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During the night, Donghae couldn't fall asleep, so he wrapped himself in a warm blanket and walked through the corridors until he reached the kitchen, grabbed a mug and ready to fill it with water, was startled by the door being opened. 


 The man entered through the back door and closed the door calmly and quietly. When he turned around, he found Omega staring at him and a smile immediately appeared on his face.


 XXX : Donghae (smiled)


 Donghae : Hyukjae (smiled and then went in for a hug) 



 The alpha opened his arms to take the brunette into his arms and inhaled his scent. They both walked away with smiles on their faces. 


 Hyukjae : If I'd known you were coming, I'd have arrived earlier 


 Donghae : Harabeoji Jiwoon didn't say anything, even my appas didn't know. 


 Hyukjae : I'm glad you're coming 


 Donghae : I'm glad you came too 


 Hyukjae : Woojin...?


 Donghae : He didn't come (interrupted him quickly)


 Hyukjae : Then we can enjoy it without being too jealous of you. 


 Donghae : Yes 



 Neither of them could stop smiling at each other.

Hyukjae : I'm glad you're back home, even if it's temporary


 Donghae : I'm glad to be back 




 The alpha and the omega just stared at each other without being able to say a single word, the bright look in their eyes could say it all. 


 XXX : Boys (he called them sleepily) It's very late, go to bed 


 Hyukjae : Yes, Grandpa (smiling towards the omega boss) You can go now, we'll be right there.


 JaeJin : No way! I want to make sure my chocolate cookies are safe from you two.


 Donghae : Did you make cookies? 


 Hyukjae : Are they still in the same place? (turned around pretending to look in the cupboards)


 JaeJin : Hyuk! Hae! (laughingly scolded them) You're not children anymore 


 Donghae : But your cookies are great


 JaeJin : Yes, but not for tomorrow


 Hyukjae : Not one?


 JaeJin : Not one (smiling) Now bed 



 The youngest nodded and left the kitchen, leaving the eldest omega with a huge smile on his face. 


 The Lee family always had the need for the members to all live in the same house, however, if they wanted to move there would also be no problem, unlike the Park family, each couple had their own house to live in. 


 So Hyukjae ended up accompanying his third cousin to his room. 


 Donghae : Thanks for bringing me (the smile never left his face)


 Hyukjae : Have a good night's dream


 Donghae : Hyuk too

Before the brunette entered his room, he left a kiss on the larger man's cheek, making him smile even more, and then opened the door to his room to enter. 


 As soon as the door was closed, separating the two men, they both sighed sweetly with longing. 


 Donghae saw his Prince Charming again, and with the image of the alpha in his head, he flopped down on his bed with a huge smile on his face. 


 As for Hyukjae, after catching sight of the door, he turned towards his room with a ginger smile, only to find his other cousin with the baby on his lap asleep. 


 Sungmin : I'd like to think that smile was for your new cousin Eunji, but I know it

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1455 streak #1
Going back here again. I think this is one of my fav stories from you :))
1455 streak #2
Thinking of reading this again ^^ esp the part where hyuk and hae reunited and doesn’t give a damn abt the world esp that jerk of a husband of hae..
1455 streak #3
feels like reading this again ;))
1455 streak #4
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #5
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #6
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #7
Chapter 16: Oh so Woojin is not infertile at all?
Guess it was just a prefect timing that he got his omega pregnant even knowing hae’s real condition.
But guess things end well. Hae got out of that marriage and will be able to be w the one he truly loves
1455 streak #8
Chapter 15: ohh is har pregnant??? 👀
1455 streak #9
Chapter 14: Good choice hae. Lols. But I think Hyuk would be more than willing to fight in the arena. But thankfully he doesn’t need to.
Woojin will get what he truly deserves. whatajerk he is.
1455 streak #10
Chapter 13: feels like the pressure is on hae. choose wisely, haeee~~