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“This new apartment is ing neat.” Chanyeol ignores how carelessly Jongdae drops his weight on the sofa. His friend looks amused as he lifts his legs and places them shamelessly on the table. “Does Jongin like it?” He leans forward, grabbing the bottle of beer – putting the head in his mouth and effortlessly uncapping the lid.

Chanyeol settles next to him with an uncapped bottle in his left hand and his right already reaching for the remote. No work, no Jongin or Seungsu in sight – it’s a bit of freedom after a long week at working with insufferable strangers coming in and out of the taxi making foolish demands or being creepily silent.

“He helps with the bill – guess he likes it enough,” He shrugs a little, leaning back and sighing happily before bringing the bottle to his lips and taking a large gulp.

Jongin and Seungsu are over at Wufan and Luhan’s – something about their little girl, that little Jiali is turning five or six years old. He was invited – Jongin invited him, he guesses, and maybe Luhan.

He declined because why go somewhere he’ll be miserable for a few hours when he can stay home, relax and catch up with the only friend he has – who he hasn’t seen in months – with only a few update messages here and there – and he feels a tad bit guilty about it.

But Jongdae doesn’t seem to mind and there’s no awkward tension most friends usually have when apart for a long time.

“And the little guy?” He glances at Jongdae for a moment and rolls his eyes.

“Don’t tell me you forgot my son’s name.” He smiles a little when he catches the sheepish look on Jongdae’s face. “It’s no wonder you left out his name on his birthday present.” He adds with a laugh, fingers working on the remote and he aimlessly clicks away on it.

“Shut it,” Jongdae snatches the remote from him and tosses it on new sofa they got from Ikea not too long ago – Chanyeol thinks it’s an ugly sofa, but Jongin and Seungsu adored it at first sight – he reluctantly swiped handed the money to the cashier.  

“Rude,” Chanyeol chuckles, “It doesn’t matter if he likes it or not, he has no choice.”

“Not yet anyway,” Jongdae reminds him and Chanyeol fails to suppress a shiver because he dreads the day Seungsu will be old enough to open his mouth and talk right back at him.

Chanyeol looks around their new living space and smiles a bit – there’s more space in this apartment and he barely hears their neighbors upstairs or noises from outside. The only problem is that they’ll have to move when Seungsu gets a little older – probably before he’s seven – so he can have his own room.

They had a choice between renting a nicer apartment or buying a house – renting is way cheaper – unless you count all the money that goes every month – and renting is less paper work.  Buying a house means sending paperwork to the bank and asking for a loan – and also because as much as he’d not like the admit it, they aren’t rich enough to get a house on their own.

A new apartment seemed like a good idea – and it is. They got lucky and found a nice one with a fairly good price – any apartment sounded a thousand times better than the one they lived in for over five years.

“You’ve changed.” Jongdae says staring at him – he’s serious and for a moment there Chanyeol thinks he’s being negative until he sees the eating grin that follows. He nods – he won’t admit he’s a little proud of himself, though.

“I know,” He answers and shrugs slightly, trying to play it off as though it’s nothing.

“In a good way – the good kind of change,”

“I know.” He repeats smugly.

“Don’t get cocky – you’ll up soon enough.” Jongdae jumps off the sofa – laughing loudly and Chanyeol can’t bring himself to be offended. He grabs the nearest object – Seungsu’s ugly troll doll and throws it at Jongdae before the man can run off into the kitchen.   


He wakes up crawled around Jongin, it’s the sun and the body heat isn’t helping matters – he groans and rolls over. It feels like his brain jiggles when he does and his full bladder has him crawling out of bed and stalking towards the bathroom.

He drunk a little too much last night – he doesn’t remember Jongdae leaving or Jongin coming in. He also doesn’t remember crawling into bed the night before – he doubts Jongin carried him into the bedroom.

He scoffs at the thought as tucks his privates back into his shorts; he quickly and noisily completes his morning routine before walking back into the bedroom, walks over to the bed and leans over Jongin. “Baby, did I wake you?” He asks stupidly, glances up to find Seungsu staring at him with wide innocent eyes, “Why are you awake?” His response is a wet smile from his son; his little teeth make Chanyeol’s heart warm.

“Because you weren’t being quiet in the bathroom,” Jongin mumbles into his pillow, pulling the light blanket over his head and only to have Chanyeol pull it down again. “Make Seungsu some breakfast – I’m not getting out of bed today.”

“Why?” He glowers down at him.

“Because he’s your son–”

“Not that,” Chanyeol rolls his eyes; Jongin can’t see him because he stubbornly still has his eyes closed. “The you not getting out of bed today part.” He presses. “Are you still feeling sick?” Still being the keyword because Jongin has been feeling pretty ty for a few days now.

“Yeah,” Jongin opens his eyes and Chanyeol can’t resist bending to peck his lips. Jongin lets him and smiles sleepily at him. “Can you call work and tell my boss I can’t come in today?” Chanyeol can’t say no with how tired he looks, “And call Seungsu’s kindergarten – he can stay home with us today.”

He gives a nod and kisses Jongin again before stepping off the bed and walking over to Seungsu – he picks him out of the crib and the boy nuzzles his neck, chubby arms going around his neck to hold onto him for dear life. “I’m not going to drop you – Jongin; our son is such a coward.”

“That’s because you let him fall once,” Jongin says and turns his back to him. Chanyeol chuckles and kisses the side of his son’s head. Seungsu had been a good 10 months when Chanyeol left him unattended on the bed and the baby rolled over, met the floor with a sickening thud.

, Jongin had been ing furious that afternoon and he stayed furious for a good month.

“C’mon,” Chanyeol says as he walks out of the bedroom and steps into the living room placing Seungsu in his playpen and continuing his way to the kitchen. He finds his phone on the counter and grabs it – he makes the calls and halfhearted listens to their responses before saying his thanks for understanding and hanging up.

“What do you want to eat, Seungsu?” He’s shouting now – forgot for a second that Jongin isn’t in high spirits. “Never mind,” He murmurs to himself as he tries to think of something his son will like – Seungsu isn’t a picky eater, it’s a bit of a blessing.


He hears Jongin vomiting one morning before he leaves for work – he lingers outside their apartment like an idiot, having no idea what to do because maybe Jongin is vomiting because he ate something that upset his insides last night.

He blocks out anything to do with pregnancy– when he feels himself almost panicking, he steps away from the apartment and heads for work.

The day at work is a ing blur– he messes up a few times, gets scolded by his boss and his customers shout at him when he arrives late to their destinations.

He doesn’t want to think about Jongin being pregnant – but he finds himself thinking about Jongin being pregnant again and it scares him.

Because the past year has been so ing rough – too many arguments, the distance between only grew the further Jongin got into his pregnancy with Seungsu. Sure, he has a ing steady-ish job now as a taxi driver, they have a nice little apartment and Jongin works part time when he isn’t studying at the community college.  

And they have a one year old son that he hopes will never find out about how much his parents were such a mess when he gets older.

He tries to focus on work when a new customer enters the taxi– he blocks everything out and focuses on the address given to him and keeps his eyes on the road.

His thoughts drift back to Jongin.


It takes him two days because he finally works up the nerve to ask – he’s such a ing coward and hopes it doesn’t get passed down to his son.

They’re alone in the apartment– Seungsu is with Yura and their parents proudly showing him off to their friends or some – Chanyeol barely paid any attention when he dropped Seungsu off at his parents for the week.

“Really, Chanyeol?” Jongin’s annoyed voice snaps him out of his stupor and he realizes Jongin has a right to sound annoyed. He looks down at himself and his privates aren’t feeling whatever it is Jongin it trying to make them feel. “What’s wrong with you?” Jongin moves from underneath him and crosses his arms over his chest– he looks ridiculous doing that because he’s , the light sheet is the only fabric covering him from his eyes.

There’s concern when he looks into Jongin’s eyes – and then he’s suddenly feeling guilty, the kind of feeling that comes from bum nowhere and he wants to kick himself.

“Sorry,” He raises his hand and holds Jongin’s face in his hands– trying to read the answer from his face. Jongin doesn’t look like he’s hiding anything. He tries to capture Jongin’s lips as an apology, but the younger man holds his wrists and removes his hands from his face.

They stare at each other for a few moments before Jongin breaks the eye contacts and stares down. His inhales and exhales are too obvious and loud that Chanyeol feels himself tense up.

“I’m not pregnant.”

Chanyeol must have looked like he didn’t believe him because Jongin sighed and shook his head before repeating himself, “I’m not pregnant, Chanyeol.” He shrugs, “I took a few tests already–”

“Are you sure?” He asks nervously – hoping he hasn’t stepped on any toes by asking that because shouting is something he wants to avoid for as long as he can.

“I’d tell you the second I found out if I was,” Jongin whispers, “Last time won’t happen again.” He assures him and Chanyeol finds himself relaxing a little when Jongin places his hand over his. “I promise.”

“What would you do if you were?” He swallows – why the is he even asking that? He doesn’t want to think about this or talk about it – not yet, not when they are just getting their lives together. And he’d rather be married to Jongin before deciding to have another baby – and Jongin isn’t even thinking of marriage yet.

“Honestly?” Jongin looks at him and continues when he nods, “I don’t know.” And then he leaning forward, he rests his head on Chanyeol’s shoulder and snakes his arms around his waist. “I’m glad I’m not pregnant though,” A cracked laugh follows.

“Yeah,” Chanyeol breathes easier now and embraces Jongin tightly against his frame. “I was scared.” He admits absentmindedly as he runs his fingers through Jongin’s messy locks.

“Yeah, so was I.” Jongin tells him and Chanyeol holds him even tighter, a small smile stretching on his lips before his presses a hard kiss on Jongin’s nose bridge – Jongin makes a face and moves away. “But we’ll always take care of each other.”


yup, I’m ending it here lmao it felt right because then you can mentally continue what happens fghjkl I’ll miss writing this so much omfg anyingway thank you so much to my loyal readers and commenters (leaning towards commenters more because you all made my days bright and I would smile foolishly after reading your comments and I still do btw I hope you all have excellent days to come) silent readers get nothing. I’m kidding; you’re all creepily amazing for increasing the story views and enjoying my story in silence lmao Idk what to say next D: I’m working on a new story (liess. I’m not because I have no plot whatsoever) the next time this will be updated is probably to show off the next fic? Yeah, right, maybe not. And no sequel will happen, don’t even think about it C:. Have a great day/night/afternoon/evening and thank you again ;D

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