, bye-bye or clap your hands and come here.

The baby waves back clumsily, there’s a smile on his face and the faint dimples on both cheeks appear. He shyly hides his face on Jongin’s neck and starts giggling. Whatever he giggles at sometimes is beyond Chanyeol and he never tries to make sense of it.

He knows for a fact that the horrible shyness has been passed down to him from Jongin.

Jongin bows in respect before turning away, walking down the stairs and making his way for their taxi across the street.

Chanyeol makes a grab for the colourful backpack his father holds out to him, he swings it over his shoulder and straightens his posture. “Uh, thanks.” He mumbles pathetically and quickly hops down the few stairs.

His parents don’t go back inside their home until he starts the car. He looks at Seungsu through the rear mirror – Jongin’s in the backseat, probably needing to be close to Seungsu for a bit because he hasn’t seen him– psychically anyway – for two days. Chanyeol doesn’t understand that, but he never questions it.

“Did you behave, huh? Tell me everything,” Jongin asks with a laugh– Seungsu’s screaming in childish delight– and Chanyeol shakes his head because that latter’s always different around their son– he’s a lot happier and it makes him happy.


happy new year (14 days into 2015, but whatever) hope everyone is having a great year already D:< I had a cold so that ing , made me miserable for days jfc LOL. yay but an update after like almost a  month yay agshfjdk oh and happy birthday jongin, you can have the cake im mentally shipping to you ok

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tuesidiot #1
Chapter 19: I wanted more. Aennnnnn I want more. Atleast a small drabble showing their new life. (ᗒᗩᗕ)
But it was a nice fic to read, one drabble would have completed it😂😂
yuinatsuko127 #3
cuute fic
alittlebyBeu #4
Hello, I'm a Vietnamese editor. I've just finished reading your story. It's very good and I believe that many Vietnamese readers will like and know it. So can I edit the story into Vietnamese? Hope you can see the comments🥺 Thank you so much❤️❤️
Im gonna start on reading this despite of having so many due to submit later 😭😭😭
a_disappointment #7
Chapter 19: definitely worth my time