Sweet Effort


His desperation is the kind nobody will ever feel sorry for– it’s an obsessive kind of desperation and when he reflects back on his actions– the phone calls, the voice messages and the one time at Yura’s wedding– he wants to flinch, lock himself in his house and never see the light of day again.

He has built his life around a life with Kyungsoo and their future kids– having it so shattered without any hope left him with no ground to walk on and nowhere to go. But how long can he go on feeling this hopeless? This anxiousness that he’ll never be able to call Kyungsoo his own again?


Jongin is timid and Kyungsoo is not. And Kyungsoo always comes out the best when he is done comparing.


“You’re leaving…?” Jongin’s throaty voice breaks the silence hung around them and Chanyeol grunts in response as he focuses on sloppily buttoning up his shirt. “It’s late.”

Nightfall has never really stopped him from going back home so 2 a.m. is nothing. He knows exactly what Jongin wants him to do and he’s not going to break one of his unwritten rules for him or anyone else. “Hasn’t stopped me before,” He admits with a shrug.

“You, uh, do you do this often?” Jongin stammers.

He pauses, glancing at Jongin and turning his attention back to his shirt. He’s all about ing around and losing himself in strangers because it’s easier than dealing with his own thoughts, but he doesn’t need Jongin to know any of that. “I don’t think that’s any of your business,” 


Chanyeol thinks it’s incredibly and utterly stupid of him to allow this level of intimacy with someone he has no future plans with. “I’ll call you,” He promises between kisses because Jongin is one of the stupid easy ones. He can almost picture what a disaster this will be once it's all over.


He’s out of the hall, running down the long corridor as he makes his way for the stairs, brushing away all rational thoughts. He didn’t think Kyungsoo would come but Kyungsoo has always had a soft spot for Yura.

Chanyeol spots the car just outside the building by the staircase, when he turns the corner leading to the stairs– he stands frozen. He knows that back anywhere, can draw it with his eyes closed and remembers every bump and every ing flaw on it that he’s ever felt under his fingertips.

Park Kyungsoo!”

The small body he remembers so well stops and the big doe eyes he’s positive he’s still in love with look directly at him. The lips he so badly misses to kiss every morning part, almost like he’s shocked to see him, and Chanyeol wants to laugh.




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jongmal blabbers: 

I pulled this story out of my because I wanted to keep February 29th so badly LOL. This story will flow however it flows as I write. Also, I say this on all my stories and Ill say it again; if mpreg isnt something you wish to read get the out. For the sake of my fic– birth via C-section and its normal for guys to get knocked up because I say it is lmao. No scientific explanations because Im lazy as . Chankai and Chansoo this time, but the endgame hasn't been decided (yet) and Im not taking suggestions so read at your own risk!

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