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Seungsu’s face is tucked into Chanyeol’s neck; his tiny fist is clutching the front of his shirt and legs dangling lightly. He’s been making a lot of gurgling noises and his mouth is almost always drenched in spit– his teeth are on their way and he surprisingly hasn’t show any discomfort yet.

Chanyeol stare at the mirror he’s standing in front of, he looks at his own reflection for a moment and raises an eyebrow of how much older he looks– how much older he feels. He turns to Seungsu – he’s in his newly changed diaper and nothing else. “Don’t like clothes, huh?” He asks, knowing well that he has to dress the boy before Jongin comes from wherever he is with Sehun and freaks out about how Seungsu might get a fever or some nonsense.

“Why am I always stuck with you on my free days?” He grumbles, steps out of the bathroom with Seungsu cradled to his chest. His son is getting a little heavier and sometimes his arms go numb from carrying him for too long. “Hopefully, you don’t get too chunky like your old man here when I was a kid.” He has gotten used to not receiving any reply, but gibberish noises from his four mouth old or exaggerated jerky body movements.

He drags his feet to the bed, settles Seungsu down with gentleness he didn’t know he could possess and picks the onesie Jongin had laid out earlier. Chanyeol pauses for a moment and looks down at his son.

He’s starting to look less like Jongin and a lot more like him. It’s still a little weird – the fact that he’s a father and that this isn’t a dream. It’s almost easy to forget that there’s someone else other he and Jongin– it shouldn’t be this easy that this tiny breathing human is his and Jongin’s, not after four months.

And on some days it’s impossible to wake up and not look around the room for tiny clothes around the room or the crib.

The front door makes puts Chanyeol’s focus back on the task at hand– he dresses Seungsu in the onesie before picking him up and stalking out of the messy bedroom. “Oh, look at your other daddy– all y looking in his hideous sweatpants.” He looks from the attentive baby – all excited and moving restlessly in his arms, obviously this infant favors Jongin over him.

He watches Jongin kick off his shoes, walk further into the apartment before he drops the duffle bag behind the sofa and moves over to them with a smile. Seungsu leans towards him and he shakes his head, “I need to take a quick shower first, baby.” And then he’s lips are pressed softly against Chanyeol’s, “Hey,” The bright glint in his eyes has Chanyeol’s heart warms and a grin finds its way on his lips.  

He pulls Jongin close to him with his free arm, Seungsu between them and captures Jongin’s lips in a hard kiss. His hand cupping the back of Jongin’s head and pulling him even closer – Seungsu lets out a cry for attention and they pull away, laughing a little breathlessly.

Chanyeol follows Jongin back to the bedroom with Seungsu still in his arms – he cannot wait for the day he won’t appreciate being held all the time. – He leans against the door and just watches Jongin organize the mess he made trying to find Seungsu’s stupid onesie and carrying things to the laundry basket in the bathroom.

“Do you enjoy staring?” Jongin asks as he pulls down his sweats in the bathroom, tossing them in the laundry basket and going for his shirt. He pauses, looks as though he’s thinking for a moment before shrugging and pulling the shirt over his head.

“Yes.” Chanyeol answers shamelessly, Seungsu is still and heavy and it’s an obvious sign he’s sleeping.

“How does it look?”

“Well,” He starts, “Your little happy trail is back–”

“Chanyeol.” Jongin presses, his eyes flick to Seungsu for a brief second before looking at Chanyeol. “Has he slept already?”

“No, I kept him up.” He shrugs lightly, “But the scar looks fine– don’t worry about it so much.”

“I wasn’t worrying,” Jongin scoffs and Chanyeol rolls his eyes because Jongin has made it a habit of asking about how his scar looks or if he’s lost the baby weight. And he has. A bit too drastic and quick for the doctor’s taste, but it’s a difficult to stop Jongin from doing something he’s been determined to do.

Chanyeol doesn’t comment too often on it because he isn’t seeing any bones. And Jongin never skips meals and Chanyeol trusts him to know when to stop.

Jongin seems more relaxed when he’s from the gym or his daily jogs– with Sehun– since he got off the ridiculous medications he was on. And Chanyeol is too lazy to run around aimlessly and he’d rather use all his free days doing nothing, but sitting around in the apartment stuck with Seungsu and on rare occasions with Jongdae or Yura.

 “C’mere,” He mumbles after a while of them staring at each other in silence, Jongin hesitantly takes a step forward and when he’s close enough – Chanyeol pulls him, careful not to squish Seungsu, and holds him tightly. “Let’s go out tonight.”

Jongin’s arms go around him, “It’s cold out. Seungsu had a cold last week and was miserable,” He points out, “Don’t want to take him out so late.”

“True,” Chanyeol sighs, pressing his lips on Jongin’s nose bridge and chuckling quietly when he makes a face, “Movie date on our sofa?”


Watching a movie doesn’t work out – Seungsu jerks awake the second he’s placed in his crib and starts wailing. His cry is sharper – and a little more irritating, but Chanyeol keeps that to himself even though it always amazes him when he sees tears.

“Sorry, Seungsu, I can’t take your tears seriously– not when you ruined our date,” He gets elbowed in the rib by Jongin. He stops crying a minute after Jongin picks him up– they watched him cry for a bit, not wanting him to get used to always being picked up at every whim.

“Don’t be an ,” Jongin scowls up at him and Chanyeol can’t help himself– he steals a kiss before backing away with a laugh ripping out of his throat and his hands in the air.

“Never!” He says a little loudly and startles the poor kid in Jongin’s arms– he doesn’t cry and Chanyeol knows he’s already used to things in their apartment being unnecessarily loud. “Watch your language in front of the baby, Jongin, his first word might be dirty because of you.”  


wow long time no update lmao not gonna lie, I got real lazy and like how do I end this I might just mark it complete and ignore it forever before it gets longer tbh orz

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tuesidiot #1
Chapter 19: I wanted more. Aennnnnn I want more. Atleast a small drabble showing their new life. (ᗒᗩᗕ)
But it was a nice fic to read, one drabble would have completed it😂😂
yuinatsuko127 #3
cuute fic
alittlebyBeu #4
Hello, I'm a Vietnamese editor. I've just finished reading your story. It's very good and I believe that many Vietnamese readers will like and know it. So can I edit the story into Vietnamese? Hope you can see the comments🥺 Thank you so much❤️❤️
Im gonna start on reading this despite of having so many due to submit later 😭😭😭
a_disappointment #7
Chapter 19: definitely worth my time