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His black toothbrush is hanging loosely in his mouth as his hands preoccupy themselves with rolling tissue around his hand from beside the toilet; Chanyeol rolls the soft tissue into a ball in his hands before wiping the fog off the mirror. The soft paper comes back wet; he grumbles softly and turns around to aim it for the wastebasket by the exit door.

It falls right in and he does a little victory dance. His new briefs are hanging loosely around his waist and his hair still damp from his quick shower earlier.

The lanky 23-year-old straightens his posture and stalks back to the sink in their small bathroom; he opens the tap and lets it run as he moves his toothbrush in circular motions in his mouth. He looks at his reflection and curses at how tired he looks – he feels sleepy too for someone who ditched work the day before just to sleep in.

He spits out the Colgate, rinses his mouth slowly. His black toothbrush is set in his blue mug next to the white toothbrush. He spends a few moments complaining under his breath about going to work and stops himself when the door is pushed open.

Chanyeol looks over at his boyfriend and grins, he beckons the latter to come over and spreads his arms wide – it’s a morning ritual, sometimes he says nothing at all and Jongin will invite himself into his personal space.

Wrapping his long arms around his boyfriend and pulling him closer gives him a sense of relief. He grins wider when the other’s arms circle around his middle, he plants three kisses into the dark brown locks and trails the kisses down to the forehead, nose and finally to the lips that are always swallow in the mornings.

He is sort of surprised Jongin hasn’t brushed him off today; he has been avoiding him for a few days now and he can’t help but feel a little hurt.

The kiss is soft and innocent, it’s short too and Chanyeol groans when Jongin pulls away from him. “I have college and you need to go to work,” Jongin tries to reason with him and he tries to pull away from him.

“Can I call in sick again?” He asks and laughs richly when Jongin glares up at him – Jongin’s moods change frequently too, “I’m only joking.” He tells him and steals another kiss before releasing his grip around his boyfriend. “Good morning,”

“Morning,” Jongin replies back and reaches out for his white toothbrush – Chanyeol watches him for a moment and smiles.

Jongin is wearing one of his old plaid shirts and it went up to his upper thighs – Chanyeol has to psychically stop himself from kissing Jongin again. Jongin is usually grumpy in the mornings and these days it’s even worse, he tries not to get on his boyfriend bad side so early.

“Do you want something to eat?” He questions as he heads for the door, hands hovering over the doorknob – his response is a soft hum and he’s out the door. He steps into the bedroom, grabs his light blue polo work shirt on his way out and runs his bony fingers through his hair.

He enters the kitchen, having an idea of something quick to make for Jongin before they can before leave. He thinks it’s been a while since they had breakfast together – sometimes their schedules clash or Jongin avoids him completely – it’s getting old.

Grabbing the pot off the stove, last night’s pasta is in it and he knows none of them will be willing to finish it. He pulls open the cupboard under the sink and pauses before he can throw away the leftovers.

He squats and stares a little closer into the trashcan; he eyes the sight of a long white stick dropped behind the wastebasket. Brows furrow in confusion as he tries to make out what it is – he’s generally a curious person but never one to be interested what’s in a wastebasket or around it.

He spends a few moments thinking about it before he’s reaching out – he sets the pasta pot by his feet and grabs a hold of the white stick.  

Chanyeol rolls the stick, his frown deepens as he stares at the smiling face staring creepily at him – he thinks it’s cute for a second before noticing the two lines beside it.

He forgets to breathe when he realizes what he’s holding in his hands. He leans against their kitchen countertop, legs suddenly quaking uncomfortably as one word slams into his brain.


“Huh…” He starts and stops himself. His grip on the pregnancy test tightens and he looks over at the kitchen’s entrance.


He prays this isn’t his boyfriend’s because – his hands tremble and Chanyeol can feel himself going into a full blown panic attack – he isn’t ready to be a father. He works in a gas station to get by for god’s sake! He doesn’t want their baby to grow up in this pigsty he and Jongin call a home – it’s ridiculous and it’s too small, their neighborhood isn’t exactly one he wishes to start a family in.

Babies are ing expensive and Chanyeol isn't some lawyer – he would have been, had he listened to his parents’ wishes but that's not the issue. He doesn't have enough money to spend on diapers and all expensive things that come with babies.

He's about to throw up.

“. , . .” A string of curses flows out of his mouth as fear grips him in its palm. Chanyeol’s feet take him across the kitchen and he finds himself back in the bathroom – the shower is running and he sees Jongin’s figure pause behind the curtains for seconds; Chanyeol may or may not have slammed the door a little too hard.

“Jongin,” There’s too much bite in his voice and he can’t stop himself – he smiles and laughs an awful lot – much to most of his friends’ annoyance – but the down side of it all is that – he is easily enraged.

“What…?” Jongin sounds hesitant – the shower stops running – almost as if he knows why Chanyeol sounds the way he does.

“Are you pregnant?” He hisses; there’s no use going around in circles with this. He feels like his veins are going to pop from anger because Jongin is silent now and his form behind the curtains remains still.

The thought of Jongin being pregnant is making his head spin because what the . How is Jongin pregnant? He knows how but why, they have had unprotected a couple of times, sure– but Chanyeol is pretty damn sure he always pulls out on time when they don’t use protection so what the ? What was so different – he shakes his head, the anger is rising inside him because of his own foolishness but it’s easier to get mad at Jongin than himself.

 “Jongin!” He roars and the whimper that comes causes his heart to clench – he wants to rip the curtains apart and hold his boyfriend in his arms but he needs an answer. “I need an answer, Jongin – are you ing pregnant?”  

His only response is Jongin’s figure slowly sinking in the bathtub, a choked-out sob and tear-filled apologies escaping his boyfriend’s mouth.

Chanyeol’s heart sinks; his blood runs cold and he’s trembling like an idiot out in the cold winter. He drops the white stick and rubs his hand over his face, through his hair – he turns around and leaves the bathroom without another word.

He knows he needs to calm down and that’s he’s overreacting – he’s doing nothing but frightening his boyfriend. Jongin hates it when he yells. He leans against the wall beside the bathroom door – the younger’s cries are deafening – Chanyeol’s heart is bumping and his palms are sweaty, “.”


what am I doing omg I haven't proofread so errors are going to be there, i mean it's in the warning that i have no beta so yeah x___x next chapter will be posted on Saturday so until then (◡‿◡✿)

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