Predator turned Prey

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Bak Hanmi had been raised since birth to become one of the top assassins, and was given the mission to seek and destroy 12 threats that possess special abilities. When the people she loves most are hurt, however, she finds herself abandoning her assassin lifestyle only to end up in an unexpected situation - teaming up and living with the people she had been trying to kill.






 Bak Hanmi. (You) - Age 18.

Since the age of 10, Hanmi was one of the top assassins for the underground government she was owned by, M.A.M.A. She could complete missions in record times with batting an eyelid, could take down groups of men with her bare fists, and cleanly murder dozens of people without leaving a speck of evidence behind. All her life she was cold, until two people walked into her life at the age of 14. They managed to transform her cold personality into one of a sweet natured, aegyo filled girl. After a series of events, she tried hard to abandon her assassin lifestyle, but her past isn't willing to let go of her.








Minhwa (Left) & Hyunseok (Right) - Both Age 22.

The two of them are fellow assassins, and the only people that you love in the entire world. Hyunseok is the Oppa that cracks jokes, acts like a child, and protects you against Minhwa's jokes and teasing. Minhwa had more of a tough/cold exterior, but he cares about both you and Hyunseok a lot. He hates M.A.M.A and is always trying to get the three of you to freedom. The two of them are assigned along with you to mission to destroy EXO.




Xiumin (Age 21) - Power: Cyrokinesis. Eats a lot, doesn't act like the eldest despite being so.

Luhan (Age 21) - Power: Telekenesis. The baby faced Hyung that is always seen with Sehun.

Kris (Age 20) - Power: Flight. Co-leader of EXO, and has a high level of intimdation due his face and height. You and him develop a highly awkward relationship.

Suho (Age 20) -  Power: Hydrokinesis. He's the first to be accepting of you, and acts like a father to the members.

Lay (Age 20) - Power: Healing. He's one of the first members to accept you, and is on the quiet side.

Baekhyun (Age 19) - Power: Manifests and controls the power of solar energy. He immediately catches your eye the first time you see him, and grants nothing but kindness to you.

Chen (Age 19) - Power: Electrokinesis. He's more of a laid back type of person, and hardly gives you any notice when you first moves in.

Chanyeol (Age 19) - Power: Pyrokinesis. He's completely agains your moving in, but quickly changes his views of you to admiration. He acts very childish around you, but is the first to jump to your protection.

D.O (Age 19) - Power: Earth Manipulation. Against you moving in, but quickly learns to adapt to your presence. The cooking "Umma" .

Tao (Age 18) - Power: Time Control. He's quiet when you first meet him, but incredibly clingy and filled with aegyo once you get to know him.

Kai (Age 18) - Power: Teleportation. Extremely against your moving in, and but eventually warms up to you over a long period of time.

Sehun (Age 18) - Power: Aerokinesis. He's against you at first, but grows a soft spot, and finds himself sticking constantly to your side.




BAP. (Fellow Assassins)

They are the group of assassins assigned the the mission along with you, but you utterly despise their guts. All of the members (except Daehyun)  see no reason on why females should be apart of the system, and are always out looking for trouble. Your feelings for them go deeper then hatred after a series of events.










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[Predator Turner Prey] I'm really sorry about teh lack of updates guys. It's AP testing, and I cant afford to waste any time. Updates coming after May 16th!

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No matter how many times I read this, the feelings when I first read it is still there. It never gets old :)
Hello authornim!! I've come to realise a bit late of how good your stories are. Its is so enjoyable and funny yet successful making me cried in a certain point. I love how Hanmi interact with the boys. Im wondered who she could be end with. Hahahha baek or kai? I Don't know either because they have quite a different charms. But truthfully i love the relationship between hanmi and daehyun. Its just beautiful and heartwarming . and thank you for creating a incredibly good story!! Keep up the good work authornim!!!
omg! finally got to see this! i"ve been going crazy whacking my brain for the title!
went to google with the sole purpose of finding this fanfiction, I'm soooo sooooo ssooooooo glad I got the tags right and still remember the description for this! if not I am going to miss the chance to reread this story!
will be reading the adventure of Hanmi once again as she kick some asses with her assassin skills!
168 streak #4
Chapter 46: I've read this before but it was so long ago I dont remember who she ends up with. Hope its Baekhyun or Kai.
168 streak #5
I've been thinking about this fanfic lately. Trying to remember whos in it...
LuckyWatermelon #6
Chapter 12: Pffftt I’m not crying, what are you talking about?’re crying!
216 streak #7
Chapter 68: Woah, I can't believe the story ended already. I feel like it was just tomorrow when Hanmi and the twins were at the café checking EXO files... And here we are. But I'm really happy it ended the way it did!
I really enjoyed the whole story ^^ Thank you :3
216 streak #8
Chapter 63: I'm gonna be so so so frustrated if Baek won't end with Hanmi at the end haha But I'm scared of reading the next chapters, what if someone's dies there? Or get into a coma or something? At least the kids are safe, but I want everyone to be safe too T^T
216 streak #9
Chapter 59: XiuChen is real! (Not really lol). But I think my bromance ship is sailing too? >u< And I didn't expect THAT from Chen to be honest (not that I don't believe in him), he got in my good book ;) And I hope everyone will survive it, it would if someone's gonna die :( Gonna keep my fingers crossed haha
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Chapter 58: My ship is sailing~ yay! When Hanmi saw the smoke I was so scared the boys (and Jieun) were harmed! But thank God there was that passage. But the ending is soon so the boys will probably be hurt to T^T