You Are My Love: Dear Diary~


What does it felt when we fall in love?Baekhyun just want to know that feels. Only that feels.




01january 2013

Dear diary..       

Today I met someone. Someone that manage to make my heart skip a beat for the first time in my life. Manage to make me feel like nobody was around us,just me and him. And manage to make me feel like there’s thousand butterflies flying freely  in my stomach. Hehe. Sound’s cheesy right? Well,I don’t care. I just tell you,promise me you wouldn’t tell anyone else,ok? 


“ did you just called me crazy,?”

“did YOU just called me ?”

“yes I am! You’re a ! Rude! Go to hell with your attitude!”

“you’re crazy as you know?”

“you cursed at me? Hey,did you just cursed at me? Oh my God, I swear today will be the last day your mouth can use its function!"


02January 2013

Dear diary..

Today I met him again. That “prince”. Can I called him prince? His attitude doesn’t showed that he’s a prince. He yelled at me,you know? He makes me angry. Like,relly angry!! But.. but I still felt weird when I looked at him. I felt the same feel like yesterday. Like a thousand of butterflies just fly freely in my stomach. Seriously Diary,am i already fall in love with him?






So,this is my first 'baby' ever~please comment if you like it. For my broken English,i'm so sorry. i cant help that. English is not my first language. Hope you understand. Enjoy~

Oh,before i forgot, a special thanks to dongsaengSyz for helping me. I really appreciated it.

For OhevilHun94 and KimAnis_ ,,thanks a lot dear for the lovely poster. I really like it. ^^

I love you,readers~ ^.^



gonna update. but after that,say byebye to aff for 3 months. TT


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Chapter 15: Kyaaa!!
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EunMiSong #2
Chapter 15: /hands up/

tell me,how to be baekhyun?
Chapter 14: Kaylie~ where are you?? Its been a while since your latest update..please update soon..thank you..
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btw authornimm,,u id a GREAT JOB!!!
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*jumping like a kid
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Chapter 13: pliiz update a soon...